No, no!  Not this year!  
I will keep my Holiday cheer!

So many gifts to buy.
How will I ever make this fly?

Gifts for the office, gifts for friends.
White elephant too!  It never ends!

Wait!  I can make just one stop!
The Flaming Ice Cube is where I'll shop!

Wonderful gifts, just the right price.
Ah!  My shopping will be so nice!
White elephant, Secret Santa...
We can help you shop for everyone!

Stop into the Flaming Ice Cube and see just how you can get your shopping done in one place. We have a wide variety of gifts at any price point you need to hit.   Bath products, incense, jewelry, candles, teas, and more.  Ask one of our Boutique assistants to help you put together what you envision as the perfect gift.  Let's be honest, when you're doing a white elephant, you want your gift to be the one everyone fights over!
Flaming Ice Cube Bistro's
Holiday Cookie Tray 

Now available for pre-order, our very own Holiday cookie tray.  Each tray has iced sugar cookies, gingerbread men, chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, buckeyes, snowballs, peanut butter crunch bar bites, brownie bites, and shortbread.  All vegan, all made here and all delicious!  $25 a tray.

Did you know that The Flaming Ice Cube has two Instagram accounts?  One is for all things knitting, and one is for everything else:
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