September 2016

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Rabbi Cy Stanway

The Days of Awe are always fraught with a sense of internal tension.  Our liturgy bespeaks of confronting our own, often-hidden selves and sometimes what we see there is discomfiting and unsettling.  When we recite the Al Chet – the recitation of our sins – how can we not hearken back over the year to our own sins? 

This year, the High Holidays are even more tense.  No one can miss that in our country a contentious and angry election looms.  And, as we celebrate the Days of Awe and reflect on our part in society and our participation in it, tensions can easily flare and mount.  It is natural to talk politics when people get together and I have no doubt that there will be lots of political talk this year.  How can we not?  And yet, this situation puts rabbis in a bind.  Indeed, one of the most interesting discussions on the Reform Rabbis online fora is asking this very questions.  What is our responsibility in addressing political issues?  I am not immune from the tension or the struggle.  This year, more than most, it is a pressing question and one that I have been dealing with daily as I prepare for these Days of Awe.

There are lots of rabbinic opinions on the social media scene about how to deal with this year’s elections.  Opinions run the gamut, as you can imagine.  Everyone’s opinion and idea is right.  And everyone’s opinion and idea is wrong.  There is nothing wrong with being contentious and arguing about what is best for our country and our lives.   That is the sign of a healthy democracy and arguing has always been a Jewish practice.  The Talmud is based upon argument.   But there is a big difference.
Nowhere in the annals of Jewish lore and law is there the level of anger and raw hatred each side is showing to the other.  Arguments in Jewish lore are done for the sake of heaven, to literally divine the word of God as transmitted through Torah.  It is a process where the rules of hermeneutics prevail and the hermeneutic is always, always, always one of mutual respect. 

But the anger, seething hatred and disgust that both sides of this American debate sling at each other is almost unprecedented.  (And this is my first presidential election as an American!)   So I ask myself the question: what, exactly, do I, the Cantor, and the Religious Practices Committee want to leave you with as you enter the new year?  Should you be angry?  Should your political ideas and opinions be affirmed?  Should the 'other side's' political opinions be denied?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  No matter what I do vis-à-vis the election it will be wrong and it will be right.  It just depends on whether you agree with me or not!  And my political lips are sealed. 

So I want to share with you my decision.  I concluded that our temple, maybe more than any other time of the year, needs to be a sanctuary and a place of mutual understanding, respect and, most importantly, love.  I believe that Beth Miriam must be a place of peace and reflection, a place of repentance and resolution and time of self-awareness and reorientation to the good.  That is what the Days of Awe are about and that is what we are determined to create for the congregation.  I will therefore not be speaking about politics.  This year it gives rise to too many negative emotions.  The Days of Awe are supposed to turn down the heat.

You may agree or disagree.  I can deal with that.  But I want to lead the congregation in prayer and repentance and approach a sense of the holy.  We can only do that when we have mutual respect and give others the same holy space they seek as we seek for ourselves. 

The Talmud tells us that when God began to create the world the angels would not stop arguing with each other about the benefits and drawbacks.  And while they were arguing God created the world.  I want to interpret that midrash during these contentious times to mean that while the rest of the universe is arguing, a beautiful creation can be made.  For the Days of Awe, politics will not be a fixture on the bima.  A beautiful creation can be made because we have made our space a space of peace. 

As we enter this season of Awe I pray it be a year of peace.  There is nothing more precious.  There is nothing more difficult to achieve.  And there is nothing more worthwhile.  My prayer is this:  may this year, even with all its contention and strife, be a year of peace.  Because it is only in a peaceful world that we can build a world worthy of God’s presence.
Rabbi Stanway's Blog
From the Cantor
Cantor Marnie Camhi

What a wonderful summer here at TBM! We introduced a lot of new music during Shabbat Services, including several of my new original compositions. I am very excited about my new version of Mi Shebeirach.  Our early casual/outdoor services and “pre-negs” were very well attended and enjoyable (and delicious!). Shabbat Under the Stars and Southern Fried Shabbat were fantastic!

Now that it is September, we are back in the swing of things for the school year and the High Holidays will be here before we know it! We are introducing a new version of Hayom T’amtzeinu, which is the closing song for Yom Kippur morning. You can listen here:, as well as review the special melodies for the High Holidays on the TBM YouTube channel:

I hope to see you soon!
Cantor Marnie

Cantor's Webpage
Hineinu: It’s Our Turn
A congregation’s life is very much like a person’s-  We grow from infancy to adolescence and to maturity.  Thus, what is true for a person can truly parallel that of a congregation.
 Ours is a mature congregation and as a person grows and reflects as they get older, so too do we. As a mature congregation we are in a time of reflection and of planning for the future.  To this end a small group of temple members have formed a committed core to plan a dynamic vision for the next century of our temple. 
It is called “Hineinu: It’s Our Turn” -a comprehensive and encompassing initiative that will address the current challenges and opportunities that we must engage in the next century- how each of us will have the opportunity and shared responsibility to address everything from the identification and preparation of the next generation of leadership to our financial stability as well as future vision of just what Temple Beth Miriam can grow into.a true center of Reform Judaism. 

In the coming months you will not only hear about  the many initiatives and programs that make up Hineynu: It’s Our Turn, but also better familiarize yourself with the new leaders emerging in this undertaking, and how each of us can be a contributor to its success. 
Its success can be measured only by each of our engagement as shareholders- be a part of Jewish history, our collective experience of an inspiring and affirmative initiative that will determine our communal future! Hineinu! 

Rabbi Cy Stanway
President Harry Silverman
​David Nussbaum

The calendar for the new Religious School year is now online.  you can download it from this link.

Youth Group

Dear Parents of grades 4&5, 
We are reinvigorating our Youth Programming this year. Attached is our calendar for events just for TamTams this year.  Participation in a Youth Group extends the work we do in Religious School by providing our kids opportunities to connect and "do Jewish" outside the classroom.  In addition, we make every effort to combine our events with kids of the same age from other congregations, so that Jewish connections are made geographically as well.  Who knows....your child's new best friend might be a member somewhere else and this may be the only way their paths might cross...why not give it a try? The worst that will happen is they will have a fun time at the event.
So please, take a look at the attached calendar, make a note of the dates, ask your child to try at least two events, and to bring a Jewish friend from...wherever.
To become a member of TamTams visit:
If you'd like to join the Youth Committee we have space, let me know!

Gear Up for a Sweet New Year with a Jar of Honey. The Mens's Club is having a fundraiser with RHHoney.  You can order an 8 oz. bottle of kosher honey, send it with a personalized message, and help support our TBM Men's Club.  There is no shipping or handling. Go to  Enter TBMhoney when it asks for our "coupon".  The price is 12 dollars a jar. Any questions feel free to contact Barry Edison at 732-233-7274 or email at

 Other Men's Club events coming up include: 
September 11- Our greet that dads at Sunday School Breakfast; 9am
 September 18- Our softball game vs. Monmouth Reform; 9am
To the following Students for becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in September!
Sophie Gavin is an 8th grader at the Shrewsbury Borough School. Outside of school, horse-back riding, trampoline, marine science and her two golden retrievers are her passions. For her Kishrei Halev project, she raised money for Wag on Inn which is an animal rescue organization that places homeless dogs and cats with loving families. Sophie thanks all of the Beth Miriam congregants who purchased her homemade dog treats in support of Wag on Inn.
 I am Jack Girard and I am an 8th grader in the Ocean Township Intermediate School. I live in Oakhurst with my parents, my younger brother Ben, and my dog Sally. I love to listen to music, go to the beach with my family and swim in the ocean, watch football, and play baseball. For my Kishrei HaLev project, I organized a garage and bake sale this summer to raise money for the Leukemia Cancer Society to honor my great uncle Joe who passed away from this disease four years ago. I love my family and that is another reason I made this my Kishrei HaLev project. It was a lot of hard work, but we raised over $1,000! I am looking forward to becoming a Bar Mitzvah on September 24th.
Dear TBM Family,
During the next 4 months, we need to make sure that our TBM kitchen is stocked with goodies for each week’s Friday night oneg. Since we all food shop during the week, it is very simple to pick up a few extra items to drop at the temple. We need each temple family to pick one week during the year to do the shopping for this very special weekly event. There are only 4 bar/bat mitzvahs and temple events taking place at TBM over the next few months, so there are 9 dates that need to be shopped for. If you have not yet participated in the Oneg shopping program, please look at the dates and sign up for whichever is most convenient.
Please click on the link below to see Shabbat dates for which shopping needs to be done. Dates for the last quarter of 2016 will be posted by September 15th.  Please follow the shopping instructions on the signup page.

**If your child is being Bar/Bat Mitzvahed you are automatically signed up for the oneg the evening prior. Also, evenings of Religious School Class services, each family from the class is expected to bring an item for the Oneg. For this reason, these dates are not listed on the sign up page.**
If you would like to reserve a date after September 30th , or you have a question, please contact Debbie Gerbman at .
Have a wonderful and safe High Holiday Season!
TBM Sisterhood
September 11th at 12 noon. 
Come meet the teachers and catch up with your TBM family. 
$5 per person at the door, space permitting. 
Respond to SISTERHOOD@BETHMIRIAM.ORG or call Debbie Gerbman at 732-616-9711
Hope to see you there!
Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 6:30 pm  

Mark your calendar for September 10 at 6:30 as we share a real Western BBQ and watch the classic 'The Frisco Kid' with Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford followed by a discussion with Rabbi Brooks Susman on the Jewish immigrant experience to the United States. Everyone is welcome. Because it is catered, the cost is $20/person and for children 12 and under, $10.
Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 9:00 am

Rabbi Cy Stanway and the Programming Committee invite you to join them for another in the series of Breakfast with Rabbi Cy featuring Joe Grabas, a noted expert in land titles and real estate matters who will speak about "Do Not Be Wise in Words, be wise in Deeds: Jewish Landholdings at the Jersey Shore".
Cost is free. All are welcome.
May their memories be a blessing

Sept 2

Dorothy Abrams
Eugene Amron*
Harry Barr
Sam Brodie
Frances Browse
Evelyn Casner*
Marvin Finkelstein
Kitty Fried*
Estelle Gabel
Gerald Gross
Mollie Guntman
Samuel M. Heimlich*
Augusta Kaye*
Henry Lawrence
Aaron Lefkowitz*
Sheila Lukins
Louis Miller
Harry Rosenstein
Hattie Silberstein*
Faye Silver
Ida Singer
Adelaide K. Wormser*
Sophie Ziment

Sept 9

Samuel Aginsky
Richard Bascom
Moritz Cohen
David Cramer
Miriam Falk
Morton Fastov
Ronald Fleck*
David Furman*
Kate Garland
Harold Geltzeiler*
Lauryn Giannone*
Jack Goodman
Leland Gottstein
Harry Greenberg
Keith Grossman
Bobby King Baker
Samuel Levie*
Charlotte Lorand
Henry Morose
Cedric Nussbaum
Barbara Peters
Eugenia Reschke
David C. Rose*
Edward Rosen
Barry Segall
Morris Sherman*
Lisa Storm*
Irving Strum*
Jay Weisman*
Lillian Weiss
Livia Werfel*

Sept 16

9-11 Victims
Dorothy Agisim*
Rhoda Anton*
Sophie Baser*
Sophie Berger*
Rachman Berke
Robert Cohan*
Harry Cohen*
Alex Cohen
Max Epstein*
Julius Feinberg
Max Feldman
Jacob Hershoff
Robert Howard*
Sophia Karen*
Morton Lopate
Octavio Lopez
Richard Miuccio
Morris Raine
Pauline Rapps
Barnett Rochestie*
Caroline Rosenheim*
Ida Schwartz
Stanley Stamaty
Fred Sternheimer
Emanuel Tepper*
Wendy Weiss* 


Sept 23  

Gerson ( Buddy) Abramson*
Pearl Barrett
Leo Beckwith
Gus Berman
Albert Brandt*
David Budner
Miriam Carlin
Harold Davis*
Marc Eber
Arthur Frankel*
Mark Gellis
Sophie Goldfarb
Julie Goldman
Joan Hollander*
Jay Kallman*
Sadie Katz
Carolyn Kirshbaum*
Sidney Krauss
Mark Kremens
Madeline Lazarus*
Jennie Levy*
Joseph Martin
Norman Nathanson*
Ted Petty
Lionel Rosen
Dolores Rosen
Frieda Schneider
Bud Shapiro*
Jeffrey Steinberg*
Sam Weiss
Leo Zieve

Sept 30

Gordon Berkow
Samuel Bloch*
Sol Brooks*
Thea Eagel
Abraham Erlanger*
Ralph Farella
Abraham Fisher
Edgar Garland
Marilyn Glaser*
Elizabeth Griffiths
Claire Hecht*
Margaret Helpin
Jennie Hershoff
Isabelle Hirshfield
Flora Hollander*
Isodore Levitt*
Solomon Marcus*
Howard Nashel
Rachel Negin
Bart Rogers
Elliot Rosenberg*
Isidore Rotwein*
Shirley Rubenstein
Mary Satsky
Symour Seider*
Clementine Sostman*
Frances York
Rita Ziff*

Thank you to Pat Shapiro for volunteering in the office last month! We appreciate it so much!

A huge thank you to Lenny & Dawn Berkeley for providing amusement rides and an ice cream truck for us to enjoy during our Fried Chicken Shabbat last month. Your generosity is so very much appreciated. 

Beth Miriam Is Grateful for The Following Contributions

Tzedakeh Fund
Congratulations to Marc Hall
on graduating from high school & for
being awarded the Heimlich-Aaron Award.
-Carole & Karl Maling 

In loving memory of Norman Koch
-Carole & Karl Maling

Roz Nagel Fund for Religious School Special Projects
In memory of Jay Cohen
-Francine Cohen

In memory of Harvey Warner
-The faculty of EBRS at TBM

In memory of Carol Mainzer
-Marian & Howard Jewell

In memory of Carol Mainzer
- Sharon & Harry Silverman

The Carolyn Meyer Memorial Lecture Fund
In honor of the following Birthdays:

Norman Glassman
Bernard Peckman
Alvin Fried
Jane Gerechoff
Arthur Simon
Robert Abrams
-Milton & ClaraGee Ziment

In memory of David Goldsmith
-Mark & Kathy Cohen

Lester L. Gerber Special Projects Allocation
-Leslie E. Gerber

The Teachers Endowment Fund
With appreciation 
 -Jewish War Veterans Post 125

Thank you to Joel Goldstein
 for the very generous donation.

In memory of Hyman Kaplan's yahrzeit
-Barbara Feldman

Tzedakah Fund
In memory of Rhoda Gillett
-Darryl & Vita Dworkin


In honor of the following Anniversaries:
Harvey & Irene Goldman
Steven & Annie Swartz
Russell & Barbara Holstein
Ted & Nydia Panis
Alvin & Vivian Fried
Marc & Judy Rubenstein
Robert & Ilene Kellert
Frank & Sherry Esposito
Robert & Toby Abrams
-Milton & ClaraGee Ziment

Family Affair Fund
In memory of Irene R. Barnett
-Elaine Espey

 To Mr. & Mrs. Wes Morgan
in honor of the birth of their 1st grandson
-Sylvia Ehrenhalt

To Toby Stevens
in honor of the birth of her 2nd great grandson
-Sylvia Ehrenhalt

In memory of Rhoda Gillet
-Judy Benn

Conn Music Fund
In loving memory of our cousin, Max Paul
-Amy & Alvin Goldman

Temple Wish List
In memory of Betty Kaplan
-Barbara Feldman

In memory of Toby Diskin
-Barbara Feldman

- Robin Levin

Pess Family Youth Group Fund
In loving memory of Harvey Warner
- Wendy Sloter

In memory of Rhoda Gillet.
-Lauire & Bill Robbins

In memory of Rhoda Gillet.
-Mark & Kathy Cohen

In memory of Rhoda Gillet
-Faith Lessig

In memory of Rhoda Gillet
-Sharon & Harry Silverman

In memory of Rhoda Gillet
-Michael & Marian Gross

Camp Fund
In memory of Rhoda Gillet
-Janet Spector

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
In memory of Reba G. Cohen
-Mark & Kathy Cohen

Saturday, September 24
Selichot Service 8:15 PM
Sunday, October 2
Erev Rosh Hashanah 8 PM
Monday, October 3 Rosh Hashanna
Children’s Service (1-5yrs) 9 AM
Morning Service 10 AM
Community Family Service 3 PM
Tuesday, October 4
Second Day Rosh Hashanah Morning Service 10 AM
Friday, October 7
Shabbat Shuvah Service 7:30 PM
Sunday, October 9
Cemetery Service 10 AM
Tuesday, October 11
Kol Nidre 8 PM
Wednesday, October 12 Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur Services
Children’s Service (ages 1-5) 9 AM
Morning Service 10 AM
Study with the Rabbi 1 PM
Community Family 3 PM
Musical Spiritual Reflection 4 PM
Yizkor (Memorial) 4:30 PM (approx.)
Neilah (Closing) 5:30 PM (approx.)

Temple Beth Miriam Funds List 

Tree of Life - $180
The Yahrzeit Memorials -$500
Prayer Book Fund (inscribed $36)
Social & Community Action Fund
Family Affair
Heimlich –Aaron Library Fund
The Endowment Fund
Centennial Fund
Tzedakeh Fund
Rabbi Joseph Goldman Fund for Jewish Learning
Religious School Renovation
Heimlich Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Hirsch Scholarship
Rabbi Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable to & for Rabbi Discretionary Fund)
 Cantor Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable to & for Cantor Discretionary Fund)
 Roz Nagel Fund for Religious School Special Projects
 The Carolyn Meyer Memorial Lecture Fund
Neimark Shabbaton Institute
Berg-Bialek Youth Leadership Retreat Fund
Conn Music Fund
The Norty Kern Youth Scholarship Fund
Arthur & Hazel Harmon Fund
The Milton Ziment Fund for Scholastic Achievement
Sonya Grossman Art & Beautification Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Wish List Fund
The Katz Family Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Camp Fund
Library Shelves  - $1,000
Evelyn Blank Choral Fund
Pess Family Youth Group Fund
Teacher's Endowment Fund


TBM welcomes the following new members with open arms and open hearts
 Dr. William & Janet Fromkin
       -Ocean, New Jersey

                                                                   Joseph & Brooke Esposito
                                                                       - Ocean, New Jersey
July and August Birthdays & Anniversaries
 Youth who Dream Dreams

Julie Gillet
Sara Phox
Kevin Miller
Spencer Torine
Layla Lippsett
Rickie Kashdan
Sallie Haas
Jack Girard
Rachel Miller
Sadie Cotler
Mira Casriel
Jonah Blumenfeld
Emily Schwadron
Brianna Wall
Kara Lowenstein
Eve Segal
Ysabella Lehman
Alexandra Preston
Wendie Fisher

Our Wise Seniors

Marian Jewell

Special Anniversaies

Peter & Susan Boser
Richard & Jan Auerbach
Marvin & Barbara Steinberg
Alan & Joni Darnell
Marvin & Lois Broder
Bob Kaye & Diane Upright
Jason & Stacie Harkavy
Peter & Josephine Grayson
Eric Blumenfeld & Annie Raulerson
Steven & Danielle Reisler

AnchorNeed to get in touch with your board representative?

Committee Chairperson

President Harry Silverman                              
Rabbi Cy Stanway
Cantor Marnie Camhi
Religious School Principal Stella J. Stanway
Administrator Shari NIghtingale
Administrative Assistant Frankie Langer
Youth Group Leader Stella Stanway
Youth Group President Sallie Haas
Building Superintendent Rosy Franceschy 732-762-4335
Family Affair Cy Stanway
Fund Allocation Bob Kellert
House Committee Larry Nagel
Investment Comm Harry Silverman
Membership Emily Feldman
Rel. Sch. Bd. Steve Peckman
Sisterhood - Point Persons Debbie Gerbman
 Cindy Singer
Relig. Pract. Sharon Silverman
 Marian Gross
Special Events Bob Kellert 
Youth Group Gary Pess
Social Action Steve Peckman
Programming I. Mark Cohen
Fundraising Steve Peckman
Immediate Past President Michael Gross
Vice Presidents Robert Kellert
Treasurer Lori Goldstein
Steve Peckman
I. Mark Cohen
Men's Club Barry Edison
Secretary Emily Feldman
Trustees Deborah Cotler
Danielle Delcuore
Emily Feldman
Andrea Fiest
Brian Gillet
Alvin Goldman
Lori Goldstein
Marian Gross
Bob Kellert
Joel Kreizman
Stuart Lippsett
Steve Peckman
Andrea Phox
Patricia Shapiro
Sharon Silverman
Wendy J. Sloter

Rabbi Emeritus z'l Joseph Goldman



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