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Looking Back on 175 Years of
Family Farming on Nantucket
Harvesting Watermelons...yes, this is actually how they do it!

Get Ready for the Pops!
We are just days away from one of Nantucket's most spectacular events of the summer, the Boston Pops on Jetties beach. The event attracts thousands of people each year and is well worth the effort of staking out a little piece of beach with a blanket, a picnic and some great company in tow. Make the most of your "Pops Experience" by building the picnic of your dreams at Bartlett's. 
Rosé for days! We still have tons of great, refreshing rosés to choose from. Many of which are sourced from small family operations and are certified organic.
The crown jewel of any great picnic spread is an assortment of artisanal cheese. Pair with some great crackers like the sourdough rounds from Peter's yard or Rustic Bakery Rosemary Olive Oil and local honey for drizzling and you've got an easy, breezy showstopper!
Eat, drink and schlep in style with a bright and cheerful insulated Bartlett's Farm Cooler Tote and a shiny new insulated wine tumbler.  Bundle up when the sun sets with a cozy compass logo'd blanket!
From our Kitchen
Don't want to cook for the Pops?

Our kitchen counter has all the prepared salads anyone could need. Lobster Salad, Fried Chicken, Raw Salad... All fresh and ready for the ultimate beach picnic!
Need something special?

Our full service catering department has got you covered! They require 48 hours for orders so hurry and get yours in today

Fresh from the Fields...and Greenhouses
From the Hydro House:
basil, mesclun mix, bok choy
greens mix, baby kale, chives, spearmint, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, arugula, tarragon, cilantro, dill, Italian parsley, curly parsley, basil, mesclun mix
red tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes
(field tomatoes are close...but not quite yet...)

Corn- Did you know-
Our customers buy up to 2,500 ears of corn per day! Phew!
Green Beans
Wax Beans
Kale and Swiss Chard
Head Lettuce (10 varieties)
Golden Zucchini
Summer Squash
Breakfast, Amethyst, and Red Radishes
Savoy Cabbage
Green Cabbage
Purple, Green and White Bell Peppers
Red Cabbage
Watermelons- Yellow Doll, Sugar Baby,
Ali Baba, Orange Seedless!
What to do with all that melon?
We have so many gorgeous farm grown melons right now in the market. But what to do with them? Check out these ideas to make the most of melon season
Pictured above; Orange Seedless Watermelon, Farmer Andrew's favorite
Try a refreshing drink instead like this Watermelon Limeade recipe
Need more ideas? Follow this link for more ideas like watermelon "pizza", watermelon cupcakes or even watermelon fruit leather, pictured at left!
News from the Garden Center
What to do in your garden now that it's August
by Hilary Armour
The summer is sadly starting to wind down but your garden is still bursting with color! Now is the time to enjoy the show!  It’s also a good time to take stock and look at your garden with a critical eye.  Take pictures now while everything is blooming and growing.  Come winter, when you start dreaming about spring, you can look back to see where your garden could use some fresh color or height, or even areas that need a complete makeover.  

If you haven’t yet used a slow release fertilizer, some plants such as hemerocallis, tall phlox or peonies for example, like to be fed right after blooming. These may benefit from ‘side dressing” a small bit fertilizer around the base of the plant. The best source of nutrition for your plants is still a good mix of compost into the soil and a good natural fertilizer like Neptune’s Harvest liquid fertilizer. These give the soil the boost it needs to feed your plants and flowers.
Need More Plants? Tons on sale
in the Garden Center

Large selection of perennials 40% off
Annuals in 4" pots and 306 20% off
Select Pottery 40% off
Statuary 40% off
Bouganvillea 40% off
Gardenia 40% off
Plastic and Moss Baskets for planting 40% off
Roses 20% off
Hydrangeas 20% off
What's Fresh, What's Local?
Local, Local, Local!

Lots of local seafood available right now, super fresh and ready for the grill... and the drawn butter!
Locally caught Fluke, Striped Bass, Black Bass, Lobsters...
Nantucket Oysters and Clams!
Snag a part of history with 
175th Bartlett's Gear & Souvenirs!
We have all sorts of cool Bartlett's gear celebrating our momentous birthday this year. Mugs, hats, hoodies.. even bumper stickers!
Bartlett's Veggie-Gram
is ready for delivery!
We only sell Veggie Grams during the peak of our season (July through September) so we can create beautiful, full baskets of our fresh, farm-grown produce.  The selection of produce will vary based on what is available when you order.
Veggie-grams are for on-island delivery only.
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9/30 Nantucket Rising 5K Run for Recovery: Beginning and ending at Bartlett's Farm. Click here to read more or to register. 
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