Building Bridges to the Philippines
Paul Kingsbury & Benjamin Burks
We are excited to share that 509 RU Chapters have started in the Philippines! And, to add to it, we almost daily receive notice of other churches wanted to start a chapter of RU. As of today, 29 churches are waiting for us to return with training for their ministries. To God be ALL the glory!

One church that has already begun having meetings is in Iloilo, where missionary Dr. Rick Martin pastors. Dr. Martin recently sent us an update that their RU class currently meets on Saturday and the attendance is between 150-200 weekly.  These are mostly “surrenderees” who have turned themselves into the government seeking help with drug addiction. 

Dr Martin went on to explain with joy that over 80 of these students are showing up for church functions and more that 25 come faithfully to every service.  They even have a radio station that is daily broadcasting addiction help.

Two couples of those recently saved through RU were living together and wanted to make things right now they are saved.  Below you can see pictures of a double wedding and rejoicing as the transformation by Christ is well under way! 

Family and friends of Carlo and RK.
The decorations were made by their students in Bible College.
Carlo and his wife.
One of the television stations came out and covered the wedding.
Some of the “surrenderees” made up the choir and sang some Christmas songs.
Christ brings real joy to a changed life!
Different members and others donated gifts
The local police station commander spoke and was one of the witnesses to sign the marriage contract!

Joeven who leads this ministry to the “surrenderees” officiates his first double wedding.
About 100 persons attended!

The Bible is the guide to a happy marriage 



Chief Inspector Baliago signs the license.
The head of the department of health was there and was very happy.  She is working with the city's rehabilitation program for the drug “surrenderees”.
The mayor donated a pig!
Lighting of the candles

Sponsors of the couple.  Sponsors here in the Philippines are those the bride and groom choose that they respect.  Officer Penuela is one of the and pictured at the back in the middle.
May the Lord bless and guide them.
Thank each of you for investing in people just like you see in these pictures. Pray with us as we seek to set up our Asia Missionary, Tim Farley in Manilla, to start and support more chapters.  Visit:

Benjamin Burks & Dr. Paul Kingsbury
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