Thank You
Fact vs. Fiction
    Your support in the Republican Primary was truly overwhelming and I'm grateful and humbled to be the Republican nominee for Frederick County Executive. 
    There is so much work to do and, with your help, I will triumph in the November 6th General Election.
    There was a lot of "chatter" during the primary and I am still trying to sort through it all. For the most part, I stayed above the attacking and promoted a positive message, but there are some "fake news" items that should be put to rest.

Fiction:        Kathy Afzali does not support Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins
Fact:          I fully support and endorse the sheriff and hope that you will vote for him. The 287(g) program is a partnership with Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement and is important in apprehending and deporting criminal aliens. Frederick County has enough of our own criminals. We don't need more from foreign countries. I fully support Sheriff Jenkins and the 287(g) program.
My Democrat opponent Jan Gardner refuses to take a position on the 287 (g) program

Fiction:        Kathy Afzali supports sanctuary cities.
Fact:        Holy cow, this "fake news" was so annoying. I am absolutely opposed to sanctuary cities. We have had a few sanctuary city bills come through the legislature. I have always opposed them and voted NO! 
My Democrat opponent Jan Gardner refuses to take a position on sanctuary cities.

Fiction:       Kathy Afzali is a liberal.
Fact:       In Republican circles this is definitely a slur. The truth is that the American Conservative Union ranks me as one of the top conservative legislators in the nation. What rubs some circles is my willingness to work with Democrats and to vote for what I believe is best NOT strictly along party lines. Working with everyone has served my constituents well, and I hope to make this a model in Frederick County going forward. I think we are all tired of  fighting and Jan Gardner's "my way or the highway" model of leading.

Fiction:         Governor Hogan has not endorsed Kathy Afzali
Fact:           Governor Larry Hogan HAS endorsed me and I hope to use his example of working beyond politics and putting issues like roads, schools, infrastructure, and lower taxes first! Your next County Executive should have a strong and congenial relationship with the next governor. Of course, I hope it's Larry Hogan!
I need to raise $50,000 by the end of August. The local opposition has $200,000 ready to use for attacks on me. I need you now more than ever.
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