Kyle Matthews - This Sunday

11:00 am - Join us for Worship!
Kyle will share worship leadership with us, as we combine the usual elements of a communion Sunday service with Kyle’s gifts of songwriting and proclamation through story and music.

3:00 pm - Join us for a Concert!
Kyle will present a concert in storytelling and song. This will be a time of inspiration, community-building, and spiritual growth for all who attend.  A brief reception will follow.

About Kyle Matthews
Most Sundays, you will find Kyle Matthews serving as the Minister of Worship Arts at First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC. Before returning to Greenville, in 2008, with Susan, his wife, and Emily and Christopher, their children, Kyle spent two decades working as a recording artist and staff songwriter for BMG and Universal Publishing companies in Nashville, TN, during which time his songs were recorded by over 70 major artists and won many awards. His transition to local pastoral ministry has allowed Kyle to give expression to his deep commitment to a more interpersonal ministry, sound and thoughtful theology, and spiritual health. Kyle lives out his commitments in many ways, including through his music, speaking, teaching and leading discipleship groups and retreats, and by leading others to apply their Christian faith to meet human need locally and internationally. For example, for 12 years, Kyle participated in the Wherry Project, a transitional housing ministry near Nashville, TN, which combines the provision of renovated, low-cost shelter with programs for child development and adult support groups. Kyle also has served on the board of directors for Hand Up Africa, a nonprofit Christian organization sending road paving and farming equipment to the people of Uganda.
If you are able to provide cookies or finger foods for the reception following the concert, please bring them to the kitchen labeled for the concert.

We are also in need of a few hands to help clean up and set up immediately following Coffee Hour this Sunday.
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