NCSEJ Protests Awarding of Ukrainian Order of Freedom to Anti-Semitic Writer
WASHINGTON, D.C.  January 23, 2017
FROM: Mark B. Levin, CEO
             Daniel Rubin, Chairman
             Alexander Smukler, President


On January 21, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko awarded the Order of Freedom, his nation’s highest civilian honor, to Vasil Kvasnovsky, a Ukrainian political activist. Kvasnovsky was part of an extensive list of others receiving various awards and honors by presidential decree.

NCSEJ sent a letter to President Poroshenko protesting in the strongest possible terms the bestowing of this honor on Kvasnovsky, whose far-right politics and anti-Semitic books The Intrigues of the Twins: Zionism and Communism and From Darkness to Light: The Moscow-Jewish Syndrome of Ukrainian Holocaust contradict the spirit of the Order, which is given to “outstanding citizens…[for] consolidation of Ukrainian society, democracy, socio-economic and political reforms.” The letter can be seen here.

We will keep you updated on any further developments.


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