Tip of the Month - Starting up an ECIS system that has been stored at room temperature

Sometimes researchers will have extended periods when ECIS measurements are not required for their studies. To conserve incubator space during these times, it is commonplace to remove the ECIS Station from the incubator and store it at room temperature. Doing so is a fine idea, but when the time comes to begin ECIS measurements once again, one should be mindful of a potential problem. Moving the ECIS Station from dry, ambient room conditions to the 37ᵒC, high humidity incubator interior will result in condensation forming on the Station. All surfaces, including the electronic circuits within the Station, will become wet in this situation. Although the electronics are coated with water-proof films and the condensation will eventually evaporate from the surfaces as the unit warms to incubator temperature, it is not judicious to expose the electronics to these conditions.

The good news is that this issue is easily remedied. Place the Station with its coiled lead into a sealed plastic bag and then put this into the incubator. Now the Station will warm without exposure to the high humidity of the incubator. In an hour or so, the Station will have reached 37ᵒC and can now be removed from the plastic bag. This process will eliminate any condensation, and the Station will be ready for connection to the Station Controller and the resumption of ECIS measurements.
New single purpose Instrument under $20K, CP96 Cell proliferation

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ECIS Application Webinars

ECIS application webinars review the topics listed below in 20 to 30 minute, web-based, interactive seminars presented by Applied BioPhysics President and co-founder, Dr. Charles Keese.

All webinars are held at 11:00 am EST. To register for a webinar, please go to: https://appliedbiophysics.webex.com and scroll to the webinar date of interest.  

Automated Cell Migration – June 4, 2019

Barrier Function Assays – June 18, 2019

Real-time Electroporation and Monitoring – July 9, 2019

Cell Attachment and Spreading Measurements – July 23, 2019
Latest ECIS Software   
The latest version of the software is v1.2.215, which can be downloaded from Help | Check for Updates, or:

If you have a 96 well Z-Theta instrument with IDF arrays, please upgrade to v1.2.254:

Tradeshows & Events 

September 8-11, 2019
Helsinki, Finland

March 15-19, 2020
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April 4-8, 2020
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April 24-29, 2020
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ECIS School Graduates - May 2019

From left to right: Christian Dehnert - Applied BioPhysics, Charles Keese - Applied BioPhysics, Tetyana Buzhdygan - Temple University, Slava Rom - Temple University, Ivar Giaever - Applied BioPhysics.
New Publications

Many new publications have been added to the Applied BioPhysics ECIS publications database.  The following are just a selection of those added.

Real-Time Measurement of Melanoma Cell-Mediated Human Brain Endothelial Barrier Disruption Using Sensing Technology, Anchan, Akshata, Kalogirou-baldwin, Panagiota, Johnson, Rebecca, Kho, Dan T., Joseph, Wayne, Hucklesby, James, Finlay, Graeme J., Carroll, Simon J. O., Angel, Catherine E., Graham, E. Scott, Biosensors 2019 vol: 9 (56)

Mechanisms of silver nanoparticles-induced cytotoxicity and apoptosis in rat tracheal epithelial cells, Anchan, Akshata, Kalogirou-baldwin, Panagiota, Johnson, Rebecca, Kho, Dan T., Joseph, Wayne, Hucklesby, James, Finlay, Graeme J., Carroll, Simon J. O., Angel, Catherine E., Graham, E. Scott, The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 2019 vol: 44 (3) pp: 155-165

Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Conditioned Media and Exosomes Containing MALAT1 Promote Human Dermal Fibroblast Migration and Ischemic Wound Healing
Cooper, Denise R., Wang, Chunyan, Patel, Rehka, Trujillo, Andrea, Patel, Niketa A., Prather, Jamie, Gould, Lisa J., Wu, Mack H., Advances in Wound Care 2018 vol: 7 (9) pp: 299-308

Nano and Microsensors for Mammalian Cell Studies, Voiculescu, Ioana, Toda, Masaya, Inomata, Naoki, Ono, Takahito, Li, Fang, Micromachines 2018 vol: 9 (9) pp: 439

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