Don't let Governor Christie can NJ's most respected enviro advocate!!
Call your Senator and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to stop Christie from replacing a legal champion!
Yesterday Governor Christie nominated Ed McGlinchey to replace longtime environmental leader Ed Lloyd  on the Pinelands Commission. This is a last minute attempt by a lame duck governor to remove an environmental champion and undermine the integrity of the Commission.

Ed Lloyd has served on the Pinelands Commission since 2002. Ed is the Clinical Professor of Environmental Law at Columbia Law School and heads the Columbia Environmental Law Clinic. Ed is Chairman of the Board of the Eastern Environmental Law Center. He previously served for 15 years as Director of the Rutgers University Environmental Law Clinic. Mr. Lloyd is General Counsel and past Executive Director of the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group. He has served on the New Jersey Supreme Court Committee on Environmental Litigation, and has testified before Congressional and legislative committees on issues including energy conservation, solar power, clean water standards and regulations, freedom of information, water supply planning, conservation, and solid waste. He is an expert in environmental law and has been a staunch defender of the Pinelands, the Highlands and the environment in New Jersey for decades. Ed is one of the brightest legal minds in New Jersey and to lose him on the Pinelands Commission would be a grave loss to all of New Jersey. 

The Senate Judiciary Committee must approve the nomination of McGlinchey to replace Ed Lloyd before it can go for a final vote in the Senate.  The Committee is meeting this Thursday (tomorrow) to vote on this nomination.

Please call tonight! If your Senator is a member of the Judiciary Committee (see list below) call your Senator. If your Senator is not a member of the Judiciary Committee, call the Chairman, Senator Scutari. Tell them Edward Lloyd should not be replaced.  

Please take 2 minutes, call anytime and leave a message to oppose the nomination of Ed McGlinchey to the Pinelands  Commission. Find your Senator's District Office phone number here.
Ed Lloyd
Thank you!
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