Finalists, Faculty Advisors, Judges at the B2020 Greenlight Award Finals May 17, 2017                                             Photo by Sherry Wolf
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We are thrilled to announce the results of Bedford 2020's Greenlight Award competition. The second annual contest culminated last Wednesday night when six teams from three local high schools shared their big green ideas and final projects before a panel of expert judges who selected the Greenlight Award winner.

We are incredibly proud of our student finalists. All of the competitors put forth environmental solutions that were creative, thoughtful and impressive -- making our community the biggest winner of this year's competition!

Read more below about the winning project and next year's plan to further expand the program with the 2017-2018 "Changemaker 2020 Challenge" theme!
And the winner is...
by Luke and Hunter Nascimento
Hunter and Luke Nascimento, sophomores at the Harvey and King Schools, respectively, won the Greenlight Award trophy, a $500 cash prize. Their faculty advisor, Jason Hill of the Harvey School, received a $500 grant. 

Reducing Cafeteria Waste
The brothers examined Bedford Central School District's use disposable trays in the lunchroom at Fox Lane High School and found that switching to reusable trays could save the district money and dramatically reduce the amount of waste produced each year.  They will continue to work with the administration and plan to present their findings and propose the switch to the Board of Education prior to the 2018-2019 budgeting process.
Photo by Elena Wolfe
The Finalists
We thank all the finalists for their ideas and contributions to accomplish this year's theme, "Solid Waste Reduction," in our community! 
PROJECT CREATE by the John Jay High School Sustainability Club engaged in a highly-visible, school-wide education and signage campaign to encourage recycling and composting at the school.
BAN THE BAG by Ben Antin, sophomore at Fox Lane High School, educated hundreds of students and community members about the negative impacts of single-use plastic bags and obtained signatures on a petition to push for a plastic bag ban.
MORE RECYCLING LESS TRASH by Ethan Gatfield and Elmer Hoogland, juniors at Fox Lane High School, improved recycling at FLHS by meeting with staff, improving signage, and educating students.
SAVE THE GOWNS by Suzy Weiner, a senior at Fox Lane High School, is challenging the practice of seniors purchasing single-use graduation gowns.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES BANK by Max Lavinsky, a junior at Fox Lane High School, successfully set up a School Supplies Bank in the FLHS library where students can recycle and reuse supplies.
2017-2018 Greenlight Award Challenge
We are excited to announce the theme for the 2017-2018 Greenlight Award contest!

Changemaker 2020 will be all about behavior change. We will ask student participants to produce a project, invention or campaign to inspire at least 20 people to change their behavior, ideally for 20 days, to improve or protect our environment.

​​​​​​​We will encourage participation from students in area schools and are looking to expand the program to Rippowam Cisqua and Horace Greeley and continue working with Fox Lane, John Jay and the Harvey School.

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Thank you!
Thank you to the Greenlight Award Finals Judges for providing expertise and insight: County Legislator Catherine Parker, Joe Montouri of Horace Greeley High School, Ashley Kidd of the Endeavor Foundation, Steve Langdon of Curtis Instruments, and Debra Castellano of Waste Management: the Blog.

Thank you to the Westchester Community Foundation for support of this program and to Bedford Central School District for hosting the Finals.

Thank you to the community experts, administrators, faculty members, donors, and other volunteers who make the Greenlight Program a success!
Thank you to these area businesses who donated raffle prizes! 
For more information or to get involved with the Greenlight Award, visit