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If you're like some of the women who've written to me, you might be asking:

How Do I Get That Feeling of "Getting Away" at Women At Woodstock Virtual?

I mean, how can Women At Woodstock 2020 Virtual provide the same experience as the live event? Well, of course it can't, but it will provide a new opportunity to bring "Women At Woodstock, The Community" into your own individual life. Because you'll experience Women At Woodstock for three days on your own in your own environment, maybe the ideas you're exposed to and the changes in thought that come to you will stick to your day-to-day life a little harder for days or weeks or even months to come.

If Participating From Home Seems a Bit of a Challenge, Consider Going Off By Yourself

Personally, this is what I'm going to do. I've made arrangements to stay in a rustic little cottage (but with good wifi) a few hours away from home during our retreats. So while I won't be at Lifebridge Sanctuary with everyone else, I will have separated myself from my day-to-day existence. I'll have uninterrupted time for my own thoughts as I devote myself to Women At Woodstock and our community experience. If you can swing the same plan, I heartily recommend that you do so. If not a cottage, then a hotel room in a natural setting would be good. Or if you feel Covid-safe with a friend or two, you could also consider renting a small house through Airbnb or VRBO to share for the retreat weekend. This would give you the chance to both reduce your expense and extend your experience with some shared meals and in-person conversations.

If You're Staying Home

If getting away isn't an option, then I recommend telling friends and non-household family that you'll be away for the weekend, just as if you were heading for Lifebridge Sanctuary. And let your household know that you're retreating, quite literally, for the days you'll be participating in Women At Woodstock. Unhook from social media, phone calls, opening mail, household chores, and work obligations. Tell your spouse or partner or roommate or dog that you're going to be absorbed and uncommunicative, and you might even be coming and going without invitation to others. Honestly, it could be a really interesting experiment with your loved ones and a model of good self-care that might rub off on others. 

Either Way, It's Going to Be A Mind-Meld

At Women at Woodstock Virtual, we will have a new experience of being together across the miles through the power of thought and intent. Yes, we'll get together online every day once or twice or even three times. But we'll also engage in mutual activities and experiences in between those sessions, everyone at the same time at her own spot on the planet, each in her own place yet in community with one other. Through our surprise boxes that will arrive before the Retreat begins, we'll all receive some treats to enjoy, garb to don, assignments to complete, challenges to consider, and opportunities to share with one another. Everyone will be engaged in the same thing at the same time, and there's strange and real power in that. It'll be different and weird. In a good way.

Here are some details, retreat by retreat:
Reserve Your Spot Before Spaces Are Gone:
Even though we're going virtual, our spaces are limited in order to keep our
discussions intimate and our opportunities to share and be heard fair to everyone.
We're over 50% booked right now, so sign up today.
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