Speaker's Digest 

May 2018


In this issue:

  • Bon Jovi Accepts a Great Honor 
  • Making a Royal Impression
  • Are You Sitting Down?


In our workshops, clients often ask: “What should I do with my hands?” They’re wondering if they should put them in their pockets, clasp them together, let them dangle at their sides, or wave them around and pound their fists a lot. (That last reference is for fans of The Office.)


This month we look at two different speakers, one of whom struggled with how to use his hands, and another whose gestures made a dramatic impact on his presentation. We encourage you to read on as we discuss the speeches of Jon Bon Jovi at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, and of Reverend Bishop Michael Curry as he delivered the sermon at Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding. You’ll also find a third piece with our suggestions as to how to successfully adapt your presentation skills when seated.


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Bon Jovi Accepts a Great Honor

When Jon Bon Jovi spoke last month after being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, many of his adoring fans were present and showering him with love. As he delivered his speech, however, he seemed unprepared for their cheers, plowing through his content without pausing to let the audience scream, squeal and applaud. He also seemed unsure of what to do with his hands. We suggest a few tweaks that would have turned his presentation from a nice one into a great one.


Making a Royal Impression

There sure was a lot of buzz surrounding this month’s royal wedding at Windsor. People ooh’d and aah’d over Meghan’s dress, over the music, and the modern touches that seemed to demonstrate how the royal family is changing over time. But perhaps the biggest impression was made by Reverend Michael Curry, an Episcopal bishop who delivered a highly impactful sermon. Watch his presentation with us and read why we were so impressed.


Are You Sitting Down?

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation in which it makes sense to deliver your presentation while seated. Of course you can succeed this way, but it’s even more critical to remember your Fundamentals when you’re sitting down, because you can easily lose your audience’s attention or fall into old habits. Read our suggestions on how to engage listeners around a conference table.


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