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Volume 5 Issue 6
June 2012

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3 Tips to Eliminate Distractions
Coach Treating My Child Unfairly!
Don't Follow Bad Hitting Advice
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Greetings from CoachDeck!

In this issue: Is it possible you've been giving (or getting) bad hitting advice? New York Mets Hitting Coach Dave Hudgens has provided us with an article meant to address two of the most commonly-taught fallacies. Brian Gotta's "The Coach is Treating My Child Unfairly!" takes a look at how we may not always be the best judge of fairness when it comes to our kids' sports. And John Ellsworth's "Three Tips to Eliminate Distractions on the Field" will help your athlete be more focused and successful.

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3 Tips to Eliminate Distractions on the FieldJohn Ellsworth

By John R. Ellsworth M.A

More and more athletes I work with on the mental game come to me with focus and concentration issues. Lack of focus or losing focus at critical times can be a constant source of stress anxiety and poor performance. What is a distraction?

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Brian Gotta

The Coach is Treating My Child Unfairly!

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Is there anything that gets us more nuts than our kids' sports? As a coach and a parent, I've been on both sides of the fence. I'm sure many parents on teams I've coached believed their kids should have been getting more playing time or opportunities at different positions. And I've watched my own children being coached by others and felt they were being treated unfairly. The following comments were found on a blog about unfair coaches. You be the judge as to whether these parents are over-the-top, or have legitimate gripes.
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Dave Hudgens

Don't Follow Bad Hitting Advice
by Dave Hudgens, New York Mets Hitting Coach

Improper hitting instruction can stop a promising athletic career dead in its tracks. This article will expose some of the most damaging BUT widely taught hitting misinformation that is used today. Read Article

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