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​Save the Dates: Slow Flowers Public Relations 
Plan now to participate in 2016-2017 campaigns
Welcome to September! I hope the information shared in this month's newsletter is useful and thought-provoking, Warmly, Debra

LOOK AT ALL THE MEDIA ATTENTION Slowflowers.com has received since our May 2014 launch. The graphic above shows a small sampling of the headlines and articles about Slowflowers.com and the Slow Flowers Movement. To continue this momentum, we have just entered into an agreement with PRWeb to produce six floral editorial packages in the coming 12 months.
  • Similar to press outreach campaigns we've produced in the past for Valentine's Day, Holiday and Bridal/Wedding seasons, the 2016-17 Slow Flowers Public Relations Campaign will be a more formalized editorial content program.
  • Begin thinking about content you can share for our media gallery of local flowers. The Slow Flowers PR Campaign is available to all Premium Level members as a benefit of your support. We'll send out a specific "call for images" soon. Here are the first three deadlines:
  • SLOW HARVEST/HOLIDAY Package will be released on October 17, 2016 | This package will highlight using foraged and late fall/early winter design elements for holiday decor. We'll include 12 high-res images of tabletop, front door/porch decor, railings and fireplace mantels. Each image will be accompanied by an extended 50-word caption quoting you about your Slow Flowers design philosophy. Start gathering ideas and we'll send out the call for images: mid-September.
  • SLOW VALENTINE'S DAY Package will be released on January 5, 2017 | This package will highlight romantic American-grown/Canadian-grown floral designs with an emphasis on domestic roses (as an alternative to imported ones) OR new botanical options for V-day. We'll include 12 high-res floral design images suitable for February 14 editorial. Call for images: December 1st.
  • SLOW BRIDAL / SLOW WEDDINGS Package will be released March 6th 
  • SLOW MOTHER'S DAY Package will be released April 3rd
  • SLOW ENTERTAINING FOR SUMMER Package will be released May 15th
  • AMERICAN FLOWERS WEEK Package will be released on or around June 5, 2017
Questions? get in touch: debra (at) slowflowers (dot) com
Slow Flowers in the News
GWA features Slow Flowers with an essay by founder Debra Prinzing

GWA, the journalism trade group for Garden Communicators, asked us to share a report on the Slow Flowers business model. I wrote: 

What began as the title of a bookSlow Flowers: Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden, Meadow and Farm, has become a business “platform” and my “brand.” No one is more surprised by this turn of events than me. American Flowers Week, a social media and advocacy campaign coinciding with Independence Day, is one of three channels that I’ve begun to monetize. The other two include the Slow Flowers Podcast (launched in July 2013 at debraprinzing.com) and Slowflowers.com, the free nationwide directory of American (and now Canadian) flowers and the florists, farms, and studios who supply those blooms.
Click here to read the entire essay ►
Slow Flowers was recently featured on Cultivating Place Radio

Jennifer Jewell, host of North State Public Radio's "Cultivating Place," says this:

"In my conversation with Debra Prinzing, she makes a quick reference to some of the early challenges to her work in support of the slow flowers movement, including that flowers as beauty are seen as unnecessary somehow, a premise she has always disagreed with. And I couldn’t agree with her more. Since the beginning of recorded time, humans have used flowers and plants for their beauty - to mark occasions of loss, celebration, ceremony, to mark seasons and time and meaning. I would think most of you agree."
Click here to listen to the entire interview ►
ATTEND: Slow Flowers Meet-Ups & Workshops
You're invited! Slow Flowers Members Come Together 
at two East Coast Meet-Ups
Saturday September 17th (6-8 p.m.)
, I'm joining with the Hudson Valley Flower Growers Collective to gather for a potluck and reception at the Etsy Annex Space in Hudson, New York.
Meet fellow flower farmers, floral designers and farmer-florists who are equally passionate about local and seasonal flowers. Check out more details here.

Sunday, September 18th (7 p.m.), I'll be hosted by Spring Forth Farm in Hurdle Mills, N.C. for a dinner potluck of flower farmers, florists and farmer-florists. Please bring a dish and/or beverage to share. Please also bring something to sit on (a camp chair or picnic blanket). Check out more details here.
Slow Flowers Creative Workshops
Teresa Sabankaya (center) with several of our students. The group is standing under the massive redwood trees in Teresa’s garden, a perfect source of inspiration.
From left: Dyana Zweng, Terri Schuett, Teresa, Daniele Allion Strawn, Laura Vollset and Liz Marcellus.
Missing: Michelle Bull, Kellee Matsushita and Dawn Mayer.
What is the Slow Flowers Creative Workshop?
At the Slow Flowers Creative Workshop, we dig deep into the most powerful marketing resource available -- YOU and YOUR STORY.

Think about it. There are so many copycat businesses and lookalike designs. The only way to stand out and differentiate yourself is to tell your story -- it is unique to you, your aesthetic, your experience, your point of view. I believe that at the heart of your personal brand is statement:

*You believe that you have something great to offer the world and that it will create incredible value for many. You are determined to bring it to life by dedicating your time, your resources, your finances, and your very life to making it a reality. When you can name that "essential something," you are well on your way to being a floral storyteller who uses creativity to express and embody her brand.
Each student spends thoughtful time distilling her or his floral (or creative) story through language exercises with Debra on Day One and engages with our floral design co-instructor on Day Two. Imagine spending a full day flexing your storytelling muscles. They may feel a bit out of shape but you will be quickly energized by a series of narrative exercises, inspired by the garden, nature and flowers. You'll daydream, imagine and put pen to paper to express the following through your own uniquely personal lens:

  • Describing botanical color, texture, form
  • Color language
  • Sensory descriptors
  • Metaphor and simile
  • Garden memoir
  • *Brand distinctives: who what how why
  • Sharing your story with the media, customers and other audiences

Here is what some of our past students have to say:

The "Floral Storytelling" topic was of interest to me as I was putting together my business plan but lacking in the skills and motivation to tell my story. I have known that this is a very important piece of the puzzle to put together for my website and social media platforms but have really struggled with this part of the business as I am not great at sharing my story and wording it well. It seemed like the perfect workshop at the perfect time and it was! 
This helps me understand my own story and be able to tell that story effectively to others (for education, inspiration, garnering business). 
On August 21-21, I collaborated with Teresa Sabankaya of Bonny Doon Garden Co. (Santa Cruz, CA) to teach the first Creative Workshop. Our group of 8 students wowed us with their inventiveness, their willingess to try new ways of communicating and their embrace of garden-inspired floral design. Read more about the experience here. 

On October 17-18, I'll be hosted by the Russian River Flower School (Healdsburg, CA) to teach the second Creative Workshop. Spaces are still available for this excellent program. I’ll be teaching “floral storytelling” and partnering with Dundee Butcher to use local flowers in our expanded design process that includes each student creating a video short for her or his own use. Details and registration link here.
LISTEN: Slow Flowers Podcasts for August
Voices of the Slow Flowers Movement
Each week the Slow Flowers Podcast releases a new episode featuring timely interviews with flower farmers and floral designers whose wisdom and insights will inspire you!
Check out the wide range of guests we've heard from during the month of August:
Announcing our newest Sponsor:

Welcome to our new Slow Flowers sponsor, the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

Formed in 1988, ASCFG was created to educate, unite, and support commercial cut flower growers.

Its mission is to help growers produce high-quality floral material, and to foster and promote the local availability of that product. 

ASCFG's sponsorship includes Slowflowers.com, the Slow Flowers Podcast and American Flowers Week for 2016-2017.
Learn more about ASCFG Here ►