by changing your BODY - STORY

NEW Unergi Classes in Body-Psychotherapy
for anyone who wants to tap into the innate healing power of  the body, mind, emotions, spirit, creativity and the healing forces of nature
with Ute Arnold 
M.F.A. Body-Psychotherapist, artist,

Ongoing Bi-weekly Friday mornings 10a-1p
Location: UNERGI Blue Bamboo Studio, Pt. Pleasant, PA

Emotional and physical struggles hold 'secrets' !
When revealed they hold the POWER of WELLNESS, and we are invited to LIVE gracefully until we die.
Our body-stories hold on (and sometimes are addicted) to abuse, trauma, abandonment, chronic pain, relationship issues etc. and interfere with wellness?
In this training class I will teach you how to release the story of wellness by using the HEALING POWER of ILLNESS and dis-ease with a specific quality of touch, talk and movement.
Body-Psychotherapy changes belief systems and therefor the story of relationships:

- With UNERGI core-micro-movements we change habitual thinking, feeling, moving, sensing and acting.
- Listening touch with the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE reaches under the pain body into the expansive body-map. It  release the redundant stories, encourages cellular memories to reveal and transform the body-story safely and even joyfully 
- GESTALT therapy talks directly WITH (not at) the body-story of illness, as well as relationship issues, and accesses overwhelming events, while you simultaneously discover the INNNER BODY ALLIES  for profound grounding and healing.
- ART as therapy engages the younger self to find spontaneity and strength to heal from difficult events into the aha of discovery and Joy!

We will study these leading edge methodologies, embraced by graceful bamboo woods, and a very old tree, in Ute's Blue Bamboo studio in Pt. Pleasant, PA.

$90 per 3 hour Friday mornings for 6 CONSECUTIVE classes. ($40 saving per morning from the regular fee of $130), after your 6 week series you can continue and you can sign up again.

$130 for drop-ins
Rolling admission, time 10:00a-1:00p, Friday mornings

For newcomers please call Ute for an interview and a private session before you begin.