March 30, 2017
Sunday School
Jesus did many miracles. At Sunday School this week, we will talk about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. We will soon be telling the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection during Holy Week, and it is helpful to remember that God does not give death the last word on human life. Lazarus died, and Jesus came and gave him back life. In the same way, Jesus can raise us from the dead, just like Lazarus. Not even death is as powerful as God!

- Zachary
Our next Confirmation Class is Friday, April 28 from 6-9pm at the home of Sam Richards. We'll begin learning about the second article of the Apostles' Creed, decide everyone's special roles in worship on May 7, and continue our exploration of Lutheranism 101 with a look at the "Theology of the Cross."

- Pastor Ann
Youth Group
Advent youth and parents, we're in charge of serving up egg casseroles, pancakes, and other breakfast fixings at our Easter Breakfast fundraiser on Sunday, April 16. We need YOU! This fundraiser raises about half of our Youth Group budget each year. It's up to Advent's high school youth and their parents to prepare and serve this breakfast in the basement fellowship hall on Easter Sunday, April 16. Can you be part of the team? You can sign up for one of two shifts, depending on whether your family wants to worship at 9am or 11am. The shifts are 8:30am-10:50am, or 10:10am-12:30pm. Click here to sign up now, or shoot me an email at

- Kevin
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