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April 26, 2017
The farm is open 8-6 Seven Days a Week

The Garden Center is Filling Up!

Remember that fence around the shade garden that blew down last year?

It's BACK, it's almost finished, and it's better than ever!

So now we have some new space to fill and things are arriving from our greenhouses and from around the region every day!

Later this week look for roses of all types to be here...David Austins, climbers, shrubs and more! 

Also hydrangeas arrive tomorrow! 

It's also the perfect time to plant spring annuals like primroses as well as the perennials that are arriving from our greenhouses as they are ready! Phlox, Delphinium, Peony, Sidalcea, Sedum, Nepeta, Iris, Shasta Daisy, Lupine, Hollyhocks
and lots more!
Coast of Maine
Dark Harbor Blend Enriching Mulch
Buy One Get One FREE!
New Houseplants are here! 
Be sure to check out the new collection of houseplants
for under $12.00!
Find them in the market!
Boston Fern hanging baskets just arrived and they are gorgeous! Find them in the Garden Center Greenhouse! 
Peat Moss 3.8 cuft Now $14.99
Reg $19.99
Heaths and Heathers are on SALE
Buy two for $25 and save $6
 These plants are deer resistant, drought tolerant,and bloom in spring! 
A Note About Fertilizing
well...actually two...for the health of the island and for our pets
First, please follow the guidelines set forth in The Nantucket Health Department Regulations regarding fertilizer application.  This may seem like a cumbersome read, but it is very important for the health of our water. If you can't take time to read the whole thing, the important details for homeowners are in section 5. 
If you have a professional landscaper, it is imperative that they are licensed to apply fertilizers. If you don't know, ask. 

And second, even organic fertilizers can be dangerous to dogs that break into a bag or even eat the granules from the ground.
Click here to read about how to avoid this
The Gift Department is brimming with beautiful things to decorate your table whether it's at home, or on a tailgate out in 'Sconset! Check out the hand-painted tea towels that are made in Maine! Or the colorful napkins decorated with yellow and orange daffodils! Your table is going to be beautiful! 
Looking for something yellow to wear this weekend?  Look no further.  This Bartlett's Farm hat is just the right color for daffy weekend, and it features your favorite farm on your favorite island! 
In addition to the ones we've grown, we have plenty of FAUX daffodils, too!  These will last from year to year and can be used to decorate outside or inside! 
If you've never visited the Daffodil Show,
it's high time you do!
Every year I hear people say they've never been to the show, as they are standing, mouths agape, looking at the luscious and diverse collection of daffodils and narcissus on display.  
"Why didn't I ever do this before?" They say.
This year the Nantucket Daffodil Show is celebrating its 43rd year.
The show is presented by the Nantucket Garden Club and is held in cooperation with the American Daffodil Society and once again it will be held here at the Farm.
In 1974, the goal of the Nantucket Garden Club was to plant 1 million bulbs. It is estimated that island wide, the bulbs have naturalized
over the years to an estimated 4 million blossoms.
A wide selection of these will be on display in the garden center on Saturday and Sunday April 29th and 30th.
Show hours are 2-5pm on Saturday and 10-4:30 on Sunday.
You won't be sorry!
The show is free, but donations are accepted for the Island's Daffodil Planting Fund for community projects.
There is a free shuttle bus from Washington St. on Saturday only during show hours.
Cold Brew coffee is rough ground coffee beans that have been steeped with cold water for a period of time. The result is a smoother, less acidic coffee with a sweetness to it. Many people will heat it up to drink, and many drink it cold.
There will be two available:
Columbian Caturra with hints of dark chocolate and pomegranate
Brazilian Mokas Brew... sweet with hints of peanuts, chocolate and caramel.
Start in the market to  
Create the Perfect Picnic 
or prepare for ANY gathering of friends! 

Avinyo “Petillant” Blanco 13.99

This wine is described by the winemaker as a “Vi d’Agulla,” which in Catalan means “prickly.” I can think of no better word to describe this perfect summer sipper. Made by a family of Cava producers in the Penedes region of Spain, it is an unusual style, kind of like a baby Cava. The effervescence is delicate, but crisp, and the addition of the muscat grape adds a really pretty floral note to the aroma and flavor.

Perfect for a sunny day, this vibrant little party starter is perfect with creamy and aged cheeses, Marcona almonds and other picnic foods.

Domaine De Pallus 2016
Chinon Messanges Rosé 
of Cabernet Frank

made from 100% Cabernet Franc—is produced from vines planted in sandy soils and filled with a wonderful tart citrus fruit with lots of underlying minerality. It’s tart and lively with stony minerality and a satisfying note of strawberries and watermelon rind.

Tiny quantities were made and only four cases were available. Treat yourself before this beauty is gone until next year.

Hannabells- $7.99 (originally 9.99)

Hannahbells have a firm and slightly chalky texture when young, becoming smoother with age. Flavors are rich and deep, varying with the addition of spices and herbs.

They are very good to cook with since they have a big flavor profile. Place them in mushroom caps or scooped baby potato halves or on a cheese plate accompanied by a fig or balsamic vinegar.

Dalmatia Tangerine Spread

Fresh tangerines are hand-picked along the Neretva River Valley of Southern Dalmatia, well-known for its citrus crops. Each piece of fruit is inspected by hand for quality before being cooked into this flavor-rich spread--an explosion of mouth-watering flavor in your mouth!

Serve with fresh cheeses – ricotta or Chèvre are both perfect platforms for the bright citrus. Enjoy on warm, buttered walnut muffins or hot, buttered crumpets. Or try with cream cheese on a warm bialy

Grey Barn Eidolon 

Eidolon is a bright, grassy cheese that smells of freshly tilled earth and has a creamy layer topping its dense cake-like center. Young, bloomy rind cheese made in a classic French style with delicate mold growth on the surface and a center that is rich and milky.

“Folly of the Beast” Pinot Noir, Central Coast, California $19.99
This red takes its name from the great Moby Dick quote “For there is no folly of the beast of the earth that is not infinitely outdone by the madness of men.” Hailing from California’s central coast - where the foggy mornings and cool evenings have a favorable effect on the pinot noir varietal. Aged in new and neutral French oak to enhance notes of sweet spice, this full-bodied Pinot pairs nicely with Charcuterie, Rotisserie Chicken and cheeses.

Grey Barn and Farm, Chilmark, MA...Organic, Grass fed Cow’s Milk Cheese
Prufrock 2016 American Cheese Society Gold Medal Winner
Prufrock has a delicate yet pungent taste, with a bright orange and sticky rind. Flavors are salty and savory, toasty and nutty with hints of tropical fruit and sour cream.
Our award-winning
Lobster Rolls are Back!
Try one for lunch!
New England Charcuterie Company, Waltham, MA
We are thrilled to be working with Joshua Smith of New England Charcuterie this year!  They custom-created some beautiful new grab and go salami boards for us at the Farm! Look for them in the cheese case this week!
Join us for a Wine Tasting This Friday!
Leah has chosen some that are perfect for picnics!
Friday April 28 from 2-5 in the market
Nantucket Fresh Catch Has New Hours!
The fish counter in the market will now be open
8-6 Wednesdays through Sundays
Check out her fresh tuna,
and try some of the sushi-making supplies in the market!
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