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Rally for LIFE

At the March 30 Rally for Life at the State Capitol, Iowans had the opportunity to hear from their elected leaders at the highest levels of state government speak out on life.

Iowans also heard one comment made repeatedly from the podium: "We're not done."

Yes, the Legislature has brought forward some life-affirming bills this session; yet our elected leaders freely and publicly pledged, "We're not done."

It is now up to everyday Iowans to hold their representatives accountable to their words. The video below highlights their commitments:


The Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders also affirms, "We're not done." We will continue to work toward seeing a day when no tax dollars support abortion facilities and all babies are protected by law from the moment of conception.

This baby shoe display represents the nearly 4,000 abortions that occur in our state every year.