The Voter - November 2017



  • Land conservation options for Comal County
  • Development along HWY 46
  • Constitutional Amendment Election
  • Consensus meeting on Land Use Planning




Roxanna Deane
Darlene HIcks
VP - Voters Service
Robin Engel  & Susan Herr
Betty Colley
Gloria Suarez Sasser
Director, Publicity
Jerrie Champlin


Janyth Frederickson

Membership Chair, Off Board

Bonnie Leitch
Chair, Nominating Committee
Lois Ricci


LWV is a non partisan political organization which encourages informed and active participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. LWV never supports or opposes candidates for office, or political parties, but does take positions on issues based on member study
and consensus.


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  • Friday, Nov. 3  Last Day of Early Voting
  • Tuesday, Nov. 7  Election Day  


WHAT: Land Conservation Options for Comal County

WHEN:  Wednesday, Nov. 8: 6:30 - 8:30

WHERE: McKenna Center, 801 West San Antonio St., NB


WHAT:  Development along HWY 46

WHEN:  Tuesday, Nov. 14: 12 to 1

WHERE: Bulverde Spring Branch Library, 131 Bulverde Crossing, Bulverde 


From the President


As this newsletter came together, it was clear that at the moment our League is focused on land use planning.  There is a since of urgency that is illustrated by the change in the subtitle of the Land Use Planning Facts and Issues.  In 2006 it was "a growing problem" and in 2017 is is "time for action".  The pace of growth in Comal County presents all of us with the challenge and opportunities to plan and make wise choices to preserve the quality of life that makes this a wonderful place to live.  I look forward to seeing you on Nov. 8 and 14.


I hope everyone has voted or has planned to vote.  The percentage of people voting in a constitutional amendment election is very low because people think it doesn't matter.  Every election is a time to exercise your vote and is important.


In the next week members will receive a separate email with a link to an online interest survey.  We want to update information from members and gather information from newer members about how each person wants to contribute to the work of the league.  Please take a moment to complete the survey.




WHAT: Land Conservation Options for Comal County

WHEN:  Wednesday, Nov. 8: 6:30 - 8:30

WHERE: McKenna Center, 801 West San Antonio St., NB


“With all the new growth that has come to Comal County and projected to continue well into the future, it’s time to start thinking about how we can plan ahead to protect open space and acquire park land to help conserve our beloved Texas Hill Country before it’s too late,” explained Sherry Mosier, Bulverde/Spring Branch area resident, one of the event organizers. “Harmonious relationships can exist between development and land conservation but we have to plan for it to ensure a high quality of life.”


The evening will include an overview of current land preservation in Comal County, options that private individuals can use for protecting their land for future generations, and tools that can be used by local city and county governments to obtain and maintain land protections for wildlife habitat, healthy waterways, recreation and scenic vistas.


“Comal County has been among the top ten fastest-growing counties in the country for the past four years running,” noted Katherine Romans, Executive Director of the Hill Country Alliance. “Until we see investment in conservation happening in a more strategic way, we will continue to lose land to development much faster than we protect it.”


“Budget constraints often prevent most counties and cities, especially small rural cities like Bulverde, Garden Ridge, and Spring Branch, from going out and purchasing the open space or park lands desired by their constituents,” commented Annalisa Peace of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, another organizer and moderator for the evening. “We have to look at how other communities in the Hill Country are creating conservation opportunities, and think about if and how we can create those same tools for landowners in Comal County.”


Panelists include Comal County Engineer Tom Hornseth, Julie Koppenheffer, an attorney with years of experience in land conservation law, Jensie Madden of the League of Women Voters of Comal Area, and Dianne Wassenich of the San Marcos River Foundation.   


Following panelists’ presentations, there will be time for discussion with the audience.


The meeting is a follow-up to the “Planning for Growth in Comal County” conference held last February, in response to attendees’ request for more information about how to preserve open space and unique areas in Comal County as development continues at a rapid pace.


To see the full agenda and to preregister for the meeting, go to The event is free, and walk-ins are welcome.




WHAT:  Development along HWY 46

WHEN:  Tuesday, Nov. 14: 12 to 1

WHERE: Bulverde Spring Branch Library, 131 Bulverde Crossing, Bulverde


Bring your lunch and learn about development along Highway 46 in Comal County, one of the fastest growing areas in the US.

The League of Women Voters-Comal Area invites members and  the public to a discussion with County Engineer Tom Hornseth about subdivisions and transportation projects along this major artery.




The League of Women Voters of Texas has released its Voters Guide for the 2017 Constitutional Amendment Election. For 98 years, the primary goal of the League of Women Voters of Texas has been helping voters cast an informed vote when they go to the polls.

The Voters Guide covers the seven Constitutional Amendments that will be on the Texas ballot for the November 7, 2017, election. In addition to explaining each amendment in common sense language, the League has prepared "pro" and "con" information regarding each amendment. 


Voters Guide (English)


Voters Guide (Spanish)


Early Voting locations


Election Day voting locations




Thirteen members gathered on Oct 17 and reached consensus on the various components of a position on land use planning by county and municipal governments in Comal County to protect natural and historic resources including water, air, and open space and to protect against flooding, soil erosion, and light pollution. The proposed revised position will be presented to the Board of Directors at the Nov. 14 board meeting.  After adoption of the position members will receive the new position via email and it will be posted on 




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