March 22, 2019
Today's temperature:  8
Tomorrow’s temperature: 2ºC; Sunday: 0ºC
Snowfall in past 48 hours: 0
Packed base: 0-8cm
Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

This is a space that I do not particular enjoy and do my best to avoid, a point that is perhaps inevitable but still protracted by we of the Nordic fervor: the realm where optimism meets realism, where practicality overrides plausibility. I referring to the outcome induced by the sustained thermal incursion on the ski trails here and the protested realization that we cannot compete against the power of the sun (that bright orb in the sky emanating heat, that seemed to abandon these parts in February). High temperatures and the increased solar exposure are not conducive to preserving the integrity of the snow and base - thus are the transgressions of the season referred to as “Spring”. The meltdown is significant, and I’m not just referring to the groomers here, as we have been trying to eke out just one more day for several days now. Having just returned from an extensive skiing survey of the trails, prognosis for the weekend and a viable race trail for Sunday is not great: a few sections eroded to terra firma (and one flooded), but more concerning are the sections that are fully saturated with water as these will freeze solid (a.k.a. “ice”) and will not able to be groomed back into suitable condition. Thus, with a heavy heart (and legs) and dirty skis, I am going to call this now – the 2019 “Beat the Blues Boogie” is cancelled.

For those that still want to come out and ski, please ski with caution and at your own risk; rock skis are recommended, and be aware of trail sections that are bare, flooded, icy, soft, and/or dirty. Spring skking conditions apply: hard / icy in the morning, softening as the temperatures rise. Our ski rentals are closed. As much as feasible, we will attempt some grooming manipulations, trying to keep a layer of loose granular on the skate lanes; classic tracks cannot be reset at this time. But we are not calling it a season just yet, as we all know how “Spring” usually works in Alberta…

See you on the trails!

Grooming Report:

While the trail surface has sections of granular snow, many are fully saturated and will indubitably freeze solid when the temperatures drop. The base has melted through to the ground in spots, and some sections have water pooling on the trail. Ski with caution, rock skis recommended. We'll try to keep a top surface of loose granular as long as we can for skate skiing; classic tracks will be left to age naturally...

West Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Multipurpose March 21 March 21 Fair - Poor
Moose March 21 March 21 Fair - Good
Old Ridgeway March 21 March 21 Fair - Poor
Deer March 18 March 18 Fair
East Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Fox March 21 March 19 Fair - Poor
Owl March 21 March 19 Fair
Wagon March 21 March 19 Fair - Poor
Coyote North March 18 March 18 Fair
Coyote South March 18 March 18 Fair
Old Ridgeway March 15 March 15 Poor / closed
Wax Recommendations:
Glide: Swix LF8 + Swix MB77 Moly Conditioner
Grip: Swix K22 Universal Klister
Snowshoe Rentals:

Rentals to be used only within the park / All rentals due back 1hr prior to closing

Snowshoe rentals are for 3hrs max


  • Ski Rentals CLOSED
  • Snowshoe Rental    $8.75
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