Volume 8, Issue 6
June, 2015
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In this issue:
New contributor, Rick Meana, gives insight on coaching a frequently overlooked aspect of the game - the throw-in. Brian Gotta shares some terrific tips for raising healthier and happier children, derived from a Harvard study. And, new contributor, Lisa Brown's article on helping athletes cope with pressure comes with a free downloadable guide on soccer mental toughness.

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Coaching Throw-ins
By Rick Meana

Apart from the importance placed on passing and shooting, Coaches rarely emphasize the technique of the throw-in during practice. Yet, it is a basic method utilized in the game of soccer. This is especially true in the youth game, where because of the technical deficiency of the players, the ball frequently goes out of play resulting in a throw-in. And, 99% of the time, the throw-in ends up going to the opponent. Read Article
Making our Children Better
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

We've all made mistakes as parents and wish we could have a do-over. The sad truth is children aren't born with owner's manuals. And unfortunately some wouldn't bother to read them if they were. The Harvard Graduate School of Education recently did a study on parents and caretakers and produced a sheet of seven strategies and tips for raising children. Its as close to an owner's manual as you can get. Read Article

"Every team manager ought to have the Team Ice Pack with them at each game and practice."

The Last Day You Ever Choke in Sport
By Lisa Brown

Whenever I would choke, my coach, Dad, or sport psychologist would tell me that all I need to do was believe in myself. They would say things like, “You’re a great athlete, why are you second-guessing yourself like this? Just go out there and play the way you KNOW you can.” Sound familiar? If so, you know how ridiculously superficial and UNHELPFUL this advice is. Read Article