March 2016
What's New

Saturday Morning
10 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"
now team-taught by Gillian Clark &
Luisa Frias

Sunday Midday
12:30 pm
"Power Flow Yoga"

now taught by Monica Moss
8250 West 3rd St.
Los Angeles CA 90048
323) 782-0741
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Hello Beloved SWERVER,

I hired a business consultant to help steer my ambitions into realities and I love the work. Tara Wefers is the professional I've hired and she converts my masses of data into spreadsheets that I can understand, along with metrics to make decisions from. I'm fired up about it! I'm motivated and I'm feeling alive and creative.

The spreadsheets are informative and helpful, but the heart stuff is what I live for. In our meetings, a clear theme keeps surfacing--RECEPTIVITY. At first, this meant, "Receive information and take action accordingly." Of course! Use the details in the spreadsheets to steer business. (Honestly, if I'd only wanted to make $ I'd have been a banker and not a yoga/meditation teacher, but you know ...) So I return to a place in my heart where the desire to serve--you, the staff, my colleagues and my inspirational peers, is home base.

Even though I'm a worker bee, the root of the heart is the place from where I conduct all of my affairs. If you're a Mom, a sexy single, a nerd, a public defender, a Goddess, a Freak or anyone, the heart is where you ultimately reside. You can't get the nectar if you don't open up to receive it. And even then, "You can't always git what you wa-ant." (The Rolling Stones)

"Screw your courage to the sticking point and we'll not fail." (Lady M., Shakespeare) And what I mean by that is, be brave and receive what's right there for you. Let it in. It might hurt a bit to stretch your heart to fully allow in all the possibility and the Great Unknown. It'll probably make you cry, but those salt tears taste so delicious. Lick them off your cheeks and taste raw life, proceeding with vulnerable confidence.


Gillian Alexandria Clark

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