The 2017-18 Legislative Session is Upon Us!

Following a successful WFA Convention and an informative CFA Open Forum, we're gearing up for the 2017-18 legislative session.

Here are the projects underway:

  • Governor’s Budget: The proposed 17-18 fiscal year budget contains the $3 million in basic funding, however there is no deferred maintenance funding. We will be working with the leadership in the Senate and Assembly to see if there are opportunities to add funding during the budget process. If so, the results will be known in May.

  • Funding Legislation: Assemblymember Adam Gray will be introducing fair funding legislation and hopefully adding fair funding components to other bills as he did last year with his internet poker legislation.

  • Administrative Relief: State Senator McGuire has introduced our “funding fix” legislation which seeks to allow the CDFA to more efficiently manage fair funding, especially major and deferred maintenance funds. This will apply to all future funding.

  • General Legislation: We expect over 7000 bills to be introduced during the 2017-18 session. Our process of reviewing all bills that may impact fairs or service members is underway.

  • California Fairgrounds Appreciation Month: We will be making several changes to this program including:

    - Moving the month to May along with related events such as the legislative resolution, reception, and Capitol Exhibit.

    - Adding a “Fairs’ Capital Day,” inviting our members to a hosted breakfast and asking them to carry our message to their local Senate and Assembly members.

We're looking forward to an exciting and engaged 2017-18 legislative session!


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