July/August 2017
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From the Rabbi
Rabbi Cy Stanway

Getting the word out

There are some really great things happening at the temple these days and I want to share with you what you can expect in the summer months leading up to the Fall.

As we enter the summer months we are going to take our sanctuary outside onto our remarkable patio. Last summer was disappointing because, out of the 11 Shabbatot we were planned to be outside, we managed only two or three because of the terrible heat.  As I have said before, 'I am in sales and advertising, not management!' So, there is little I or anyone else can do about the weather.  But we are planning our services as if the weather will be exquisite and hoping for the best.  These services will each be a beautiful Shabbat experience for the whole family beginning at 6:30 on July 7 and extending right through the Labour Day weekend.  Wear your shorts and tees.  Come in sandals!  Bring a friend or two and enjoy a Shabbat experience that is as beautiful as the summer night.

And speaking of outdoor services, have we got a treat for you and any friends you want to bring - our Shabbat Under the Stars.  This year, building on the success of last year, we will be having our Israeli-food themed Shabbat experience.  The service will take place on July 14th begin at 6 PM (note the time, friends) and we will have an extraordinary meal, there will be carnival games (great ones, too!) thanks to the generosity of Lenny and Dawn Berkeley and the now-famous Ice Cream Truck where you can eat more ice cream than you can imagine - all included in the price of the RSVP.  For details on this wonderful mid-summer event, go to the announcement on the temple's homepage at this link.

And, as they say in the commercials, 'but wait, there's more!' Indeed there is.  On July 7th and August 11 we will combine the outdoor service with Simchat Simchat, our very-successful Shabbat evening service beginning at 6:30 designed for young children and their families and, from what I hear, a delight for adults, as well.  This service was created in response to what we heard younger families needed: a Shabbat which did not go too late for their young children.  It is a way of reaching in to the congregation and reaching out to the community for some meaningful Jewish content while sensitive to the needs of time.  

But, wait!  There's even MORE! On August 25, the Shabbat celebration and food just keep on coming with the joy of a community Shabbat!  Southern Fried Shabbat is its name and, beginning at 6 PM with a gorgeous Shabbat service we will continue with a humongous dinner of chicken and all the fixings (as we say in the South!).  Be sure to put it on your calendar.

But Beth Miriam is doing more than just services in the summer.  We are going to be at the Italian-American Festival in Ocean Township in August.  We will have our tent and we will be waving the Beth Miriam flag and making our presence known with the sweet scent of pastrami.  We need help, though!  Contact the temple at 732-222-3754 if you would like to meet, greet and sling meat on any or all the days of the Festival from August 9-13th.

And, as the summer draws to a close, we prepare the for the serious time of the Days of Awe.  I am working on a project with one of our congregants, Garret Bess, who is a professional videographer.  He and I will be creating a series of Days of Awe videos in August around the themes of these holy days.  Again, we need support and help.  I am especially looking for young families, spokespeople, scriptwriters and anyone else who wants to be a part of this production.  Please call me at the temple at 732-222-3754 to volunteer.

In the midst of all this excitement, our Days of Awe Art Exhibit will get underway.  The temple will be filled with art around the themes of these holy days featuring local artists and highlighting the work of our own Clara Gee Ziment.  Renee Freedman, one of our most artistic members, has taken upon herself this huge project.  She is looking for  lots of help.  Again, call the temple at 732-222-3754 to volunteer for everything from hanging the art to setting up and being a volunteer host for the opening night.  

There are big things happening this summer, as you can see, and even bigger things happening in the Fall.  Take advantage of them and immerse yourselves in what the temple community is creating together.  It will be a summer rich in Jewish experiences all while walking around in sandals and Hawaiian shirts!  

From the Cantor
Cantor Marnie Camhi

The summer is a great time to recharge and relax. Time seems to slow down, but the summer always goes by so fast. After we recharge and relax, we return and renew leading into the Days of Awe, the Yamim Norai'im. 

I want to share with your some musical plans for these holy days.  As we are spending the summer gearing up for the High Holidays, the melodies you have come to expect will all be included with the switch to the new High Holiday Machzor (prayerbook specially used on the Days of Awe - the Mishkan HaNefesh). This prayerbook includes new readings and liturgy and I am working on new music (including some surprises) to reflect the new prayers.

Recharge and relax with us this month at TBM and join us for our early Shabbat Summer Services outdoors on the patio (weather permitting) at 6:30pm every Friday beginning July 7. Shorts and t-shirts are welcome! We also have 2 extra special services at 6pm with dinner (and more!). Please join us for Shabbat Under the Stars on July 14 and Southern Fried Shabbat on August 25. Watch the TBM website, Facebook page, newsletter and Elijah emails for more information.

Have a great summer!!!
Cantor Marnie cantor@bethmiriam.org

From the Principal
Stella Stanway

The end of the school year is just behind us and already we are planning for the upcoming 2017-2018 year. Registration has opened and is slowly trickling in as families go about their summer plans. This year, registration ends a little earlier than in other years because I will be out of the country. DEADLINE IS JULY 7. My goal is to reach 100% of current students registered by the deadline, but I need you to help.

As we plan for next year, I would like to remind everyone that stand alone school calendars were attached with your family’s progress reports. Please print them out and please add any dates relevant to your child’s grade to your family calendar as you plan for next year. Especially important are the Family Shabbat and Family Ed weekends, as well as Erev Sukkot and Erev Simchat Torah- we have built in early dismissals to enable families to join in celebrating the holiday and enjoying dinner as a community. Last year, our Sisterhood sponsored a spaghetti dinner which was a hit among those who attended. Don’t miss out, save all the dates now and plan around them. Also note the dates for any adventures and any Purim activities in which your child/rem may want to participate.

Have a wonderful summer, and don’t forget to attend all the family friendly events TBM is hosting in July and August!
Beth Miriam to be at the Italian-American Festival
For the first time ever, Beth Miriam is going to have a presence at the Italian-American Festival celebrating our temple with and in the community.  We will have a tent putting forward the face of Beth Miriam and we will be serving hot pastrami!  This is a very big undertaking, as you can imagine and we need your help.  We need help with staffing the booth, making the sandwiches, taking money and being a face for TBM.  If you are willing to help, please contact Barry Edison at eyedocbarry@gmail.com
From the Office Staff

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy!” Get ready for outdoor Shabbat services at 6:30 PM starting July 7 through September 1! Dress comfortably and celebrate Shabbat in a casual setting in TBM’s beautiful backyard.

Don’t forget to RSVP for two exciting events: Shabbat Under the Stars and Southern Fried Shabbat! Check this issue for all of the details. Hope to see you there!

Last but certainly not least, the Days of Awe are just around the corner, so please take care of any outstanding payments to the temple no later than August 15, 2017. Feel free to call us any time.

Enjoy this double issue of the TBM Bulletin. The next issue is September 1.

Happy Summer!
Shari Nightingale and Frankie Langer

Israel Reflections on Arriving back from Birthright
Robbie Greenberg

I returned from Israel eight days ago and upon landing, despite having just completed a 15 hour airport marathon, immediately attended a “welcome back” pizza dinner with the families of all my friends who went on Birthright with me.

”How was it?!” “Did you see the Dead Sea?!” “How incredible was Tel Aviv?!” As the questions rang out around me, I stared blankly ahead, speechless, not because I was shoving slices of pizza into my mouth by the second, but because I just wasn’t ready to process my experience.

Ten days of nonstop activity, nonstop conversation, nonstop cultural immersion, doesn’t even come close to allowing you to process and understand the incredulousness off the moment. Yes, I was expecting to meet incredible new friends who I’d sadly have to leave after ten days. Yes, I was prepared to be wowed by the pure beauty of the country that Instagram doesn’t even come close to adequately reflecting.

So why if I was expecting to experience what I experienced, was I in such a place of mental reflection? Eight days later. I think I have begun to understand. I went to Israel prepared for Judaism, the religion, to attempt to reinvigorate itself in my life, and at the very least meet new friends and explore a cool place. Instead, it was the Israeli culture and way of life that captivated me. Standing in the City of Dan, at the gates of
the city of David, on top of Masada, in the room of names at Yad Vashem; I wasn’t enthralled by the mythology and prayers of Genesis, but the more modern perseverance of the Israeli people who were all around me. This is the beauty of being Jewish. Religious customs aside, there is something incredible to be known that deep inside of you burns the fire of a people who are still today facing constant
difficulties in an everlasting age old conflict, yet still living highly productive lives and living
each moment to the fullest.

The country is thriving, with flourishing businesses, vibrant nightlife, and overall aura of positivity. This sense of drive, motivation, and refusal to give up, is what has resonated within me and made the trip so impactful. I went to Israel with the hope of understanding the origins of a religion that I had merely just practiced
because that was how I was taught. I left with something else entirely; the flame and passion of a people, my people, and the motivation to continue to live and flourish just as the Israelis and Jews have for 5000 years, and continue to do so until this day.
Sisterhood News

Dear TBM Family,

Happy summer! Students can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the beach is calling! Whether you are planning a vacation excursion, hanging at the beach, or lounging in your garden, we all still need to go grocery shopping and here is where we need your help.

During the next 3 months, we need to make sure that our TBM kitchen is stocked with goodies for each week’s Friday night oneg. Since we all food shop during the week, it is very simple to pick up a few extra items to drop at the temple. We need each temple family to pick one week during the year to do the shopping for this very special weekly event. There are very few temple events taking place at TBM over the next few months, so there are 10 dates that need to be shopped for. If you have not yet participated in the Oneg shopping program, please look at the dates and sign up for whichever is most convenient.

Please click on the link below to see Shabbat dates for which shopping needs to be done. Dates for July through September are listed. Dates for the last quarter of 2017 will be posted by September 15th. Please follow the shopping instructions on the signup page.

**If your child is being Bar/Bat Mitzvah you are automatically signed up for the oneg the evening prior. Also, evenings of Religious School Class services, each family from the class is expected to bring an item for the Oneg. For this reason, these dates are not listed on the sign up page.**

If you would like to reserve a date after September 30th, or you have a question, please contact Debbie Gerbman at dgerbman@comcast.net .

Have a great day!
TBM Sisterhood

*Thank you to Deborah Cotler for providing food for the oneg on July 28 and to Rebecca Levin for providing food on 8/4!  We appreciate your help for the temple!
*Many thanks to Ilene and Bob Skolnik for providing the Oneg on 8/11.
*Thanks to Susan and Harold Hodes for sponsoring the Oneg on 8/21 in honor of their new grandson.
Men's Club - Looking for Women for co-ed baseball game

Baseball Week at TBM.

The Men's Club softball team is back in action on Sunday, July 23. Game time is 9:30am. We will be done by 11am. Our opponents are from Monmouth Reform Temple. They are a co-ed team so we need some female players as well.

The Men's Club is having a night at the Blue Claws on Thursday, July 27. Game time is 7pm.  Please call or email me if you can play ball, watch ball or both.

Barry Edison
President of Men's Club
Many thanks to Lenny and Dawn Berkeley who sponsored the rides and ice cream truck for the Shabbat Under the Stars.

Many thanks to the Membership Committee who organized and created the Shabbat Under the Stars dinner and event and the Southern Fried Shabbat.
Yahrtzeits for July and August
We remember all these people with love and respect...
July 7

Bella Ballin*
Giselle Berger*
Marion Bernat
Elmer Black
Fania Braiman
Rebecca Camp*
Max Coben
Elias Cohen*
Pearl Esserman
Bessie Finegold*
John Freibaum*
Henry Fried
Lawrence Godfrey*
Eleanor Gradone
Lawrence Gutentag
Bertha Hersch
David Hocky
Harry katz
Madeline Lager*
Valerie LeBlanc
Bessie Ledwitz*
Ruth mallach*
Leon Marco
Ethel Miner*
Nathan Morris
Henry Moss*
Alan Revits*
Selma Seider*

July 14

Moses Annenberg*
Marguerite Aronsohn*
Samuel Barr
Harvey Braverman
Mel Cohen
Judith Dorman
Mary Dwork*
Howard Esserman
Sidney Fiedler
Peter Gold*
Marilyn Greenberg
Jerome Kohn*
Bertram Leffert
Jack Levin
Shirley Lippsett
Charles Maling*
Sydney Neiderhoffer*
Louis Neiderman
Thelma Pess*
Lucille Pollak
Matilda Rosen
Louis Schwartz
Albert Schwartz
Cecil Silcott
Bella Silverstein
Alexander Sopenoff
Margret Straub

July 21

Murray Bergman*
Charles Bernstein*
Lori Braverman
Abner Cohan
Reba Cohen
Sarah Cohen
Kenneth Crystal
Nettie Demas*
Yetta Epstein*
Clara Finkelstein
Howard Gold
Clara Green*
Charles Hollander*
Herman Horowitz
Charlotte Jacobson*
Ruth Katz*
Rebecca Kellert*
Joseph Kirschner
Charles Lefkowitz*
Herbert Lerner
Samuel Lubin*
Fannie Mayzel
Joseph Miller*
Maxine Morose
Pauline Schwartzstein
Mary Setrin
Shepard Shaff
Henry Silverman*
Morton Stern
Harvey Warner

July 28

Doris Arbus
Maxine Bedrick*
Edwin Berger*
Anita Berger*
Yetta Bialik*
Anita Block
Jack Burnhardt*
Thelma Carter*
Isaac Einhorn*
Winone Eisner*
Frances Eisner*
Milton Erlanger*
Janet Falcone
Dorothy Frankel
Sylvia Goldman
Mildred Gothelf
Cindy Greenberg
Rose Haskell*
Betty Kaplan
Rosy Kohn*
Jane Lande
Pearl Lawn*
S. David Leibowitt*
Jacob Levin
Sonia Maling*
Nathan McClelland
Simon Miller*
Joel Nelson
Philip Peckman
Julius Posner
William Raskin*
Martin Schultz
David Silver
Gordon Stearns
Rebee Tanenbaum*
Bertha Tenzer
Max Tenzer
Max Wenger*
August 4

William Amplo
Maurice Bergman*
Mortimer Cohen*
Emma Cohen
Charles Fried*
Richard Gabel
Adelaide Gabel*
Elizabeth Gavin
Herman Gerechoff
Herbert Gross*
Irving Hodes
Shlomo Kahn
Mac Landau*
William Lebowitz
Hadassah Lefkowitz*
Jerome Lowenstein
Alex Oser
Maurice Pollak
Solomon Popler*
Bernice Rogove
Lee Rosencrans*
Ray Ross
Jacob Scwartz*
Ruthanna Seinfeld*
Ida Sherman*
Murray Tulis*
Francine Vogel*
Joseph Wagenheim
Celia Wenger*

August 11th

Theodore Auerbach*
Joseph Averick*
Ruth Bloom*
Harry Bloom*
Henrietta Fainblatt*
Katie Futuronsky
Harold Gabel*
Anna Goldstein*
Robert Goldstein
Theodore Goddman*
Maurice Gruber
Alber Halpern
Henry Hershoff
Helen Jacobs
Mildred Kashtan
Rose Kass*
Beatrice Knobel
Leo Korn
Neil Krosney
Louis Malachowsky*
Justin Pressman*
Sarah Raine
Steven Shaw*
Morris Shlossman
Martin Silverman
David Strauss*
Jacob Topilow
Marvin Trinker*
Fay Weinstein
Donald Zubalsky

August 18

Ira Berkeley*
Howard Beson
Joseph Blank
Celia Broder
Milton Carris
Herman Denburg
Dora Fishstein
Sol Gaitman
David Goldsmith
Steven Gordon
Charles Grossman*
Solomon Herz*
Alfred Kane*
Hyman Kaplan
Sobelle Leon*
Ruth Klein Marcus*
Joseph Mendelson*
Carrie B. Miller*
Rose Miller
Abraham Posner
Candy Rich
Marilyn Schatzow
Helena Scherer
Marion Shaff
Samuel Stevens*
Lila Strauss*
Franklyn Strauss*
Hyman Tantleff*

August 25th

Bobby Baker
Linda Beson
Samuel Bluth
Tessie Epstein*
Frances Flink*
Rhoda Gillet
Barnett Goldman
Gerald Gross
Bertha Heimlich*
Lennie Jaffe
Arnold Kaplan
Bertha Katz*
Philip Knobel
Rose Mack
Sarah Marlin*
Elsie Pearl
Howard Rose*
Charles Rosenstein
Edward Roth*
Louis Salowe
Louis Sandler
Freda Schwartz
Sol Silberstein*
Daye Silver
Myron Silverstein
Milton Straus
Hella Strauss*
Usher Tartakow*
Max Warner
Jack Wiener
Sara Wiener
Mishkan HaNefesh Donations and Inscriptions

In memory of Sidney & Jerie M. Sloter
-Wendy Sloter

In honor of the birth of our grandson, Ethan James Hodes
-Susan & Harold Hodes

In memory of Thelma Pess
In honor of Temple Beth Miriam Youth Group
In memory of Vincent Nyberg
In honor of Rachel Pess, former Youth Group President
-Gary & Lois Pess

In honor of our grandchildren Alexandra, Ella, Harry & George
-Sherry & Frank Esposito

In memory of Sidney S. Fiedler & Jacob Topilow
-Arthur & Judith Topilow

In memory of my beloved parents Jerome & Lucille Levy
-Danielle Delcuore

In memory of Anna & Sidney Goldstein
In memory of Rachel & Hyman Negin
-Richard Negin

In memory of my son, Richard S. Bascom
-Barbara Bascom

In honor of my daughters and their families with love.
-Pat Shapiro

In memory of my parents Jack & Sylvia Flamendorf
In memory of my aunt Lilian Aarons
-Mark Flamendorf

In honor of Robert & Cynthia Weston
-Milton & ClaraGee Ziment

In memory of Theodore & Rebecca Kellert
In honor of Trevor & Drew Cunningham
In memory of Marian Shaff
In memory of Kathy Falenius
In memory of Peter Teicher
-Ilene & Bob Kellert

In memory of Sidney & Reba Cohen
In memory of David Goldsmith & Lydia Goldsmith Weiser
-Mark & Kathy Cohen

In memory of Thomas & Rose Knotts
In honor of Robert & Cynthia Weston
-Timothy & Beth Knotts

In memory of Teri D. Berkeley
In memory of Bernard & Maxine Bedrick
In memory of Ira & Esther Berkeley
-The family of Leonard H. & Dawn Berkeley

In memory of Herbert Gross
In honor of Inge Gross
In memory of David Hershoff
In memory of Jenny Hershoff
In memory of Charlotte Hass
-Michael & Marian Gross

In honor of Rabbi Cy Stanway
-The Girard Family

In honor of the Gerbman Family
-Deborah & Scott Gerbman

In memory of Hazel & Arthur Harmon
In memory of Rose & Harry Kass
-Gerald & Gail Kass

In memory of Joseph Eckhaus
In memory of Ruth Gubersky
In memory of Harry Miller
In memory of Helen Miller
-Diana & Fred Eckhaus

In honor of our grandchildren, Raquel & Maya Brosniak and Sadie & Adam Kawut
In memory of Adele & Robert Elsas
-Norman & Vicki Brosniak

In memory of Sidney & Reba Cohen
In memory of David Goldsmith & Lydia Goldsmith Weiss
-Mark & Kathy Cohen

In memory of Jeffrey Steinberg
-Marvin & Barbara Steinberg

In memory of Martin S. Chomsky
In honor of Anita Chomsky
-Annette Chomsky

In memory of Harry & Evelyn Berger
 -Richard Berger

In memory of our parents, Ann & Harry Deener
In memory of our parents, Pauline & David Bitterman
In honor of our grandchildren, Azalea & Echo Deener
-Debbie & Mal Deener

Roy and Grace Dressner
Donated by Amy & Alvin Goldman

In memory of Marjorie & Cedric Nussbaum
-David Nussbaum & Laurie MacArthur

In memory of Silvia Tepper
-Dr. Edwin Tepper

In honor of Elena Jill Fromkin & Benjamin Chase Fromkin
Janet & William Fromkin

In memory of Theodore Auerbach ( Papa T ) Greatly loved and missed everyday.
Jan & Richard Auerbach


In memory of Louis & Ida Terner
In honor of Robert & Suzanne Grayson
In memory of Emanuel & Mathilda Terner
In honor Bradley & Eric Grayson
-Peter & Josephine Grayson

In memory of Evelyn & Adolph Bialek
In memory of Eve & Al Berg
Judy & Bruce Berg

In memory of Herman Silverman
In memory of Blanche Silverman
In memory of Rosalyn Nagel
In memory of Carol Mainzer
In memory of Bella Silverstein
In honor of Marian Jewell
In memory of Myron Silverman
In honor of Howard Jewell
In memory of Sylvia & Emanuel Jewell
In memory of Martha & Charles Rosen
-Sharon & Harry Silverman

Beth Miriam is Grateful for the Following Contributions...​​​​​​​

Milton Ziment Fund for Scholastic Achievement
In memory of James Petty Jr., brother of Vita Dworkin
In memory of Phillip Gold, father of Bobby Newman
In memory of Arthur Greenbaum, husband of Dorothy Greenbaum
In memory of Paul Frankel, husband of Dee Frankel
In memory of Bella Doctorow, mother of Grace Doctorow
In memory of Ken Negin, brother of Richard Negin
In memory of Dalia Zimmer
In memory of Marvin Broder

In honor of the following anniversaries:
Tom Gavin & Susan Stone
Jules & Linda Geltzeiler
Lois & Gary Pess

In honor of the continuing recovery of Bob Weston
In honor of the birth of Hunter Knotts, grandson of Beth & Tim Knotts
In honor of the many achievements of the Knotts family.
In honor of the graduation of Steven & Elliot Topper
-ClaraGee & Milton Ziment

Heimlich-Aaron Library Fund
In memory of Marvin Broder
-Norma & Richard Daniels

Family Affair
In memory of Phyllis Phox
-Judy Benn

Berg-Bialek Youth Leadership Retreat Fund
In memory of Arthur Greenbaum
In memory of Elliot Winegrad
In memory of Joseph Frankel
In memory of Paul Frankel
In memory of Marvin Broder
-Judy & Bruce Berg

In memory of Roz Kasoff's mother
-Phyllis Wahl

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
In honor of Olivia DelCuore's Confirmation, with thanks
to Rabbi Stanway for a wonderful Confirmation service.
- Danielle Delcuore

In honor of Rabbi Cy for doing a wonderful job at
Jamie's Bat Mitzvah
-Lisa & Billy Angeles

Religious School Renovation
In memory of Lance & Andrea Phox's beloved mother
and Vita & Darryl Dworkin's Beloved brother.
-Micahel & Marian Gross

Tzedakeh Fund
In memory of Patti Blume
-Carole & Karl Maling

Roz Nagel Fund for Religious School
In honor of Marian Gross, thank you for all of your
help tutoring Jamie.
-Lisa & Billy Angeles

In memory of Lester Gerber
-Leslie Gerber

Temple Beth Miriam Funds List 
Tree of Life - $180
The Yahrzeit Memorials -$500
Prayer Book Fund (inscribed $36)
Social & Community Action Fund
Family Affair
Heimlich –Aaron Library Fund
The Endowment Fund
Centennial Fund
Tzedakeh Fund
Rabbi Joseph Goldman Fund for Jewish Learning
Religious School Renovation
Heimlich Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Hirsch Scholarship
Rabbi Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable to & for Rabbi Discretionary Fund)
 Cantor Discretionary Fund*
(Separate check payable to & for Cantor Discretionary Fund)
Roz Nagel Fund for Religious School Special Projects
 The Carolyn Meyer Memorial Lecture Fund
Neimark Shabbaton Institute
Berg-Bialek Youth Leadership Retreat Fund
Conn Music Fund
The Norty Kern Youth Scholarship Fund
Arthur & Hazel Harmon Fund
The Milton Ziment Fund for Scholastic Achievement
Sonya Grossman Art & Beautification Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Wish List Fund
The Katz Family Fund
Temple Beth Miriam Camp Fund
Library Shelves  - $1,000
Evelyn Blank Choral Fund
Pess Family Youth Group Fund
Teacher's Endowment Fund
Happy Birthday

Robert Topper
Barbara Kerensky
Jamie A
Dylan Zohn
Dawn Berkeley
Roberta Krantz
Kelli Dobrin
Cynthia Singer
Reina Reisler
Isaac Gillet
Mark Seckler
Janie Wagenheim
Jayme Lowenstein
Dennis Herbert
Max Fiest
Barry Edison
Abraham Gindi
Barbara Feldman
Robert Krantz
Marvin Steinberg
Julia Eichenbaum
Arthur Topilow
Henry B
Paul Patterson
Andrew K
Kathy Cohen
Charles Haas
Brianna C
Naomi Stanway
Annie Raulerson
Matthew K
James Warshauer
Henry L
Daniel M
Robert Grossman
Shari Nott
Olivia D
Jacob B
Steven M
Stephen Setrin
Jacob Gerbman
Jason Harkavy
Noah B
Barry Strum
Matthew K
Abby Horowitz
Sean Morin
Maxine Miller
Nicole G
Jared Babitsky
Ronni Lippsett
Stacie Harkavy
Marla Markowitz
Cooper L
Ira Warner
John O'Neil
Robert Segall
Ilene Skolnik
Michael Topper
Sydney Beson
Milton Ziment
Harry Silverman
Alvin Fried
Asher Cofer
Richard Negin
Kimberly Levin- O'Neil
Tessie Epstein
Chelsea A
Erica Bach
Emma O
Jeffrey Daniels
Daniel Friedman
Jane Gerechoff
Evan Camhi
Arthur Simon
Daniel Zucker
Dylan K
Cy Stanway
Eric G
Kiralee Knotts
Melissa Peck
Nydia Panis
Dina S
Marian Gross

Happy Anniversary
Scott & Debbie Gerbman
Harris & Mary Lee Bass
Ted & Nydia Panis
Aaron & Kasey Levine
Joseph & Brooke Esposito
Michael & Karen Beson
Dave & Sharon Babitsky
Elliot & Marian Fabricant
Brian & Shoshanna Silverman
Bob & Myrna Raskin
Jake & Janice Scherer
Fred & Diana Eckhaus
Lance & Andrea Phox
Alvin & Vivian Fried
Erik & Karyn Librader
Stephen & Robby Setrin
Lawrence & Pamela Dobrin
James & Madlyn Aaron
Milton & ClaraGee Ziment
Earl & Susan Moore
Kirk & Barbara Kerensky
Marc & Judy Rubenstein
Eric & Caryn Adler
Paul & Hilary Feinberg
Samuel & Rickie Kashdan
Roger & Lyn Zieve
Jeff & Alissa Reisler
Stuart Rosenberg & Missy Peck
Jeffrey & Ann Daniels
Robert & Ilene Kellert
Karl & Carole Maling
Barry & Angela Strum
Steven & Kathy Friedman
Frank & Sherry Esposito
Roy & Grace Dressner
Robert & Adelle Rathe

 Mazel tov to all who celebrate this month

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Rabbi Emeritus z'l Joseph Goldman