Interim Thoughts                                                                                                        September 13, 2017


Emerging Shared Vision, Part One: Theological Themes 

This week and next I want to look at the future of Trinity Lutheran Seminary--our future in mission, our future with Capital University. I hope to describe some of the shared vision that I think is emerging. I’ve been listening to many Trinity people and others, people with decades of history here and newcomers. I’ve borrowed much wisdom from them. Nevertheless, the selections and formulations here are my own.

Next week I’ll think with you about approaches and elements that will shape our future. Today’s focus is on foundations. The Trinity community is clear that strong theological convictions guide and must guide our integration process with Capital. Important among our convictions are these:

  • The Trinitarian God is relational and differentiated, shaping all of life. We are shaped into community. We learn and serve in community. We are engaged by the world.

  • We are people of the cross. We acknowledge that in the world and in ourselves there are continuing realities that threaten trust, hope, love and even life itself. Nevertheless, we claim the God-given possibility of living in love, hope and trust in the midst of threats and ambiguities.

  • In Christ an apostolate is created—changed people are sent into the world to proclaim, heal, teach, serve, renew, reconcile, forgive, and free.

  • Jesus Christ came as a servant. We live as servants. All people are called by God to serve the neighbor, and neighbor is broadly defined. No vocation is more essential to God’s mission than any other. “Leader” is a sub-category of servant.

  • God addresses humanity. Apostolic service entails capacity to hear and speak the Word and to enable others to hear and speak the Word.

  • We are called to be wise stewards of the gifts of God which include mission, people, skills, time, money, institutions, traditions, land, buildings, communities and relationships.

I articulate these theological convictions for the Trinity-Capital integration in the hope that the list will be discussed, improved and enhanced. I invite all of you who read these columns to share your thoughts and vision with others and with me. How shall we ground this work?

In Christ,

Stan Olson

Interim President

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