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August 30, 2017
Open Every Day 8 am-7 pm
Hours Change on September 4 to 8am -6pm
Ice Cream Stand open 11-6 Every Day

 Pick-Your-Own Tomatoes
Saturday September 2 from 10-2!
Park at the market, and we will take everyone out to the field in a haywagon.
Bring cash - no credit cards in the field!
$1.50 per pound - plan ahead! 
The tomato fields are a lot closer this year and the time between trips will be much shorter! 
There is NO parking in the field or on Bartlett Farm Rd, or on Smooth Hummocks. 
What will YOU do with all those tomatoes?
Make Salsa?
Can them?
Roast and Freeze them?
Make Sauce?
(At this time of year you can pick up some farm-made gazpacho from the refrigerated cases in the back of the market -
super fresh and super yummy)

One family picked over 200 lbs last many can YOU pick? 

Labor Day is Monday!

And if you haven't taken some time for yourself this summer, this will be your chance! At our house there will be family and friends, and there will be grilling and great food. 

But whatever your Labor Day brings, Bartlett's has something to help make it even better.  Grilling supplies, beach stuff (all 25% off) take -out catering, the tastiest vegetables of the whole season, groceries, lots of great wines, the freshest fish from Nantucket Fresh Catch, the list goes on!  The watermelons this year are fantastic - there is a seedless golden melon that you will love! 

Fall approaches, so it's time to harvest the potatoes! 
Check out these 5 delicious varieties! 
New Red - perfect for boiling. Smash them with a fork and toss with a little butter, fresh herbs and s&p
French Fingerlings - Toss with a little olive oil, fresh herbs and seasoning salt...roast til tender
Russet Potatoes - Bake them! Simple!
Red Yukon Gold
 Perfect for potato salad!
Pinto Potato - This new fingerling is excellent for roasting, steaming or frying.
If the color doesn't get you, the amazing flavor will! 
Fun Facts About Potatoes
~The potato is more universally grown than any other food crop.
~The Incas used the potato to treat injuries. They also thought it made childbirth easier.
~Potatoes were often eaten aboard ship to prevent scurvy, a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C.
~Louis XVI of France wore potato flowers in his buttonhole to stimulate interest in the plant.
~In the late 1500s, the Spanish thought potatoes were a kind of a truffle; they called them "tartuffo."
~Eighteenth-century agronomist Antoine-Auguste Parmentier used reverse psychology to convince the French to accept the potato as a safe food. He posted guards around potato fields during the day to prevent people from stealing them—but he left those same fields unguarded at night. Every night, thieves would sneak into the fields and leave with sacks of potatoes.
-From Spud Spikes Website-
Thank you for all your support in 'Sconset this summer.  
The last day for our 'east end' truck will be Saturday September 2 from 9-1! 
See you next year!

Rosé Season is just getting started!

Don’t believe the hype that Rosé is just for hot weather.

The pink stuff pairs perfectly well into the fall.

(Rosé pairs especially well with Turkey in November.

Stash a few bottles of your favorites now before they sell out).

Don't believe us? Read on...

For now though, think late summer BBQs, golden Sunsets and cool nights, gorgeous seasonal salads, artisan cheeses and charcuterie.

We still have 9 different delicious Rosés to try!

We're hiring! 
We have fall/winter needs for a Cashier, Stocker and Customer Service/concierge at the "Farmstand".
Possibilities for housing and year-round work!
Please apply online to become part of the Farmily!
Back to School! (Or back to work!)
Kate brought in some really great lunch packables and these water bottles that will keep your drinks cold for hours on end.
The water bottles and lots  more are available in the store
and on-line! 

Corn Tomato Ack tees are 25% off both in store and online.

Beach Stuff is now all at least 25% off! 
Chairs, games, toys, hats, coolers, tents and umbrellas are all included.
Garden Center
Perennials and organic herbs are 50% 0ff!
Also, there are lots of fresh container and window box plants.  Ornamental peppers, cabbage and kale...asters and mums...plenty of plants to spruce up your spaces! 
Did you have a fabulous time when you visited your friends on Nantucket? Thank them with a Snack Attack Basket or a Veggie Gram that can be delivered right to their home! Click here to order.
For custom baskets,

Rain it did this morning...
And when it does, you can find all kinds of fun activities for kids and adults alike! Come in to the market and turn right to find the gift section! (Right across from Nantucket Fresh Catch)
Dinner Specials Every Night! 
Don't forget
Lobster Dinners too!
Perfect for the beach,
or to take home!
Upcoming Events:
Sundays through September 10 am-2 pm
Artisan Showcase in the Garden Center

Food demos on Saturdays starting in the market in October.
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