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August 2018


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  • NFL Hall of Famers Prove to be Amazing Speakers
  • Experts Learn to Simplify Messages/Add Charisma
  • The Fear of Looking Scared


If you want to become a more effective public speaker, one of the best ways to improve your skill is to watch other speakers in various situations. There are so many opportunities to watch people present:


  • As we approach the midterm elections, you can undoubtedly watch many, many candidates give their stump speeches and see how their audiences respond.
  • On any given day, watch a slew of TedTalks on all types of topics.
  • At your church or synagogue, watch your minister or rabbi deliver their sermons and pick up ideas.
  • Turn on the nightly news or any cable news channel and see how people handle interviews, or how the anchors do their best to sound conversational.
  • Observe how people present their information in meetings and conferences that you attend.


This month, we watched a few speeches ourselves. We share our thoughts on a recent event in the public eye—the National Football League’s Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, in which we saw a tremendous amount of passion coming from some dynamic speakers. We also write this month about a program that helps young scientists from across the world improve their ability to communicate by presenting to non-scientists. In either case, our point in showcasing different presenters is this: the more you seek out opportunities to watch people present, the more you can recognize (and BORROW) effective techniques that work for them. (And if you’re concerned about catching a bout of stage fright before your next presentation, check out our tips for working through that last-minute fear.)



NFL Hall of Famers Prove to be Amazing Speakers

We met some of the most sensitive, committed, caring and thought-provoking men on stage when we watched this year’s NFL Hall of Fame Ceremony in Canton, Ohio. It was amazing to see how the new inductees shared such personal information after years of covering themselves in pads, protectors and helmets.


Experts Learn to Simplify Messages/Add Charisma

If you want to communicate a big idea, here are a few quick rules of thumb: shorter is better than longer; simple is better than complex; and you need to present in a memorable way. For more insight into how that works, take a look at FameLab, a competition for presenters in the sciences that emphasizes those three characteristics in making effective presentations.


The Fear of Looking Scared

Lots of people feel a bit of fear just before they step up to present. But how do you keep from LOOKING scared? Here are some ideas for managing through any last-minute fear.


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