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Spread LOVE

Hello Beloved SWERVER,

This is the time when Summer stretches on forever. I love it for the abundance of solar power to plug into and charge up from. There's a sense of possibility that the world is really changing for the better in these Halcyon Days before the Autumn shift sets in. Peace and calm reign--yes indeed, but there's more in store for us than just lazing about.

September is ruled by Virgo and this time around she's influencing us all with her positive energy pointing at career and professional growth. So get moving, Beloved, because after Labor Day, it's on!

Put on your business and entrepreneurial shoes, but never do anything just for money. Nope, you've gotta have passion and love for your work, Beloved, or it won't work. This is Law and It is written.

Love is the order of the day and it is always the ultimate Truth. Love is your fuel and your soft place to land. Spread it and open to receiving it and see how it unfolds.

Our motto has always been, "Spread LOVE" and we mean it just as much now as we did when we opened our doors exactly 14 years ago. Happy anniversary, SWERVE. We love you and we're honoured to call your people our tribe, our community and our family.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
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