October 2016 Newsletter

Dear HPN,

This is month that starts the Winter season, beginning with Halloween on Oct. 31st and flying into Thanksgiving in November, Christmas in December and then right into the New Year!  Let’s not miss a moment of it, as we spend time with family and friends.  And may we pray that the loneliness that hangs heavy over artists this time of year, is replaced by the love of Jesus!  May we see more of Him in all of our lives.  Your prayers will make an eternal difference!! This month’s email is full of PRAISES and how appropriate that is for THANKSGIVING MONTH!  There is SO MUCH to be thankful for, so join us in Praising God this month!

•  Join HPN’s Joy Drive, giving Christmas jars of toys to kids with cancer
•  Thank the Lord for our “Silence & Beauty” Salon last month
•  Praise God that HPN has now launched the HPN PRAYER PLAYLIST! 
•  Praise God for more Hollywood Christians speaking our about their love for Jesus
•  Praise God for our continually growing Christian community in Hollywood 
•  Praise God that HPN is getting more interactive user-friendly on our website
•  Please continue to pray for Miley Cyrus and her search for her own identity
•  Pray for the family and friends Gordon Davidson, who passed away last month
•  Pray for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are getting divorced
•  Pray for the winners of the 68th Annual Emmys that aired on Sept. 18th
•  Pray for the new Fall television season that has begun
•  Pray for the family and friends of Rachel Scott on the Columbine 17th Anniversary
•  Pray for The Haven+ London and it’s visionary Rev. Person Feital
•  90 year old Hugh Hefner needs our prayers
•  Scientology has been a stronghold in Hollywood for decades and needs prayer
•  Please pray for HPN member and producer Brenda who is battling cancer
•  Pray with us for stunt woman, Laurie Singer
•  Pray for HPN’s personal, interactive, contemplative time of reflection and prayer
•  Don’t miss our list of upcoming events and ways to get involved

Joy Jar Drive
Last year HPN hosted a Blanket Drive to donate blankets to homeless Children in LA on Thanksgiving Day.  So many of you donated and it was a great success and we are so grateful for that. This year we’re hosting a Joy Drive to give a Christmas jar of toys to children who are battling cancer!  Click HERE for more info!  And if you’re interested in joining us to pack a jar of toys, email Veronica at: veronica@hpnemail.org.
Silence & Beauty Salon
Last month we hosted a wonderful “Silence & Beauty” Salon with painter/author Mako Fujimura and the guests were challenged, moved and touched by his talk and the whole beautiful experience at the Edward Cella Gallery.  God is faithful and moving mightily in our industry, so we praise Him! And continue to pray for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film, Silence, coming Dec. 23rd
More Info
Prayer Playlist
Praise God that HPN has now launched the HPN PRAYER PLAYLIST!  You can click on-line and join an HPN member praying for the industry, then it gives you time to pray yourself and then you’ll close the prayer with that week’s pray-er!  It’s amazing and you can’t miss it.  Check out our first one by clicking the button below!
Click Here
Chris Pratt & Denzel Washington
Praise God that we are seeing more and more Christians speak boldly about their love for Jesus in Hollywood.  Two stars of the recent Magnificent 7, Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington, are both bold believers and amazing role models in our industry.  Pray for the Lord to continue to give them favor, open doors to love others unconditionally and with a contagious joy for Him and for life!  As you pray read about Chris’ trek up a hill with a big heavy cross on Easter:
More Info
Prayer Groups in Studio Lots
We are praising God for our continually growing Christian community in Hollywood.  We are excited to announce a new weekly prayer lunch and a Prayer Walk on the Sony/Columbia lot called “1 O’Clock Rock.”  May God bring all of the Christians out of the woodwork on the Sony/Columbia lot and to this group in order to encourage and pray for one another and to build a strong family of amazing Christians there!  If you’re on the lot and want to stop by, email JP at:  jpc@triad.rr.com and he’ll give you the meeting details!

Interactive Website
HPN is getting more user-friendly!!!!  Praise God for Veronica for offering you this feature:  At the bottom of any post, blog, or article on our website at www.hollywoodprayernetwork.orgyou can type in a comment about something on that page, or about anything on your mind concerning God, Prayer and the Entertainment Industry.  Then others can read your thoughts and comment themselves.  We want to make HPN an interactive site for discussion!

HPN Newsletter
You may have noticed that this newsletter didn't arrive on the 15th of October.  That's because we're switching our delivery date from the 15th of each month to the THIRD TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH. So, from now on, keep your eyes out for the HPN email on the 3rdTuesday of each month!

Pray for Miley Cyrus
Please continue to pray for Miley Cyrus, who is on the hearts of so many Americans.  We want the Lord to show Miley who she is in His eyes and that she will experience His unending peace, joy, contentment, deep relationships and love as she struggles with defining her own identity at this point in life:
More Info

Gordon Davidson passes away
Pray for the family and friends Gordon Davidson: Center Theatre Group Founding Artistic Director Gordon Davidson passed away on October 2, 2016. Gordon was one of the most renowned and respected artistic directors in American regional theatre and he will be missed all across the country.  As you pray, read more about his amazing accomplishments:
More Info
Pray For Angelina & Brad
On September 19, 2016 Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, her companion of 10 years and her husband of two years. It was a split that has impacted our nation with many different emotions!  With the current stats on broken marriages, so many people thought of Brad and Angelina as the role model couple.  All we can do is to pray for both of them and especially for their six children.  Would you ask the Lord to put His loving and healing arms around all of them and do a miracle in their lives:  
More Info

Pray for Winners of Emmys
Pray for the winners of the 68th Annual Emmys that aired on Sept. 18th.  They need the Lord to direct their path, for He loves them so much just the way they are! It was wonderful when Courtney Vance won for Best Actor in a Limited Series and started his speech with “All Glory to God!” Read more on Vance's acceptance HERE!

For a list of the winners: 
Emmy Winners
Pray For the Fall Television Season
The new Fall television season has begun and Parade Magazine tells us all about the new series! Would you pray that the shows that reflect God’s heart and/or insight for humanity will stay strong.  And please pray for the cast and crews of the shows you’re watching.  If you would like a fun reminder, email Megan and ask for one or a few HPN REMOTE PRAYER STICKERS to put on the front of any TV Remote.  We’ll send them to you for free! 
Learn More
17th Anniversary of Columbine Shootings
It’s been 17 years since the murders in Columbine, Colorado and Rachel Joy Scott, who was killed at point blank for her faith, became a teenage hero.  Now, “I am Not Ashamed”, a film about Rachel’s life, is being released on October 21st.  Films are in a season of bio pics - telling true stories about great people whom may never get the attention they deserve without movies.  Would you pray that more stories of hope, truth, redemption and inspiration continue to be made into films.  For more on Rachel, read:
More Info
Pray for Rev. Peterson Feital
God is moving mightily in the Arts all over the world.  Pray for The Haven+ London and its visionary Rev. Peterson Feital, a Brazilian-born priest, who is impacting artists and the Arts community through serving as a minister to the British creative community through the Diocese of London.  May his eternally impactful love and care for creative professionals multiply in the days to come! Read more HERE! He is currently getting a PhD in Fashion because he feels the importance of the body is foundational in our faith: 
Watch Video

Pray for Hugh Hefner
90 year old Hugh Hefner needs our prayers.  He is frail and failing and yet we can’t give up on praying for the Lord to grab his heart and reveal to Hugh how much He loves him and wants Hugh to embrace Him!!! 
Read More
Scientology in Hollywood
Scientology has been a stronghold in Hollywood for decades, with their headquarters looming over the city and the Celebrity Center right down the street.  Please pray that the Lord reveals the truth to everyone involved, including the industry professionals, and that they find freedom.  One actor, Jason Lee, has just left the “church” at a sacrifice, for leaving is often not only difficult but dangerous.   Please pray for Jason:
Read More
Pray For Brenda Salmon
Please join us in praying for HPN member and producer Brenda, who is battling cancer.  Brenda, who lives in Nashville, is currently undergoing a special high intensity treatment protocol in Southern California and we ask the Lord to do a miracle in this wonderful lady’s life.

Pray for Laurie Singer
Pray with us for Stunt Woman, Laurie Singer, who was injured while doing a very difficult stunt for a film.  She asked us to pray for her:  "I am still in a hard neck collar but I am getting better- still healing to be done with this cervical spine injury, nerve damage, concussion, and PTSD.... whew! God is growing me in this time of suffering so I am praising Him and having to learn patience as well... which is good! Thank you for your prayers!"    

Prayer Encounter Night
HPN is hosting a personal, interactive, contemplative time of reflection and prayer on Friday, November 11th at 7pm - in order to experience God in a more powerful way.  Would you pray for our partners in this evening, Warner Bros. 9t5, PIHOP and the Hollywood Adventist church and ask the Lord to do miracles in the hearts of everyone who participates.  We’re expecting breakthroughs and eternal changes in the lives of everyone involved.  For details:
More Info
Thanks so much for your prayers. We thank you for praying along side us! 
With love and appreciation,
Karen, Megan, Veronica and Kim
Upcoming Events:

Act One Online Writing Program
ACT ONE is offering a new internet-based writing curriculum for Film and TV, from anywhere, on your time, at your convenience, this fall in the Act One Online Writing Program. Applications now being accepted. Deadline is October 21st. More info HERE 

I'm Not Ashamed
The film "I'm Not Ashamed" is coming out on Oct. 21st in theaters nationwide.  It's the inspirational story of Rachel Joy Scott who went to Columbine.   And the Director is HPN member Brian Baugh. Visit the official website HERE.

Ascend Women's Conference
The ASCEND Women’s Conference at Bel Air Pres is Sat. Nov. 5th!  Be sure to register now for this uplifting time gathering LA Women to become more Christ-like. To register click HERE.

Prayer Encounter Night
Come join our community on Friday, November 11th at 7pm for a PERSONAL INTERACTIVE prayer time in Hollywood in order to experience God in a more powerful way.  HPN is partnering with Warner Bros. 9t5, PIHOP and the Hollywood Adventist church for a contemplative time of personal reflection and prayer.  Don’t miss it! More info HERE.

The Shack
"The Shack," a feature film based on Paul Young's New York Times bestselling novel, stars Academy-Award winner Octavia Spencer (The Help), Sam Worthington (Avatar and Hacksaw Ridge), and Tim McGraw (Blindside). It opens March 3, 2017. Visit official website HERE.
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Video of the Month
Check out our HPN Prayer Playlist! 
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Tip of the Month
God has given all people an innate desire for Justice in society.  One example is “When Justice Isn’t Just,” a documentary by HPN friend and producer Dawn Alexander:
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Quote of the Month
“Fashion deals directly with the body. The body is an important message for Judaism as well as for Christianity. If there is no body there is no Christianity. The church is also a body and the Bible talks a lot about how people are dressed. There are lots of metaphors about clothing: what does that mean?”  Rev Peterson Feital
Verse of the Month
Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?  Matthew 6:25
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