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Volume 5 Issue 9
September 2012

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Are You Burned Out?
May We All Hear This
When to Teach the Curve
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In this issue: Wondering when a player is old enough to start throwing curves? Longtime contributor Dan Gazaway's article sheds light on this controversial topic. Brian Gotta shares a story from a coach who will always remember a player's two simple words. And Dr. Alan Goldberg examines signs of burn out in young athletes.

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Are You Burned Out? Dr. Goldberg

By Dr. Alan Goldberg

Have you been having particular trouble lately in your sport? Is it hard for you to get as excited and enthusiastic as you once did when you first got hooked on and began participating in your sport? Have you forgotten what it's like to actually have FUN whenever you train or compete? Have your practices turned into heavy-duty drag-fests which consistently weigh you down? Read Article

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Brian Gotta

May We All Hear This

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

In our previous issue we told you about the "My Positive Experience" page that Cheyenne Little League in Nevada added to their website, allowing parents and coaches to relate great things they'd seen or experienced in their league. A coach posted something that really caught my attention. If this doesn't sum up why we're involved with youth sports, I don't know what does. Read Article

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Dan Gazaway

When Should You Teach the Curveball?
by Dan Gazaway

This has been a debatable topic for many years now and there are many theories as to when a youth pitcher should learn how to throw a curveball. The fact is that there is no magical age to start teaching the pitch. Here is my take on youth pitchers who learn how to throw a curveball. Read Article

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