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Week of September 2, 2018

Maxine and Moses. Photo: W. Smith
New This Week

9 AM Sunday Formation:
Gospel of Luke, and Assisting Death (below)

Pass the word about our up-coming Crafts Fair to your crafter friends (below)

Coffee Hour Hosts/ Kitchen Love (below)

St. Martin's / Hopeworks Meal this Sunday (below)

Join St. Martin's / Hopeworks Circle of Hope (below)

A Statement about the Sanctity of Work (below)

Bishop's Farewell Luncheon with the Northwest Deanery Saturday October 20, and our Scrapbook Pages to present to him (below)

Fall 2018 Bishop's Diaconal Initiative for the parishes along our border with Mexico (below)

66th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande (below)

Our Edwina to take a Leave of Absence (below)

New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue Thursday September 20 (below)


Please contribute to Canterbury's gift for our new bishop (below)

Just-Completed Albuquerque Journal Three-Part Series on Homelessness in our City (one, two, three)

Wednesdays at Canterbury:  11 AM Intercessory Prayer Group; Noon Eucharist with Discussion of up-coming Sunday's Lessons (below)

We are in the Season of Creation! (below)

Help provide a simple, nourishing meal for our Todos participants (below)

Some Actions at our Vestry Meeting, Sunday August 19 (below)

Program on Queen Esther of the Bible, for all girls grades 6 - 12, sponsored by the Women of the Diocese of the Rio Grande (below)

Ricky Halliburton is raising money for his medical missionary trip to Niger (see below)

The Mission Statement of St.Thomas of Canterbury

We are a reconciling community of Christians who are nurtured at the Lord's Table, grounded in the truths of Scripture and the traditions of the Church, and sustained through prayer. We are called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to:

Celebrate the joy of God's presence
Feed the hungry, heal the wounded, and welcome the stranger
Cherish diversity and strive for unity as one family in Christ
Engage in active ministry to the UNM and CNM
Honor God in all Creation

Preamble to our Amended and Restated Bylaws (c. 1998)

The Household of St. Thomas of Canterbury is one with the body of people who have responded to God acting in history to restore the broken relationship between God and humankind. Ever since the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, the primary vehicle of this response has been the doing of the Liturgy to celebrate God's presence among us in every generation. Therefore, to present ourselves to the world as a worshiping community, we of this Household have organized under the discipline of the Episcopal Church and the laws of the State of New Mexico.
Church School will begin this new School year this Sunday, September 9th, at 10AM. Please join us in Becket Hall for stories and crafts! Any questions? Please call Pat Eads at 980-4960.

A huge thanks to Bob Moriarty and Barney Iorio for hosting the coffee hour after last Sunday's 10:00 service.  They served up delicious food, warm hospitality, and gave the kitchen some much-needed love! If you are interested in hosting coffee hour or partnering with others to host, please contact Anne Marie Werner-Smith at and let her know.

Our third-annual Craft Fair is scheduled for Saturday September 29th. We need more crafters to register to show us and sell us their treasures. Interested persons should contact either Edwina Beard or Laura Hughes, and read and complete the info/application/flyer here.

This Sunday we serve a morning meal at St. Martins/Hopeworks! We will have a dinner and sandwich making party on Friday, September 7 beginning at 5:30 PM.  There are sign up sheets for both events on the bulletin board in Becket Hall.  Contact Eileen Lambert at 265-2269 or for additional information.
    As no one has stepped forward to accept leadership of this meal when Eileen lays it down at the end of 2018, it is clear that the time has come for this community to step away from this responsibility as 2019 commences. Thanks be to God for our support for this ministry over the decades, and the generations of Canterburians who have ministered to our homeless and precariously-housed neighbors through this program.

The Priest-in-Charge Ted and the Senior Warden Warren have agreed to Edwina Beard's request to take a leave of absence from October 1 until the New Year. This is to allow her time to concentrate on her health.  Priest-in-Charge Ted is looking for a suitable substitute for those weeks. Suggestions?  Contact him.

9 AM Sunday Discussions:
September 7: The Gospel of St. Luke, with Fritz Frurip.
September 16: Aroop Mangalik, MD, author of Dealing with Doctors, Denial, and Death will be with us to discuss with us "aid in dying." There is a bill being considering before the New Mexico legislature that frees physicians from prosecution who respond to requests to assist hastening death. Here are two suggestions to read before this presentation: 1. from Dr. Mangalik's book, on medical ethics  2) The Washington Post's recent article on Belgium's assisted death experiences.  Some New York Times recent articles on this topic: A Debate over Rational Suicide, and Could I Kill My Mother?

What about Work as a Christian? According to the Rule of Life of the Jerusalem Community, a group of lay and ordained women and men living and ministering in central Paris, as people of faith our work must be . . . 
• Useful 
• Well done 
• Balanced 
• Lived as a witness to the joy in me   
• Demanding but not exhausting   
• An opportunity for prayer and care

Our Southwest Deanery will have our farewell celebration for Bishop Vono on Saturday, October 20, from 1 - 3 PM at St. John's Cathedral. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.  Canterbury is adding two pages to a scrapbook our deanery is presenting to Bishop Michael.  Anne-Marie Werner Smith, Pat Eads and Ruth Meredith are pulling our pages together.  THEY ESPECIALLY NEED YOUR PHOTOS OF CAROLE MCGOWAN, LYNN LILLY and BISHOP VONO AMONG US.  Any photo showing our vibrant life at Canterbury will be considered for inclusion! Please get pics in a digital format to Ruth as soon as possible as our pages are due to our deanery compiler September 16!

Our Season of Creation liturgy continues.  "The world is the Lord's, and all that is in it," says Psalm 24.  Christians are increasingly aware that our biosphere includes so many more creatures of God than human beings, and so much more earth than the place we stand, or the plot given to us to steward. "O Lord, open our eyes to see your hand at work in the world about us," Eucharistic Prayer C, the Book of Common Prayer.

It's Back at Canterbury starting Wednesday!  Intercessory Prayer, 11 AM;  Eucharist, noon - 12:40, with discussion of the up-coming Sunday's scriptures.  Prayers:  contact Warden Warren;  Eucharist, contact priest-in-charge Ted.

Nine or so churches in this area of our city are forging ahead with plans to hire an MSW social worker specifically to work with the homeless and precariously-housed souls that comes to our doors.  Initial plans for the ABQ Homeless Social Worker Collective are for a one-year pilot, funded by the churches and by the City of Albuquerque, with a not-for-profit homeless group providing supervision and support for the social worker.  We hope this will be a template for other groups to replicate in their corners of the City. Anne McCormick has been doing the heavy lifting for Canterbury's leadership in this endeavor.  Watch Canterbury Communications for more information!

Please provide a nourishing meal for our Sunday evening Todos service.  Go to this link and sign up for a Sunday.  About half Todos attenders are on limited incomes (e.g. students, recent grads, honored citizens). Currently we have twelve to fourteen participants.  Thanks so much for your generosity.

Come to Todos Sunday evenings from 5 - 7 PM. Dinner and fellowship 5 PM, relaxed, relevant worship from 6 - 7 PM. Here is the sign-up list if you can provide a nourishing, simple meal.  Bring something to share if you can, but if you can't COME ANYWAY. Todos is the Episcopal offering in the joint campus ministry we share with the Evangelical Lutheran Church, called "Luther-bury."  You are invited also to Luther House on Wednesdays from 5 - 7 PM for a meal, fellowship and eucharist.

Among other actions at their meeting on Sunday, August 19, our Vestry     PRAYED for their time together,
    BEGAN the process to change our legal name from St. Thomas of Canterbury Inc. to St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church,
    REJOICED at the report of campus ministry intern Victor Torres and president of the UNM Canterbury student group Brad Evans 
    APPOINTED a personnel committee to work with the priest-in-charge to review the sexton job description and to hire our Rector's Admin Assistant,     PLANNED for the bishop's visit with us on Sunday October 14, AGREED to solicit contributions from the congregation towards the gift for in-coming Bishop Hunn, and
    AGREED to add $200 from church funds for this purpose,
    SUPPORTED Anne McCormick and Amy Malik submitting a request for diocesan Poverty and Outreach funds for Amy's Empowered Women's program.
    HEARD a concise report on the state of the building from the Junior Warden,
    AGREED to ask congregational help to provide simple, nourishing meals for our Todos service,
    CONTINUED ENVISIONING an exhibit of artist Ed Haddaway's work in 2019,
    ENDED the meeting with a prayer by the Senior Warden.
The next meeting is Sunday, September 16 at 11:30 AM.

Please contribute to Canterbury's gift for our in-coming bishop Michael Hunn!  When a bishop is ordained, it is customary to present the new bishop with gifts and accoutrements for his/her new role. The Diocese of the Rio Grande has designated a special donation fund through which such gifts and accoutrements may be acquired. Make checks payable to Canterbury, memoed Bishop Hunn. The Vestry will add $ to the pot and send it all to our diocese for the collective gift from the people of this diocese.  Please do this ASAP.  Contact Treasurer Dave if you have questions.

Ricky Halliburton is raising money to go on a medical missionary trip to Niger this September. He will be there under the auspices of the Link Branch of Effective Ministries.  He asks you write checks payable to Effective Ministries and hand them to his mom, Linda Hixon. He needs to raise $3,771.

The Women’s Ministry of the Diocese is joining the Youth and Young Adult Ministry for an exciting afternoon for teen girls. Meet Esther will be September 8 from 1-3 PM at St. Francis, Rio Rancho. It is open to all girls entering grades 6-12. Girls and adult helpers will interact with the story of Queen Esther of the Bible in a fun afternoon of art, worship, drama, and discussion as we discover ways to be queens in and for God’s Kingdom. There is no cost. Invite a friend to join you and RSVP to Paula Mote ( or Cindy Davis ( so we can have enough snacks. A schedule is available on the Women’s Ministry website.

On September 1, 2018, HopeWorks is officially launching our "One Mission, One Hundred" movement. For the next thirty days, we are asking you and 99 other members of our community to join the Circle of Hope, in order to sustain this one, shared mission for as long as we need.  Our goal is have 100 Circle of Hope members signed up by September 30th. The Circle of Hope is comprised of highly generous, inspirational donors who have signed up to make a recurring donation to HopeWorks every month, every quarter, or every year.  As a member, you can provide much needed stability and support for the programs our clients rely on. As a member of the Circle of Hope, you will:

• Provide a firm foundation for our clients in the years to come, ensuring that our services remain for as long as homelessness is an issue in this community

• Receive a special tote displaying your support

• Be given advance notice of special events

• Be invited to a Circle of Hope celebration

• Be recognized in the annual report and on our website

• Receive a special, year-end communiqué from the Executive Director

Please hurry and join the Circle of Hope today. Our clients depend on your longstanding support of our mission!

Fall 2018 Bishop's Diaconal Initiative:  Continuing the work begun at our 2017 Diocesan Convention to assist our Rio Grande Borderland Ministries, the deacons of the Diocese of the Rio Grande are collecting items urgently needed for individuals and families in our border region, and sending these items to our parishes in that area.  The list of needed items is very specific; please read this carefully.

66th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande will be October 31 to November 2 here in Albuquerque. Our delegates are Anne-Marie Werner Smith and Joe Lane. At this convention we will say farewell to Bishop Vono, and say hello to Bishop-elect Hunn.

New Mexico Interfaith Dialogue will be Thursday, September 20, 5:30 - 7 PM at Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, 9502 4th Street NW.  What does your religion say about the afterlife?  What do you believe?


Enjoy and share...

for all those who have asked prayers of us, corporately and individually

In person at Canterbury and on facebook live at:

•   Wednesdays at Canterbury:
    Intercessory Prayer, 11AM  (contact Warren Smith)
    Eucharist with discussion of a lesson from the up-coming Sunday,     Noon - 12:45 PM (contact Ted Curtis)

For a complete list of scheduled events at the church, including weekly 12 step meetings and outside groups, visit our Church Calendar Page

Tissue dispenser at St. Timothy's Lutheran Church, ELCA.  Photo: Curtis

• Sunday September 16: Vestry Meeting
• Saturday September 22: The Borderlands Ministry of the Diocese of the Rio Grande will have a meeting in Santa Fe at 2 PM.  The borders have been in high profile as of late . . . . 
• Sunday, September 23: Parish Meeting TBA
• Sunday October 14th: Bishop Vono's Visitation: Baptisms, Confirmations, Reaffirmations.  See Fr. Ted.
• Sunday October 21: Vestry Meeting
• Saturday, October 27: Halloween / Dia de los muertos party. Stay tuned!
• Sunday, October 29, 2:30 - 5 PM New Mexico Council of Churches Commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (flyer here)
• Sunday November 18: Vestry Meeting
• Sunday December 16: Vestry Meeting
One of the idiosyncratic creations on view at Tinkertown. Photo: Curtis

             CANTERBURY NEWS                  
    A Personnel Committee of Priest-in-Charge Ted, Warden Warren, Emily Wirth, Bob Moriarty and Shelley Drake (ex officio) is interviewing candidates to be the Rector's Administrative Assistant.  Prayers, please, for discernment and wisdom.

    Camino / Confirmation
    Please pray for those on the Camino towards confirmation when Bishop Vono is with us on October 14:  Alex, Elizabeth, Marcus, and those who provide guidance along the path.

    Monthly Treasurer's Report
    Thanks to an ongoing pattern of faithful stewardship at Canterbury, we continue to run a surplus budget for 2018.  If we continue to show a surplus through the end of the year, that surplus will be put to good use--to further support outreach efforts, and to replenish our nearly depleted building fund.  Thanks you for your ongoing generosity. Questions about Canterbury's finances? Contact Treasurer Dave Tod at anytime!

    As of 7/31/2018
    Income Year to Date - $108,564.41      Expenses Year to Date - $100,637.31
    Excess – $7,927.10

    As of 7/31/2017
    Income Year to Date - $103,649.24      Expenses Year to Date - $91,823.22
    Excess - $11,826.02

    The "Good News" baton ​​​​​​​
    We are all taking turns "proclaiming the Good News" at Canterbury during each Sunday service, at the end of announcements (immediately before the offertory.)  Each week a different member of Canterbury will take a moment to stand up and share the Good News of what God is doing in their life, in our world, and especially in our church--then they will pass the "Good News"  baton to another member who will stand up and take their turn proclaiming the Good News of God in Christ at Canterbury the following week. 

    Please sign up to host our 10AM Coffee Hour
    We are looking for people to host coffee hour after the 10:00 service.  See the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in Becket Hall, and contact Eileen Lambert at 265-2269 or for additional information.

    We've started a DVD lending library at Canterbury!
    Hello all! There are some members here at Canterbury who do not have mainstream entertainment services at home. For anyone in this boat I think not only is a book exchange rack nice to have but also a DVD exchange rack or box would be helpful to those who need them and also just fun thing to have at our church. Anyone who has old DVD's could put them in the box so marked in the church office.Let's take only 3-5 at a tune.  I hope everyone is having a good week! Contact Nick Torres-Tollardo:

    This Week's Thanksgivings

    For the start of the academic year.
    For students.  For teachers. For staff.  For parents.

      PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG YOUR HOURS OF SERVICE ON THE SHEET IN THE CHURCH OFFICE!  This helps us have a holistic picture of stewardship at Canterbury, and an accurate understanding of what it takes to run the church!  

    Needs, Notices and Ministry Opportunities

    Looking for a house sitter?   Contact Canterbury member Ruth Meredith 358-5772;

    Visiting the Elderly: Canterbury member Warren Smith is looking for partners to join him in weekly visits to bring communion to the elderly and homebound Contact Warren for more information:, 505-869-9133



    COMMUNITY NEWS ​​​​​​​

    The 2018 Pilgrimage for Unity is the 20th to the 23rd of September.  Thirty-three participants from six different Christian traditions will walk starting at Ghost Range and ending at the Sanctuario de Cimayó.  Rector Sylvia is walking; Warden Warren in on the support staff.  Alas, registration is no longer open for this ecumenical bridge between denominations, but your prayers are coveted and appreciated for this call from Jesus "that they all may be one."

    Ongoing Vigil for the Children Separated at the Border and all Children Separated from their Families  
    Some come for just an hour, some come for the whole three hours. This is not a protest; it is a vigil and a prayer.  We are keeping watch for these children so that they will not be forgotten. This is a COLLECTIVE PRAYER and we do it with song and dance and drums and art and chalk art and holding a sign and just coming together with our prayer and intention for these children.


    SAT & SUN 11am-1pm
    There is shade under a beautiful sycamore tree
    Bring a chair

    We drum everyday.  Auberon, the phenomenal drummer, will be coming next week more regularly once he is done with his finals.  Many people have been showing up.  It is very empowering.          Lisa Lucero/505-417-4704

    Community Groups at Canterbury
    Canterbury offers a space of spiritual refuge and healing, not only for our members, but for many others in our community including those who come for:
    AA (Sundays & Thursdays, 7PM)
    DA (Mondays, 5:30PM)
    ACOA (Wednesdays, 7PM)
    SLAA (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7PM)
    NA (Saturday, 5PM)
    NA-Young People (Saturday, 8:30PM)


    Important Sabbatical Contacts
    The rector will be on sabbatical until February 2019. In her absence, please direct inquiries to the following:

    Priest in Charge: Fr. Ted Curtis,

    Sr. Warden: Warren Smith,, 505-916-6860

    Jr. Warden: Dick Steele,, 505-294-1846

    Campus Ministry: Victor Torres,, 505-250-2570

    General Messages: 505-247-2515 (call/text)


    Pastoral Care at Canterbury

    Each week we bring communion from our Sunday Eucharist to the sick and homebound.  If you would like to join our team of Eucharistic Visitors, or if you desire a visit or other pastoral support, please contact Ted+ at or leave a text or voice message at 505-247-2515.

    Canterbury Prayer Requests

    To submit a prayer request to the Canterbury Prayer Group, simply email  

    Rota (Schedule of Lay Leaders for Sunday Services)

    It takes many hearts & hands to make our liturgies happen each week!  EVERYONE--newcomers and experienced leaders, youth and adults--is welcome and encouraged to get involved.

    Simply sign up  on the schedule posted in the entryway.  Add your name wherever there's an opening.  If you need information or training for any ministry, just ask!


    Canterbury Communications

    Canterbury Communications is published each week, and distributed via email.   The deadline for submitting articles or information to be included in the publication is Sunday at Noon.  

    Vestry Business

    Links to recent vestry meeting minutes, financial reports, and committee reports to the vestry can be found on the website at the top our Vestry Page. Current info about  church finances can be found on our Stewardship & Finance page.


    St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church
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    Office Hours
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    Closed Friday and Saturday

    Sabbatical Priest in Charge:

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