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February 26, 2019


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February 26, 2019, has been a day many have looked at as a historic day within The United Methodist Church. It is the day when the global church makes a decision on how she will move forward on the issues of human sexuality. Today is a day that people have talked about for three years. It is a day that has been surround by anxiety, stress, hope, and so many more emotions. But as the day has arrived, the one word I have heard from pastors, communicators, delegates, and observers is "exhausted."

Yesterday was a long day of debates and processes. It was a day that ended with so many different personal conclusions: excitement, frustration, peace, pain, joy, and sorrow. It was difficult, at least for me, to take it all in. As I stood on the concourse and looked around me I saw smiles, and hugs of relief, but then just a few seats away I saw tears, weeping and hugs of consolation.


I'm sure I've said this a hundred times, but yesterday it had a different meaning: "Our work is hard." There are times our work is fun, but yesterday wasn't a fun day. It was just hard.


Once again, our Holston delegates, communicators and observers woke up and found this beautiful prayer sent to us by Anne Travis:

Oh, God, This morning we are on our knees before you. We are on our knees remembering yesterday, an exhausting day physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. After the day, some of us were feeling we had strengthened our church, and some of us were feeling we did not recognize “our” church. We are on our knees feeling weary and asking for strength for another day of difficult work. Forgive us, Lord, for seeing “winners” and “losers.” Forgive us for seeing our disagreements as “fights” and not as “discussions.” Forgive us when we gloat because we won or feel angry because we lost. We know this is not how you would have us be. We know that you love each one of us the same. Help us to be a witness to your love in this city, in this nation, in your world. Remind us in a mighty way that our mission is to share your love in such a way that we transform your world by bringing people into a saving relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Yesterday was the Legislative Committee, and today we reconvene the Plenary session. There will be more debates, more process, and more votes. Your prayers, Holston, are much needed and appreciated as we navigate these waters seeking God's will.


Be Hope,


Tim Jones

Director of Communications

Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church


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Holston Delegates

Top row, left to right: Emily Ballard, Rev. Wil Cantrell, Rev. Mark Flynn, Rev. Randy Frye.

Middle row: Rev. Kim Goddard (leader), Becky Hall, Del Holley, Rev. Sandra Johnson.

Bottom row: Bob Lockaby, John Tate, Rev. Carol Wilson, Karen Wright.

Alternates, not pictured: Rev. Paul Seay, Rev. Jerry Russell, Joyce Moore, John Eldridge.


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