Red Fish on the Low Tide
It is that time of year again. The time of year when the red fish gather in big schools on the flats and at the backs of creeks. Above is a link to a video from several years ago when Capt. John Bottko and I found some really big schools on a clear, calm day.  Give me a call to enjoy some fantastic winter time fishing.


New Fly Shop in the Golden Isles of Georgia
On the Fly Outfitters was packed for their first First Friday event in Downtown Brunswick. They have received a big order of fly tying supplies and have replenished their flies. They also have the new Orvis H3 rods. As you can see, they offer a wide range of outdoor items as well as Falconry trips and information. This is a big step forward for Owners Jared DiVincent and Adam Hein. When you are in the area, make sure to stop by and support local businesses. Follow them on facebook:


Casa Viejo Chac: February 10-17, 2018

We are all excited about the upcoming trip to Ascension Bay fly fishing for Bonefish, Permit, Snook and baby tarpon. Because of many reasons, the group had dwindled to only 6 of us. But we are all itching to get out of the grip of winter and go fish in 80 degree weather. Tentatively, the trip is planned for this time again next year. Let me know if you are interested. Here is a link to pictures from last year: Fly Fishing Ascension Bay.

 Late Fall and Early Winter fishing report


Through much of November and into early December, the fishing for trout and red fish was on fire.  On several low tide trips my anglers had shots of schools of 25-50 big red fish tailing toward them in inches of water.  These fish were actively feeding on millions of shrimp that were still in the creeks.  Watching a school of 25 big reds come feeding toward you is as exciting as casting to a red fish tailing in the grass. 


    The low tide fish are extra spooky, so longer casts and lighter flies are necessary to get them to eat.  There is nothing like watching a fish notice your fly, watching the fish, working the fly to entice the fish to grab your fly, strip striking and hearing your line scream off the reel.  It is incredibly rewarding when it all comes together.

The weeks up to Christmas were a little slow with big tides and cold weather.  Then at Christmas, the cold weather came in with high winds and cold weather.  We were able to get a few trips in after Christmas, and all the folks got shots at fish.  The first few weeks of January were bitterly cold and I didn't go out.  

The weather has moderated some, and the water is clear.  After having the motor overhauled on the Maverick, I am doing a little gel coat maintenance on her.  I added a few pictures below of the girl with band aids all over her which are masking the gel coat work.

I took her fishing yesterday, and we found lots of red fish in clear water.  I even managed to catch one.


Capt. Dave Edens


I had to go catch one and tag it for the DNR. Nothing is more exciting than sight fishing. There were so many fish around this day, I just waited for them to swim by.


Britt's first red fish on a fly.


Red Fish on a Cloudy, Cold Day


Touching up some rough spots in the Gel Coat


Trying to fix some cosmetic cracks in the Gel.  After doing this I know why the people who do Gel Coat work get paid so much.  This is hard work requiring skill and patience.

Bull Red

Fish and

the Parker Center



This is a Bull Red I caught this fall in front of St. Simons Island. This fish is laying on top of a 40 quart cooler over 25 inches long. So the fish is about 35" and probably

25 lbs.
Every Fall beginning in mid to late September, peaking in October and lasting into early November, the big, Bull Red Fish come onto the bars and cuts just offshore for their annual spawning event.
I do not fish for these spawning fish very often but in early November, I took a few hours and caught some on cut bait.
The one below is even bigger than the one above.


I only fished for these Bulls for about 2 hours, and caught 4 fish that averaged 25 lbs. Of course it was on heavy tackle with circle hooks, and all fish were released unharmed.


I never fished much for Bulls before because all I had was my skiff. Last Fall I added a sweet 18' Parker Center Console to my fleet. This boat gives me more flexibility for larger parties, bait fishing, shark fishing with fly and triple tail on fly.
I am excited about the coming summer season and using the Parker to get out into the ocean more than I have been able to do in the past.


DNR Asks Anglers to Release Larger Speckled Sea Trout

Due to the recent cold weather there is evidence that speckled sea trout have suffered a minor cold kill.


After the winter of 2009/2010, when there was a large cold kill, Anglers practiced ROE-Release Over Eighteen.
These larger trout are prolific spawners. If we protect these important fish, the sea trout fishing will rebound quickly. So if you go trout fishing, keep a few 14-15" fish for dinner and let the others go, especialy the ones over 18".


Time to Book Your Trip


If you are planning a trip to the Golden Isles this Spring, Summer or Fall, now is the time to call and reserve your days.  

I am already booking trips for tailing red fish in August, September and October as well as in March for Spring Break and over July 4 week.


Remember that triple tail start showing up in late March or Early April.  Combined trips for red fish and triple tail make for a fun day sight fishing.


Give me a call at 706.540.1276 or send an email to and we can get started.


There is a ton of  information on my website with tips and techniques that make you a better angler and many good fly recipes if you tie flies.  Or just go to the front page to browse the site: Fly Cast Charters. 

2016 Red Fish Spawn Best in Many Years

The DNR surveys recruitment every year by sampling in the summer and fall for the previous year's spawn.  So the results from 2017 relate to the 2016 spawn.  In the graph below, you can see that Fall 2016 spawn resulted in the best recruitment since 2010.  Good news for the Red Fish.  However, this doesn't mean we need to stop our conservation efforts.  We need to continue to push the DNR to reduce the limits on our State Fish!!!  Five a day with no boat limit is excessive.  These 2016 fish will be in the grass tailing later this year and on the mud flats next Fall.  Anyway, good news on the fishing front.
Capt. Dave


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