April 28, 2017
CT Expansion: Urgent Fundraising Appeal

Otis State Forest’s Hour of Need,
FERC Must be Held Acountable

From Katy Eiseman at PLAN-NE

Dear Friends:
As you likely know, there is a threat of imminent tree felling in Otis State Forest, despite the state's constitutional “permanent” protection from development. FERC issued Kinder Morgan a Notice To Proceed with tree felling and construction of the Connecticut Expansion pipeline on April 12th.

There is still an opportunity to stop this project -
this is an urgent fundraising appeal
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We have won numerous battles along the way – in fact, the company’s plan was to clear the trees more than a year ago. There are still legal avenues to prevent construction of this pipeline, based on the fundamental lack of need, which we can prove due to new market realities and data on gas use in Connecticut. There are also ceremonial stone landscape features sacred to local tribes along the pipeline route that would be destroyed by the project, without adherence to the National Historic Preservation Act.

FERC must be held accountable. MassPLAN filed with FERC, pro bono, a request for rehearing and a motion to stay the Notice To Proceed and to stay all activity. The next step is an expensive federal court action that PLAN-NE seeks to fund.

Looking ahead, we plan to expand our work in New Hampshire and Connecticut to challenge unnecessary gas expansion plans that have surfaced. Your contributions, large and small, will help us continue to challenge overblown assertions of “need” so that we can beat back the insidious hydra of pipeline expansion across our region.

We have been offered a matching grant of $5,000 by a generous donor to help inspire others, like you, to support our work.

Please help today with a donation

Be it $50 or $5,000, we appreciate all that you do to help us fulfill our mission to prevent the overbuild of fossil fuel infrastructure.

Please share widely!

Thank you,
Katy - on Behalf of PLAN-NE


Gas pipeline foes file to halt start of construction
By RICHIE DAVIS, Greenfield Recorder
April 25, 2017

Opponents of a proposed gas pipeline loop expansion through southwestern Berkshire County have filed to halt an April 12 federal Notice to Proceed with Tree Clearing and Construction and have formally requested a rehearing for the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. project through Otis State Forest.

The Massachusetts Pipeline Awareness Network contends the notice was improperly issued by the chief of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s gas division following the Feb. 3 resignation of Commission Chair Norman Bay, which resulted in lack of a quorum at FERC, and that “contested matters” should not have allowed the action to be delegated.

Among those contested actions cited by MassPLAN Director Kathryn Eiseman in her filing Monday are FERC’s failure to provide for public involvement in resolution of “dozens of multiple ceremonial stone landscape features” identified by the Narragansett Indian Tribe’s Historic Preservation Office that would be threatened along the project route in Sandisfield.

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With pipeline work looming, anxiety mounts in Sandisfield
By Heather Bellow, Berkshire Eagle
April 27, 2017

After bushwhacking through brambles to get to the edge of a beaver pond, Bill Kitchen points up to a series of large nests. Binoculars reveal a head in several — and when one adult steps out to perch, Kitchen confirms these are great blue herons, five rookeries total. This beaver pond is adjacent to the pipeline corridor where Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. is about to begin cutting trees on about 29 acres across 4 miles of Otis State Forest and private land. The company's Connecticut Expansion Project is why Kitchen has come here from his home in Johnstown, N.Y.

"I was hoping to find an eagle's nest to throw a monkey wrench into the pipeline plans," he said. No such luck. Instead, this longtime environmental activist found the herons, which are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 but are not an endangered species. Kitchen said this shouldn't matter one bit. He also worries about nesting bats, populations of which have been "decimated" by disease, and which generally have only one pup a year, he said. He said what's about to happen here is terrible. "None of the birds know what's going on," Kitchen said. "They're just sitting in nests laying eggs right now."

The birds aren't alone. No one but officials from the Kinder Morgan subsidiary knows when the cutting will begin since the company will not release schedules. And the atmosphere here is pregnant with anxiety over it, particularly given the company's heavy security presence along these rough rural roads. The work is set to begin after several years of escalating tension over the pipeline path, environmental and safety concerns and questions about the company's natural gas demand projections in Connecticut, where most of the gas will go.

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Pipeline opponents poised for peaceful protest Friday at Otis State Forest
By Heather Bellow, Berkshire Eagle
April 27, 2017

The Western Massachusetts-based Sugar Shack Alliance will gather at 11 a.m. at Lower Spectacle Pond off Cold Spring Road for a "non-violent" opposition to Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co.'s plans here.

"We need to protect our forests, not build pipelines through them," said Sugar Shack member Susan Theberge.

After an April 12 authorization to proceed with tree cutting and construction was issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the town began to swell with private and state police security, construction workers and heavy equipment for this section of Kinder Morgan subsidiary's tri-state Connecticut Expansion Project.

While 2 miles of pipes will run through state-owned forest protected by Article 97 of the state Constitution, another roughly 2 miles will run through private property here.
The project has faced multiple delays as the state, environmental groups and residents battled the company in court.

While tree cutting is officially allowed to begin Thursday, no one knows for sure when it will begin. Kinder Morgan spokesman Richard Wheatley said the company will not release construction schedules or locations, adding that increased security is in the interest of public safety. Portions of the forest adjacent to the pipeline construction zone now are closed to the public.

Plans for the natural gas storage loop have angered and worried residents, legislators, and environmentalists on a number of grounds.

» For information about the Ceremonial Stone Landscape issue and the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation Office's fight to protect them, visit tinyurl.com/SaveMANativeSites.


Hi Friend of FRRACS,

As you may know, the MassDEP Department of Air and Waste issued the Air Quality Proposed Plan Approval to Spectra (Algonquin Gas Transmission) in April.  This plan approval was granted pending a 30 day commenting period that is to expire this coming Monday, May 1 at 5:00 pm.

Please take a moment to comment.  This can make a big difference on whether or not the plan approval becomes an actual air quality permit.  It's easy to do!  If you do not have comments prepared, we have a list of issues--you need only choose one--and an easy template to send your comment.  

Just go to our website at www.nocompressor.com and
file your comment before Monday, May 1 at 5:00 pm

If you would prefer to send your comment yourself, please send it to:
Thomas Cushing, Permits Chief
MassDEP Southeast Regional Office
20 Riverside Drive
Lakeville MA  02347
or email thomas.cushing@state.ma.us.

Thank you for all that you do!
Lawmakers blast air quality plan for
Weymouth compressor station

By Jessica Trufant, The Patriot Ledger
April 26, 2017

In a letter to Thomas Cushing, permits chief for state agency’s Southeast regional office, 13 state representatives and senators said the plan is “inherently flawed” due to inadequate siting standards and extreme healthy and safety risks.

The proposed site is within a half-mile of more than 960 homes and 38 educational facilities, and an estimated 3,100 children live within one mile and 13,200 attend school within three miles of it.

The lawmakers wrote that Spectra Energy identified at least 10 carcinogenic chemicals that the compressor station would emit, and the Fore River Basin is already “overloaded with an abundance of industry” that pollutes the air in Quincy, Weymouth and Braintree. They pointed to the significantly higher rates of asthma found in students at Weymouth’s Wessagusset Elementary School and Quincy’s Snug Harbor Elementary School, as reported by the state Department of Public Health.

Yet in its air pollutant modeling, Algonquin Gas Transmission failed to account for preexisting hazardous pollution, including formaldehyde and benzene.

Dr. Curt Nordgaard, a pediatrician from Newton who practices in Dorchester and sees many South Shore patients, has worked closely with the North Weymouth Civic Association and the Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station to test the air quality surrounding the proposed site.

With more testing results due back this week, Nordgaard said preliminary testing showed a measureable amount of formaldehyde – something Algonquin Gas Transmission did not factor into its air quality plan.

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New natural gas pipeline proposed between Easthampton and Holyoke
Sarah Robertson, Daily Collegian
April 26, 2017

A new pipeline would provide direct service to Holyoke and allow more of Columbia Gas’ natural gas to flow from Southwick to customers in Easthampton and Northampton.
Opponents to the pipeline say the project would prolong the necessary transition away from fossil fuels and increase the harmful drilling practice of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, for natural gas across the country.

“As a company we have no position on the pipeline,” said Patrick Quinlan, CEO of the Easthampton solar energy startup SolaBlock. “Though, personally in terms of the future, I believe that all pipelines are indeed not an investment in the future, but an investment in the past.”

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Windsor, Cummington, Goshen, Worthington, MA:
WCGW Solarize Hits Lowest Pricing Tier
- Extended to May 15

Enough households have signed up to get solar through the Mass Solarize program in these four towns to bump the program into Tier 6, the least expensive pricing available. The Mass Solar Loan program will pay 30% of your loan if you qualify (and most folks do) which can very likely make your monthly payments toward owning your solar array cheaper than what your monthly Eversource bill was.

Solar can be roof or ground mount, depending on your location's needs. The evaluation and solar system design and estimate are free - no obligation. Deadline to join in on this program has been extended to May 15.

Contact Eli Kuh at SunBug Solar, elikuh@sunbugsolar.com, 617-777-4511

Not in Windsor, Cummington, Goshen or Worthington?

» Learn more about how your community can sign up


What I Forgot…And Why I Remembered: A Journey to Environmental Awareness and Activism Through Purposeful Memoir. Join Jennifer Browdy, Ph.D., as she shares scenes from her lyrical, hard-hitting memoir, which sets one American woman’s journey against the larger landscape of the past 50 years of political upheaval, global climate change, and the recovery of our primary connection to the Earth. Jennifer details her own years of being entranced, both personally and professionally, in patterns of denial and avoidance. Jennifer has also published a writer’s guide, The Elemental Journey of Purposeful Memoir: A Writer’s Companion. As part of this special event, she will lead a short exercise in the art and craft of purposeful memoir.
This special presentation is a benefit for the Berkshire Environmental Action Team (B.E.A.T.) and its program, No Fracked Gas in Mass. Admission $10.
10:30 AM
5 Hammertown Road
P.O. Box 31
Sandisfield, MA

Monday Evening Vigil against Spectra/AIM W. Roxbury Lateral

6:30 to 7:00 pm

Corner of Centre and Grove Sts

West Roxbury, MA 
(Across from the quarry)

Weekly TD BANK Vigil to pressure TD to divest from Dakota Access Pipeline
Noon- 1:00 PM

324 Main St., (near Federal St corner)

Greenfield, MA


Wednesday Vigil against Spectra/AIM’s W. Roxbury Lateral
8:00 to 9:00 am

Corner of Centre and Grove Sts.

West Roxbury, MA
(Across from the quarry)

Letter writing group working on letters against Spectra/AIM’s W. Roxbury Lateral targeted to specific recipients. Details about location are available by emailing SWRL at  stopwrlpipeline@gmail.com
7:00 pm

Weekly TD BANK Vigil to pressure TD to divest from Dakota Access Pipeline
Noon to 1:00 PM
215 Main St.
Brattleboro, VT

Weekly TD BANK Vigil to pressure TD to divest from Dakota Access Pipeline
1:00 – 2:00 pm
2 Church St.
Bellows Falls, VT


Weekly TD BANK Vigil to pressure TD to divest from Dakota Access Pipeline

Noon- 1:00 PM

324 Main St., (near Federal St corner)

Greenfield, MA

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