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January 25, 2019

RAD PBRA & PBV Funding During Shutdown?
Thanks to CLPHA and other affordable housing advocates pressing the case about public and affordable housing impacts during the shutdown. Here’s what we know about RAD PBRA and PBV funding:

  • PBRA Properties that Converted prior to FY 2018: These properties have long-term contracts that are fully integrated into the PBRA budget line, i.e., there is no distinctive impact on RAD PBRA contract funding. However, continued funding for all PBRA contracts is dependent upon the FY 2019 budget being appropriated. HUD is working to identify existing funding for all PBRA-supported properties and is reaching out to owners to conduct contract reviews. HUD believes it has sufficient funding to make payments on all PBRA contracts through February.
  • PBRA Properties Converted in FY 2018: As these properties will be initially integrated into the PBRA budget line in FY 2019, despite the shutdown it is critical that PHAs continue to submit their PBRA payment vouchers and make sure that their requisite zero-dollar November and December 2018 vouchers were accepted by HUD. Doing so will help assure that FY 2019 funds when available are directed to these new contracts.
  • PBVs: PHAs should have received voucher payments for January, and HUD indicates that it expects to be able to make February voucher payments—enabling PHAs to fully fund current RAD PBV contracts until March. At this time, it unclear what if anything HUD will be able to do about March payments if the shutdown continues then.
Northwest Regional RAD+ Convening
Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA
February 27 - March 1
Register soon for the Collaborative’s upcoming regional convening in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. We expect considerable interest in the latest RAD developments relative to the shutdown and what to expect once it ends. And space will be limited to encourage interactive sessions.

Both Recap Office Director Tom Davis and Special Applications Center Director Jane Hornstein at HUD anticipate joining us to discuss opportunities with the new RAD rents, soon-to-be issued RAD Revision 4 notice and recent helpful Section 18 Demo/Dispo provisions.

State housing leaders in OR, CA and WA will review the growing roles that state and local governments are playing in supporting both RAD and what’s become “RAD+”—an impressive array of mixed-income/mixed-use/preservation developments and cross-sector collaborations being undertaken along with RAD and Section 18 conversions of assistance. They’ll also review the latest cost management strategies afforded thorough construction technologies, streamlined regulatory processes and transaction efficiencies.
Oregon Housing & Community Services and Home Forward in Portland will host an afternoon-long pre-convening session and reception on 2/27 to showcase how an impressive array of state resources are helping PHAs and other affordable housing providers both preserve and re-develop their housing and undertake RAD+ initiatives.
The Vancouver Housing Authority will then host a wrap-up site visit and roundtable with fellow Washington PHAs on 3/1 to discuss how they’ve converted their housing to Section 8 assistance and pursued responsive partnerships with healthcare, education, employment and other providers.
Click Here for More Info & to Register - Northwest Regional RAD+ Convening 2/27 - 3/1
Thanks to our local hosts—Home Forward | Oregon Housing & Community Services | Vancouver Housing Authority | California Department of Housing & Community Development | Terner Center for Housing Innovation, University of California-Berkeley
We Look Forward to Seeing You
in Portland & Vancouver
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