Volume 8, Issue 11
November, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving from CoachDeck!

CoachDeck makes practice fun...not just for kids but for coaches. We created a serious training tool and packaged it in a deck of cards. No time, effort or studying required; its not intimidating. Just what the average, busy volunteer needs!

In this issue:
What's the "name of the game" for hitting with two strikes? Former MLB player and World Champion, Mike Epstein has the answer. Brian Gotta shares five ideas to give our young athletes more "grit." And, John O'Sullivan is back with a perfectly-timed piece you'll be glad you read.

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How Does a Hitter "Know" Himself?
By Mike Epstein

All the players' experiences playing baseball go into this equation. He is the sum total of every pitch, every at-bat, every inning he has ever played. And over this time frame, he has learned what "type" hitter he is. "Types" fit into three groups. Read Article
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Are We Raising "Wooden" Children?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I read an article entitled, Have our kids gotten soft? Five ways to teach them grit, by CNN's Kelly Wallace. In it she tells stories of parents who refused to let their children fail in school, sports, even learning to ride a bike. And she lists five ways we, as parents, can help teach our children responsibility and self-reliance. And number one on the list was something so easy and so obvious, but also something my wife and I did not do with our now grown children.​ Read Article

This Thanksgiving, Express your Gratitude
By John O'Sullivan

As the holiday season approaches, we are often reminded to be thankful for all our blessings that we have received the past year. As we sit with our closest friends and family, and ‘give thanks’ this holiday season, we are practicing one of the key ingredients in raising a happy and high performing child: gratitude!​ Read Article