The Voter - September 2017
Roxanna Deane
Darlene Hicks
VP - Voters Service
Robin Engel & Susan Herr
Betty Colley
Gloria Suarez-Sasser
Director, Publicity
Jerrie Champlin
Janyth Fredrickson
Membership Chair
Bonnie Leitch
Chair, Nominating Committee
Lois Ricci
LWV is a non partisan political organization which encourages informed and active participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy. LWV never supports or opposes candidates for office, or political parties, but does take positions on issues based on member study
and consensus.
LWV Public Policy Positions
Impact on Issues - LWV-US public policy positions

Program Perspectives - LWV-Texas policy positions
Gloria Sasser-Suarez registering a Voter at Canyon High School
Harry Sutherland and Robin Engel registering a teacher at Canyon Lake High School
Lily Barucky answers a question at Canyon High School
Mark your Calendars
WHAT: ''County Authority in Local Control" presented by  Jen Crownover, Commissioner for Precinct 4
WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 21, noon
WHERE:Casa Garcia. 1691 Hwy 46 N, #335, New Braunfels
Attendees can purchase lunch from the regular menu as they enter the meeting.
Please RSVP to Gloria Suarez Sasser.

WHAT: Member Review of Land Use Position
Voter Registration
and Election Calendar
WHAT: Comal County Election Center ribbon cutting and open House
WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 13, 11 am
WHERE:365 N Seguin Ave., New Braunfels

WHAT: Volunteer Deputy  Registrar Training
WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 19, 10 to 11 am
WHERE:365 N Seguin Ave., New Braunfels
   This is the last opportunity for training before the November election cycle begins. You must renew your training for 2017-2018 even if you have previously been deputized.

WHAT: National Voter Registration Day
WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 26

WHERE:  New Braunfels Public Library, Westside Community Center, and the Comal County Election Center  Contact Robin Engel if you would like to help register voters.

Oct. 10 – Last day to register to vote

Oct. 23 -  Early voting begins

Nov. 3 – Early voting ends

Nov. 7 – Elections – Constitutional Amendments

If you have followed our League on Facebook, then you know this has been a busy summer.  Jensie Madden, Issue Chair for land use worked tirelessly during the Special Session of the Texas Legislature to defeat a bill that would have prohibited cities from issuing tree ordinances.  See Jensie's article for the results.   She is very grateful to the many people that responded to her calls for action.

The Land Use Committee continued the work of revising our Facts and Issues.  This will be available in about two weeks.  Read more about this.

Robin Engel mobilized members who are Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars to meet the request of CISD to register teachers and employees.  Read more about this.

The LWV-CA Board held a productive planning meeting.  We have scheduled almost monthly meetings in different locations and at different times.  Of course anyone interested in a topic or in the League is welcome to attend.  But it is our hope that members will attend these meetings to connect with each other and to find ways to become more active in the work of the League in our community. 

At the first meeting in September, members will receive their Directory and Handbook, which includes a complete calendar of events.  I hope to see you there.
Roxanna Deane
WHAT: ''County Authority in Local Control" presented by  Jen Crownover, Commissioner for Precinct 4
WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 21, noon
WHERE:Casa Garcia. 1691 Hwy 46 N, #335, New Braunfels
Attendees can purchase lunch from the regular menu as they enter the meeting.
Please RSVP to Gloria Suarez Sasser.

Where does the County Commissioners Court fit in the layers of State and local governments?   How does it impact local control here in Comal County? 

This meeting kicks off a new year for the League.  In addition to the program, members will receive their handbook and directory and hear about plans for the year.

Non-members are welcome to attend.


The atmosphere in the hallway of Canyon High School bubbled with energy as hundreds of teachers, administrators, staff and students converged on the last day before the official opening of the school year.  Among the vendors lining the hall leading to the cafeteria was a table with a bright red banner reading “Register to Vote.”

And register they did, thanks to volunteers with the League of Women Voters-Comal Area.

“We were busy every minute,” said Gloria Sasser, one of the founding members of the LWV-CA.

Working beside her, Lily Barucky answered questions about the League and handed out brochures. “One teacher asked if we could help register students in his government class. We’re going to follow up on that,” said Barucky, who used to teach at Canyon High School.

The scene was repeated earlier in the week - twice at Smithson Valley High School and then at Canyon Lake High School -  where Jerrie Champlin, Jenny Ayala, Harry Sutherland, Robin Engel, Betty Colley and Jensie Madden also donated their time as deputy voter registrars.  During the four-day registration effort, more than two dozen citizens were helped to register or update their voter registrations, with registrations spanning Comal, Guadalupe and Bexar counties.

“We are the largest employer in the county, and many of our teachers are new to the area,” said Dr. Kim, Superintendent of the Comal Independent School District, as he escorted Sutherland and Engel to the League’s designated table and invited them to join the crowd for lunch.

“The fact that the school district again contacted us and asked us to participate in the back-to-school convocation and vendor fairs is significant,” said Engel, Voter Services Co-Chair. “We look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Robin Engel 



This extensive document explores the impacts of recent unprecedented growth in Comal County on our water, air, transportation, night skies, residential development, and open space. It also describes the role of our local governments to manage growth and provides some alternative tools to consider.


The LWV-Comal Area Land-Use Study Committee has been working for over a year, educating themselves and the membership through interviews of elected officials and staff, providing public forums with expert speakers, and pulling all this information together for members and the public to read.

The committee hopes that every member will take the time to open the FACTS & ISSUES and scan for the topics that most interest you.

Jensie Madden, chair of the committee, wishes to thank Coco Brennan, Danelle Crowley, Roxanna Deane, and Eva Silverfine Ott, for all of their work.

Jensie Madden


WHAT: Member Review of Land Use Position

WHEN: Tuesday. Oct. 17, 78133 6:30 to 8
WHERE:Tye Preston Memorial Library, 16311 South Access Road, Canyon Lake, 78133

Based on the updated information in the FACTS & ISSUES: LAND-USE PLANNING IN COMAL COUNTY, IMPACTS OF GROWTH – TIME FOR ACTION, members will review our current Position on Land-Use Planning, and consider changes being proposed by the Land-Use Study Committee.

This members-only meeting is important, because future action we take as LWV-CA, depends on member discussion and agreement on our position.

Please save the date, read your FACTS & ISSUES, and be prepared for a lively discussion!  


Gov. Greg Abbott called a Special Session to address 20 items of “unfinished business” that he believed were important. Many of those items were issues of importance to LWV, too. Several LWV-TX Issue Chairs were busy during the session, letting members know when and who to contact to support or oppose proposed legislation. Below are the results.

Sunset legislation – Passed - Extends operations for several state agencies, including the Texas Medical Board. The agencies were all slated for closure without passage of this legislation.

Women’s Health/Reproductive Rights

                - Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force (LWV Supported) – Passed – Extends the Task Force until 2023, allowing them to continue to collect data and make recommendations to reduce pregnancy-related deaths in Texas.

                - HB 214 (LWV Opposed) – Passed – Requires women to pay a separate premium (even under private insurance plans in Texas) in order for their health plan to cover an abortion. There is no exception for rape or incest. LWV considers this law an undue burden that mainly hurts low-income women.

                - HB 13 (LWV Opposed) – Passed – Requires every facility that performs an abortion (not just abortion clinics) to submit complication reports. LWV testified that such reports are already required and these additional requirements are thinly-veiled attempts to intimidate abortion providers.  

            More details on these bills regarding Women’s Health/Reproductive Rights are here: (more) 

Public Education

                "Overall, a modest increase in state aid for school districts and charter schools … accomplished through shifting of funds from HHSC. Proposed voucher legislation did not survive the Special Session."       More details on bills regarding financing for public schools are here: (more)

Voting Rights

                "While the 85th Legislature did no major additional harm to voting rights, it kept the balls on Voter ID and redistricting in the Courts, where they will likely stay until a SCOTUS ruling which could possibly happen soon."

                More details on voting rights bills are here: (more)

Land Use

                HB 7 (LWV Opposed Amendments) – Passed - Originally a bill requiring cities to allow tree planting to offset mitigation fees for tree removal, this bill took a roller-coaster ride during the Special Session, at one point with Senate amendments that preempted city tree ordinances entirely. The final legislation as passed and signed by the Governor is very similar to its original intent.

                Other bills restricting city ordinances regarding trees and permitting processes (LWV Opposed) - Failed. More details on land use bills are here: (more) 

Equal Opportunity

                SB 3, SB 23, SB 91, HB 46, and HB 50 (LWV Opposed) – Failed – All these bills discriminated against LGBTQ Texans in the name of privacy in bathrooms. For more on these bills:  (more)  

Thanks to all of you who contacted legislators and/or forwarded alerts to neighbors and friends. Your actions really did make a difference during the Special Session! 

Jensie Madden


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Jerrie Champlin

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