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Looking Back on 175 years of
Family Farming on Nantucket
Kitchen Crew from 2002
Farm Talk Saturday
Sue Lavallee 
Raised Bed Gardening!
10 AM Saturday June 9 in the Garden Center
oin us for this information-packed farm-talk!  Sue will review the methods and importance of topdressing and incorporating compost into your garden beds every year, the no-till method of gardening, the importance of organic gardening practices and the Soil Food Web.  
She will focus on the subject of raised bed gardening, with fertilizing guidelines, seasonal maintenance and lots of other helpful gardening tips!

Sue joined the Coast of Maine Organic Products family in 2013 and has worked in the horticultural industry since the mid-eighties.  A passionate gardener, she puts a lot of effort into organic fruit, vegetable and herb gardening.   Because a lot of the harvest is preserved, she can enjoy cooking with it year-round.  An avid birder and naturalist, she is most at home when enjoying the outdoors, whether it’s kayaking, beachcombing or hiking through her Connecticut woodland.
Blooming Creations is Open
Bring out your empty window boxes and containers and let Bella and the rest of our talented staff plant them for you! 
Hanging Baskets Look Great!
Hanging Baskets are a great way to add appeal to the front of your house, or to have a focal point away from your garden. These are all planted and ready to hang!
Fresh from the Fields...and Greenhouses
We are all about GREEN!
Update from Andrew...What's Fresh?
From the Hydro House:
mesclun mix, head lettuce, basil, bok choy
greens mix, baby kale, chives, spearmint, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, arugula by the weekend.
Cilantro and Dill soon
green hot house tomatoes
red tomatoes will be in the market at 10 am Friday June 8 
The crop looks great this year and we expect to be
picking within 2 weeks.

From the Kitchen
Having guests? Or just want to enjoy the taste of summer?
Our Lobster Dinners are fabulous and start at $29.99
Call ahead or order in person at the deli counter.
Fresh off the plane... Specialty Italian and French Cheeses have landed!
Each spring and summer for the last three years, we have indulged ourselves & our customers with a special delivery of rare, specialty cheeses from Piedmont, Italy & France. Every month, they are ordered three weeks in advance, and arrive perfectly ripe and ready for a life of wine pairing & picnicking. Below are a few that are available now, and as each shipment is slightly different,
grab your favorites while they last... 
Langherino is a soft, pudgy, snack-size wheel of pasteurized sheep & cow's milk robiola. We loved the creamy, mild paste simply on its own or with juicy, tart fresh cherries 
Fougerous French Brie
A petite Brie cheese, Fougerous is hand molded and wrapped in fern leaves, which give it a woodsy, mushroom-like flavor. The texture is smooth and creamy. Enjoy as an appetizer or serve for a dessert course with pears.
Tartufo Tre Latte; what can we say, it was love at first bite when we first tasted this ultra-creamy, earthy, truffle-y wheel imported to us from Eros Buratti's cheese shop, La Casera,
in Verbania, Italy
A lovely goat cheese from the Poitou region of France.  The cheese has a silky, fudgy texture and  is aged on a chestnut leaf which helps preserve its moisture and also imbues the cheese with lightly woody flavors. As beautiful to look at as it is to eat!
Gioia + Hot House Tomatoes = Perfection.
Island local, Elisabetta Hitchcock, is back at it for her 5th year, hand-crafting the most decadent, springy, delicious Mozzarella and Burrata right here on island. Her mozzarella can be found on the menus of many of our island's restaurants, but only a lucky handful of markets carry her Mozz for retail. Here at Bartlett's, we have a constant, fresh supply of her pillow-y soft, hand-stretched curds. 
Around here, a farm tomato and a ball of Burrata with a swoosh of olive oil and sprinkling of sea salt and pepper constitutes a perfectly sensible dinner.
Bring the kids... & find Ben and Jerry!
Those darned oxen! Every time some child finds them, they go off and hide again!  They could be anywhere where customers are allowed to the garden center, in a cooler, on a shelf, up high, down low, who knows!  So if your child finds one of them, bring that rascal bovine up to the customer service desk and get your reward!  

Save the Date - This Friday
Do you know someone who used to work at the farm?
Let them know about this special farm-alumni event we will be
holding in July.  If you ever worked on the farm, you can become a member of the Bartlett's Farm Alumni Facebook Group, too!
Bartlett's 175th Anniversary Presents-
Who's Your Farmer? Get to know our staff!

Meet Austin Woodward

Austin came to Nantucket originally to work at Theatre Workshop of Nantucket and after staying for two seasons, found out that the farm was hiring. His friend Rachel Amaral mentioned the position so he came in, had an interview, and started soon after and he has been a steady presence at the registers ever since. His first impression of the island was that everything looked similar, but he immediately found his way around and began to take part in community events around the island. Austin enjoys sewing and has been at it since college. He enjoys making period costumes, playing dungeons and dragons, and video games. 
Say Hi! next time you come in!
Father's Day is Right Around the Corner
John Bartlett models our new denim, red-suspendered apron
(wouldn't that look great on YOUR dad too?)
as he picks out some delicious meats to put on the grill! 
Beach Weather means Beer Weather!
And we have a fun collection! With Father's Day in mind, you should check out the nice sampler of New England IPAs. Is your Dad a traditionalist?  We have all the usual suspects, from Stella, PBR and Heineken. Even some vintage-esque Pilsner Urquell in 16 oz cans!
Happy sipping!  
GRAFT Fields & Flowers
 All day Gosé cider
with rose hips, hibiscus,
rooibos & pink sea salt.
Pilsner Urquell; the Original Golden Lager and the ultimate Dad beer.
AERONAUT Brewing Co.- Ridiculously delicious, hard-to-get craft cans hailing from Somerville, Mass, that are worth every golden, hoppy, blissful sip!
Whether you are the hostess or the guest, our gift baskets say 'Welcome' or 'Thank You'
Choose the Snack Attack Basket and Tour of New England basket for island delivery, and the
bAck To Bartlett's basket to ship anywhere in the US!
Save The Dates
6/23 Proven Winners representative Malia Michaud will be on hand in the garden center to answer questions, help you choose plants, and demonstrate planting window boxes. Time TBA

6/27 19th Annual Blooming Bids Supporting Kids
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 5:30-7:30pm
Bartlett's Farm Garden Center

7/6-7/8 Nantucket Yoga Festival. For more information, click here!

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