Will the Coin-Toss Impact the Markets?

Back in 1978, a sportswriter for the New York Times defined the Super Bowl Indicator, a fun "theory" stating that the winner of the Super Bowl could predict the stock market's performance in the coming year. So, if you would rather not see the Patriots win again, you could use the stock market as an excuse.


As the kids used to say, "JK!" (just kidding). Talking about money can seem so serious at times; it's important have some fun, too! So whether it's relating your financial journey to Gary's quest to finish a marathon, or sharing a story about the investment opportunities found in your kids' toy box, we try to offer some money manners with a smile and sometimes a little laugh.


Let's save the serious face for when it's really necessary.


Enjoy the big game!



While that may not excite you, preparing for a marathon was just the thing to get Gary's feet --and financial mind--moving.



S&P 500-ish...

 You may not be counting, but someone is. Back in 1998, the Wilshire 5000 index had over 7000 companies; but as of June of last year, there were only a bit more than 3000. Where did they go?

Just for Fun


You may treat your collectible Star Wars LEGO sets like gold, but do they have a similar ROI? According to this study, LEGO is better... 

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