Weekly Devotional by Kathy Marian - February 6, 2019

Coping with the death of a parent is difficult. For me, the roller coaster of feelings was the most complicated I ever faced. I searched for ways to be present with my loss, alleviate my suffering, honor my father’s memory, and create a space for my feelings so I could find this “new normal” others talked about.

Grief, for me, was a mixture of strong, difficult emotions including anger, sorrow, hopelessness, worry, fear, anxiety and pain. To release these emotions, I found myself impatient, frustrated, withdrawn and in tears. I also felt numb, fuzzy and disconnected.

At Christmas, Steve and I traveled to New Mexico to spend time in the desert. While there, I found the space and time to reflect and approach these hard emotions. I hiked, walked a Native American prayer circle and stacked stones in prayer. I allowed myself to be present with my emotions. As I acknowledged my feelings, I was able live with them and move through each emotion and feel deeply. I was compassionate with myself and I honored my feelings.

This week, while at a conference, I learned that my approach to coping with my grief had a name: Mindfulness. Mindfulness means paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally. Who would have ever thought that in my rapidly paced life, my body realized that I need to take the time to be fully in the moment with myself, my feelings and my actions.

As I read more about the practice of mindfulness, I came across an article by Dr. Amit Sood from the Mayo Clinic. It shares ways to practice mindfulness each day. I thought I would share it. Perhaps, it could be of use to you as well.

  • Monday: Gratitude – Find things to be thankful for throughout your day, and include them in your loving kindness meditation or a gratitude journal.
  • Tuesday: Compassion – Set an intention to decrease any pain or suffering in others that you encounter throughout your day.
  • Wednesday: Acceptance – Accept yourself as you are and others as they are; appreciate yourself and other people without trying to change them.
  • Thursday: Meaning and Purpose – Think about your ultimate purpose in life, and where and how you find meaning.
  • Friday: Forgiveness – Forgive yourself first, then extend your forgiveness to others for any past transgressions.
  • Saturday: Celebration – Make sure to take a day to celebrate all the joy in your life and the lives of others.
  • Sunday: Reflection – Reflect on your week, your month, your year, or whatever period of time makes sense to you in the moment; this can be accomplished through meditation, prayer, or simple awareness.

May we grant ourselves the time and space needed to care for ourselves and our spirits - Amen

Kathy Marian and her husband, Stephen, are founding members of Saint Andrew Christian Church. She is the current chair of the personnel committee. She can be reached at kmmarian@gmail.com

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Some of our responsibilities include serving communion and sharing the Prayer of Thanksgiving.  We also help out with special services such as the Easter Sunrise Service, Ash Wednesday, Remembrance Service and Christmas Eve Services.  

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