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Volume 7 Issue 7
July 2014

In This Issue
Assessing Players
Time for Vacation?
How Mentally Tough Are You?
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In this issue:
Tom Turner is back with the first of two parts on why conventional skills tests may not be the best way to evaluate players. Brian Gotta writes about how families with kids playing sports often struggle to find family time. And Dr. Jim Taylor brings us the final installment in his series on improving athletes' mental toughness.


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Hot Spots
How to Assess Soccer Players Tom Turner
By Tom Turner    

Evaluating soccer players can be a challenging process, particularly when the criteria used for evaluation are not based on the demands of the game. Soccer is a very fluid game when it is performed well; to play at speed, players must have skill and vision and tactical insight. However, with novice and experienced coaches alike, there is a tendency to look at soccer as a series of discrete skills or actions, separate from the game as a whole. Read Article
Soccer Innovations
Brian Gotta
Time for a Vacation?    
By Brian Gotta

I was emailing a friend and business associate and we were getting caught up on one another's families. He said, "We have a place up at the lake that we have been to the past 3/4 weekends. Our need to take advantage of the warm weather and desire for time at the lake took precedence over baseball, so unfortunately there are no baseball stars in this house." It got me thinking about the choices my family has made through the years because of sports, and wondering if we'd gotten it right. Read Article

Get Psyched! How Mentally Strong Are You? Jim Taylor
By Dr. Jim Taylor 

The ability to stay focused is essential for you to perform your best consistently. Keywords in training and competitions can help keep you focused and avoid distractions. Come up with one or two key words that you need to focus on to perform well. Read Article
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