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In a week it will all be over!
Are there things you have to survive this season..the company party, visits from in-laws, or long hours of assembling toys?  In a week if will all be over, and then what?
Highlights of 2016

Dearing House provides hundreds of hours of specialized training for child welfare, law enforcement, mental health and medical professionals, forensic interviewers, and child advocates at no expense to their agencies.

Compliance with new standards for national accreditation to assure consistency with research and best practice when responding to child abuse victims.

Celebrating the fabulous 4th annual Fish Fry for the Small Fry that raises lots of money and community awareness for us.  Save the date:  June 23, 2017!

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A note from our
Executive Director
If I had just one wish for this season, it would be that each child who survives child abuse will feel valued and important to an appropriate adult caregiver....to know they matter.  Notice I didn't shoot for the moon and wish that no child experience abuse.  As much as I want that, I'm focusing on what I know you and I can do together as a team, and as a community.
I see miracles here every day.  Just this week, I witnessed a dad hug his little 8 year old girl like never before which was exactly what she wanted and needed to begin the healing process.  At that moment, she felt loved and valued and believed!  At that miraculous moment, the perpetrator who harmed her was robbed of all power and authority! That's what I want for Christmas! Don't you?              
To fulfill our vision of hearing, helping, healing victims of child abuse, individualized attention and care of the child victim is required.  Support, education and empowerment of the parent is required. Specialized training of our staff and investigative team is required.  Community awareness of the problems of child abuse, as well as the solutions, is required.  We can do this!
Don't just survive the challenges of the season.  Make the holiday bright by showing, in your own unique way, a child that he or she is loved and valued.  That's your Christmas gift to us, and the world! (We also accept checks!)
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