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March 2019


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  • Beto's Gestures: Expressive Yet Distracting
  • Presenting the Weather Report


We hope you’re feeling OK—many of our readers are reporting seasonal maladies such as March Madness, spring fever or the dreaded pennant fever. (Not to mention hay fever!)


We’re coming to you as winter has nearly completed its decline, spring is beginning to spring, and TV weather casters are doing their best to prepare us for the showers and the flowers ahead. People talk about the weather all the time. It’s a great topic for a short conversation that lasts about as long as an elevator ride, and very easy to start.


Why all the talk about weather? We’ve been watching a lot of TV meteorologists recently, and it turns out that many of them are great presenters. So be sure to read our piece this month on what presenters can learn from watching weather on the local evening news. Also, we seem to be meeting a lot of new potential presidential candidates, all of whom are making speeches to introduce themselves to voters in advance of the 2020 election. We expect to write a lot more about them in coming months, but we start with a quick look at Beto O’Rourke, and attempt to help him by answering the question: “Can you gesture too much?”

Beto's Gestures: Expressive Yet Distracting

Bring great energy to your speeches, we often say to our clients. Use your body when you speak, and express yourself using natural gestures. But how do you know when you’re overdoing the gestures? Our answer: when they become distracting to your audience. Read all about our first look at presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, and his presentation style that has already been imitated by Jimmy Fallon and others.

Presenting the Weather Report

They point to things, they gesture, they warn us, simplify complicated scientific topics, tell stories, and even use visual aids that aren’t really where we think they are. We’re talking about the people that deliver the weather on local and national newscasts across the world. If you want to be a better presenter, you can learn a lot from watching your favorite on-air meteorologists.

Thanks for reading. And may your favorite baseball team

always have ducks on the pond!

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