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Naples, Italy
Gateway to the Amalfi Coast and Beyond
March 2017 E-News
Board your private charter yacht in Naples, for a fabulous charter including the beautiful Pontine Islands, revered in Ancient Times, yet rarely heard of, much less visited, today; Ischia, a hot bed of mineral springs bubbling up from the active volcano deep beneath the surface of the island; the oh so chic island of Capri, and the lovely Amalfi Coast with the villages of Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi clinging to the mountainous side of the Sorrento Peninsula. The highlights of this area are all a comfortable cruise from one another and includes vernacular little fishing villages with quayside fish tavernas, and high end towns with spas, shopping par elegance, and world re-known restaurants. Sprinkled amongst all are ancient ruins, such as Pompeii, and the Roman Tunnel on the island of Ponza, just to add a little history to the mix for a great one week charter on any size sailing or motor yacht.  
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Must See & Do!
Cruise the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and the Pontine Islands 

A terrific one week itinerary including all of the highlights of the area. 
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Visit the Lovely Island of Ponza in the Pontine Islands

Enjoyed by Romans in Ancient Times> Today a world favorite island.
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