Unsubscribe From That Thought

Michelle Wadleigh


When you are inundated with too many emails, often you will take the time to unsubscribe from a particular email distribution list because you are no longer interested. You do this only to find out that they often continue to send you emails until they update their lists. Yes, it is supposed to happen automatically, but anyone who has tried this knows that it often does not happen on the first go around.


Now, what if you can unsubscribe from a thought? The thoughts that I am referring to is that barrage of thoughts that move your mind and attention in the direction of ‘I’m not enough.’ Most individuals who have not yet taken on the practice of living a mindful and disciplined life are most at the mercy of random, limiting thoughts. Even those who are mindful and disciplined experience this same challenge. The problem is that we have chosen to subscribe to these thoughts. It might not have been a conscious choice, but it is a choice all the same.


We could go into the habits, conditioning, and basic psychology of why and how we do that, but there is something that you can do even before you have all that knowledge and understanding. UNSUBSCRIBE! How, you ask? Good question.  Pay attention to the assumptions of your life, the things you think you are at the mercy of and say NO! Okay, let’s break this down.


Here are some assumptions you make that are collectively agreed upon by the masses, which is why it might not have occurred to you that you have a choice:

  • Allergies
  • Fear of flying
  • Painful, limiting shyness
  • Headaches
  • Period pain
  • Thinking that we must be a certain way because our parents were
  • Diagnosis delivered from experts
  • Believing that you have no talent


These are just a few of the things that we take on, allowing ourselves to be spoon-fed limitations simply because we didn’t stop to think and realize that we were unconsciously choosing to subscribe to a limiting life experience. Hear this, you are choosing and subscribing to limitations when you don’t choose otherwise.


How do you unsubscribe? SAY NO! Begin by saying no. If you are suddenly confronted with a new idea that is unpleasant, and you don’t want to buy into what’s being said, say NO. This NO might be only in your own mind, but it is just as powerful while being silent. However, sometimes your NO is more powerful when stated aloud. Spoken aloud, it will help you to tap into your own authority. Who gave you that authority? The One Intelligence that animates you, that Intelligence.


This is a great time to use short and very focused affirmations and, although it is taught that affirmations should always be spoken in the affirmative way, retrieving your authority and power calls for you to speak a bit differently at first.

Here are some examples:

  • No, I am not at the mercy of …
  • No, I will not subscribe to this idea of …
  • I will no longer be limited to…


BUT THEN, you must complete that statement with your new direction:

  • No, I am not at the mercy of …   my past because I am so much more than that and this now moment is my source of power.
  • No, I will not subscribe to this diagnosis …    because there is a resource within me that lifts me, loves me, and heals my body temple. I am so much more than this.
  • No, I will no longer be limited to …     my tendencies, because I have the power to choose the direction of my life.


And then there is this:

Today, now in this moment, I choose to unsubscribe from any thought, habit, or pattern, that renders me limited in any way. Today, I unsubscribe from all labels that are limited. Today, I move in the vibration of possibility, collaborating only with that which lifts me, inspires me, encourages me to a life filled with freedom, peace, and joy! Today I am made anew! Fearlessly, I look at the places where I have subscribed to limitation and I say NO MORE! Oh, how wonderfully empowered I feel and I know that this feeling generates a vibration of transformation attracting to me a whole new reality. This is a good and glorious day. This is my day, and yet, as I free myself I become a beacon of light and direction for others to follow. My freedom is an example, and together I celebrate with all who choose to unsubscribe from limitations and choose to subscribe to possibility.


So, in closing:

  • That allergy you’ve subscribed to, UNSUBSCRIBE!
  • That thought that you’ll never find your greatness, UNSUBSCRIBE!
  • Your belief that you won’t find the love of your life, UNSUBSCRIBE!
  • The fear that you’ll die from the same disease that took your parents, UNSUBSCRIBE!
  • The thought that you won’t be able to retire, UNSUBSCRIBE!





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