Environmental Champions

This week the Environmental Protection Agency honored the recipients of its Environmental Champion Awards.
Congratulations to Bedford 2020 friends and partners for the fabulous distinction of being named EPA Environmental Champions!
The Great Healthy Yard Project
Bedford 2020 Board member and chair of the B2020 Water and Land Use Task Force, Diane Lewis, is the founder of The Great Healthy Yard Project, a non-profit organization that encourages people to protect our drinking water by taking a pledge to stop using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and flushing pharmaceuticals.  On being honored by the EPA, Diane commented,
“Thank you for the recognition. I hope it gets more people to stop using chemicals on their yards and disposing of drugs down the drain. Such a simple thing to do makes such a vast improvement to our drinking water!”
If you haven’t yet, take The Great Healthy Yard Pledge to protect our drinking water today!  Congratulations to Diane and The Great Healty Yard Project for protecting our drinking water and for this award!
Sustainable Westchester, Inc.
Sustainable Westchester is made up of local leaders from all over Westchester County who focus on sustainability initiatives. This year, Sustainable Westchester facilitated the first Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program in the state, allowing local governments to choose more affordable and cleaner electricity sources for the energy supplied to residents and small businesses. As part of the Westchester CCA program, fourteen municipalities choose a 100% renewable energy supply for their community. Sustainable Westchester also established the Municipal Solar Buyers Group, enabling Westchester County municipalities to collectively negotiate with solar developers to install solar projects on municipal properties. This is expected to double the county’s solar capacity.  Congratulations to everyone at Sustainable Westchester, and thanks for all that you are doing to bring clean energy to Westchester County!
Dani Glaser
Dani Glaser is the creator and co-director of the Westchester Green Business Challenge. The WGBC challenges organizations to become more environmentally conscious in their business practices or to undergo the more rigorous sustainability standards to earn the Green Business Certification that Dani and her colleagues developed and launched. Under Dani's leadership more than 300 businesses in Westchester have participated in the Green Business Challenge. Dani also developed Green Team Spirit to help organizations learn where resources are being wasted and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and save money.  We encourage all Bedford businesses to participate in these amazing initiatives and congratulate Dani for this honor!
Check out the EPA website for the full list of recipients from New York State. 
Congratulations again, Diane, Dani and Sustainable Westchester!