Growth is Everywhere at Bartlett's
It's been a transformative beginning to the decade for us here at Bartlett's Farm. We commenced the year with all  seven acres of our new solar arrays fully online and are searching for more ways to reduce our carbon footprint all the time. Farmer Dave is experimenting with new varieties of Greenhouse tomatoes and our Garden Center Manager, Hilary, is fully bionic now, with a newly healing knee replacement. The self-checkouts in the front of the Market have been reorganized for better flow, the Garden Center got some nice new tables, and we've added two brandy-new employee homes to house our summer staff.

    The most superb news of all though, has been the transformation and steady growth of our Friends of the Farm Program. Helmed by Keegan Bartlett, Online Sales and Promotions Manager,  our FOTF customers have been enjoying new and exciting weekly sales, promotions, double points, and buy-one, get-ones that are connected right to their customer account numbers. "That's just the beginning." says Keegan. "We hope to have a smart phone app eventually.  Right now we are getting the hang of the new software and it's capabilities." 
    We credit the FOTF program's great new sales and specials for our increase in year round visitors this past winter! Let's not forget that our customers have been loving our affordable and generous lunch and dinner specials, like Burger Friday and Saturday's rotating dinner special menu. The Market has been dressed to impress with super fresh produce and groceries, and our bubbly, knowledgeable customer service staff, Lisa, Casey, Charlotte & Sandra are always here with a smile.

When you become a Friend of the Farm, we take that pretty darn seriously. Thanks for a great winter, Nantucket!..2020, we are just getting started!
Signing Up is Easier than Ever
Burger Friday is a Hit!
Our customers are wild about our
Friday Lunch Special Burgers! Come and get it this Friday, 3/6,  11 am until 2 pm.
Call Ahead, Please?
Dinner Specials for walk-ins are on a first come, first serve basis. Don't gamble on your nightly favorite!  

Due to the popularity of our dinner specials we are urging our customers to call ahead to guarantee your order. 
The Garden Center Gears Up!
Finally, It’s Nearly Spring-
by Garden Center Manager, Hilary Armour
The Garden Center Opens in a couple of weeks, and if you are like me, you can’t stand yourself wanting to get out in the garden! Here are few chores you can do to scratch that gardening itch.
Now is a great time to cut down your ornamental grasses (I never do it in the fall, the small birds like to use them for shelter).
Do not remove any leaf mulch yet as it is still protecting plants that are emerging from the soil, but if you see a plant that is emerging and the mulch is in the way by all means clean it up.
New gardening tools from Fiskars are high quality and won't break the bank.
New flower pots are arriving daily and many are available for purchase now. Shop early and enjoy the most options and colors!
Now is a good time to dump out any pots that might have last year’s potting soil in them. Potting soil needs to be changed regularly (I do it yearly in annual pots).
Soil becomes spent of nutrients with fast growing annuals and fertilizing can increase mineral salt deposits in the soil and kill the plants that you try to plant this year. Changing soil also cuts down on soil pathogens and disease. Luckily, potting soil can be added directly to your compost pile.
Great New Products for Your Yard
Tick Tubes- an innovative approach to fighting ticks, these bio-degradable paper tubes contain bedding that is taken by small animals, namely mice, to line their nests, the bedding is treated to kill tick eggs and nymphs before they reach adulthood. Distribute the tubes at the very edges of your property to lower the number of ticks in your yard.
Bonide Burnout- Made with natural ingredients, this weed & grass killer is safe to use around people and pets and is waterproof once dry. It is a broad spectrum herbicide.
Sweet Peat- An organic mulch for vegetable and flower beds that buffers both high and low pH leaving you with neutral (and happy soil). This mulch breaks down quickly leaving a rich humus behind, benefiting your plants for years to come.
International Women's Day
International Women's Day is March 8th and the slogan this year is, 
"An equal world is an enabled world." 
The United Nations began celebrating International Women's Day in the International Women's Year, 1975. In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for women's rights and world peace.

Bartlett's has nurtured an equal work environment where women hold many important roles on the farm, including management.

Click Here to view our tribute to the inspiring and empowering women in our lives!
Beer Geeks Unite
Lawson's in the House!
This is the first time we have ever been lucky enough to receive any Lawson's so snap some up before it's gone! Sip of Sunshine IPA hails from the great state of Vermont and is packed with juicy tropical fruit character, bright floral aromas and delectable layers of hop flavor. 
Save the Date
New Shipments this Week
Fun, fresh beers are on their way this week from our favorite craft beer distributors, Craft Collective and Night Shift!  Look for new arrivals from: 
News from Fresh Catch
Gail Ellis has the scoop from Nantucket Fresh Catch.
"Nantucket Bay Scallop season is coming to a close at the end of March! We will continue to stock fresh scallops until that time, but for those folks that would love to continue to have Bays all through the summer months, we will begin to stock frozen bays in our frozen section in the freezer doors.
Our lobster pie recipe is new, improved, and ready to take home and heat!" 
Upcoming Events 

3.8-Day Light Savings

3.17- St. Patrick's Day

3.19- Spring Equinox