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Synod Assembly
  • Online registration ended Friday, May 3. To register, call the Office of Bishop, 319-338-1273 
  • Paperless materials (guidebook) is now available for download to your device
  • Please bring your congregation's reusable shopping bag filled with items that represent your outreach so that we can bless them during worship. 
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Guidebook for Synod Assembly
The electronic materials for Synod Assembly are available for download. These online materials are recommended if you are attending the assembly. 

Get the schedule, all the materials, and more on your device. 
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Living Lutheran Synod Insert May 2019
Read about preparing for the Bishop's Election by Synod Vice President, Heather Miller. Read about how a snowstorm created a ministry opportunity in West Branch and how asking questions led to a new community garden in West Burlington. 
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Churchwide News 
Youth Gathering Planning Team Applications Open
The Gathering is primarily planned and led by amazing volunteers who serve on 14 different teams. Starting April 21, 2019 we will be accepting applications from individuals who would like to participate in the planning process. Applications will be accepted until June 21, 2019. Learn more and apply
Domestic Hunger Grants
The application window for 2020 ELCA World Hunger Domestic Hunger Grants opened on April 15. Visit to learn more about the grants and how to apply.

ELCA World Hunger will be hosting two webinars to review granting priorities and cover the basics of applying. To call in, simply click on the link below for the date of your choice.
Questions in Life
By Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton, This article first appeared in Living Lutheran
The good people at Lenoir-Rhyne University’s Living Well Center for Vocation and Purpose invited me to address the school on the topic “Lives Worth Living.” Yikes! This is one of The Questions in life—right up there with “What is the meaning of life?” and “What is true, beautiful and good?” and “Where do socks go after you put them in the dryer?”

For me, this turned out to be a good, if slightly disturbing, time of reflection. Our lives can be consumed with busyness—all the stuff that we do or need to get done to make it through the day, week, year, life. A lot of this is necessary, some not so much. Even those called to public ministry get swept up in the endless round of meetings, reports and events. And some in this world don’t have the luxury of carving out time for contemplation as they struggle to keep their families fed, clothed and safe from harm. Continue reading...
Community Offerings
24 Choir Chairs
Zion Lutheran in Muscatine has 24 used choir chairs they no longer need. If any other congregation is in need of choir chairs contact Zion Lutheran Church, 563-263-5074, for information. 

Songbooks, Hymnals
Shepherd of the Cross in Muscatine has several songbooks and hymnals for congregations who may be seeking replacements
  • 22 With One Voice Pew Edition hymnals
  • 19 Lutheran Book of Worship Pew Edition hymnals, 1 Altar Edition
  • 23 Renewing Worship Songbooks
  • 8 The Other Songbooks
  • 19 Spirit Touching Spirit: A Contemporary Hymnal
  • 8 Songs for Sunday School Lyrics Books (Augsburg Fortress publication)
  • 10 Songs for Sunday School: Good News Explorers Song Lyrics Books 
For more information, people can call the church office, 563-264-0784. 
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Pray for students who are taking final exams and anticipating employment, further education, or vocations of leadership in the church or military service. Ask God to grant them comfort and reassurance in times of stress and uncertainty, and to provide supportive, attentive and loving people in their lives.
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