When Jesus comes into your life, radical things can happen. A radical call might come – perhaps to go around the world and share your love!

This is what happened to Dinah Patton. In this energetic interview by Fr. Mike, Dinah tells the story of her own conversion and healing. She was not a believer at the beginning – actually for many years. Until one day…

People thought she had gone berserk. She had really been healed. (At this moment in the interview, Dinah sings Everything Borrowed.)

From then on things really began to happen. She was invited around the world to tell her story – Indonesia, Africa, Korea, etc. Her prayer was : “Send me…I’m willing.”
There is a wonderful story of a little boy in Korea that you won’t want to miss!

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How does Christianity connect with policemen in a helicopter? 

Fr. Mike interviews Sgt. Daniel Futscher from the San Bernardino Sheriff Department. Sgt. Futscher has had experience working in jails, operating as the dispatcher, and being the rescuer on the helicopter.  He encounters people in various panic situations and has to stabilize the situation with understanding and compassion. 

They discuss the balance of discipline and respect as law enforcement officers meet people in their most vulnerable moments. Sgt. Futscher calls the helicopter "the eye in the sky". Fr. Mike had taken a ride with them and was amazed how one could see the license plate of cars below. It certainly is a big aid to the police force in pursuing wrong doers, as well as rescuing those lost in the desert or mountains.
"Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June!"  Al Bernstein

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