October 2015
What's New

Monday Mornings

"6-Pack Abs"
now instructed by
Jeffrey Larosa Adams

"Yoga Booty Ballet"
now instructed by
Teigh Gilson

Wednesday Evenings

5:00 pm
"Simply Strong"
a cardio strength workout
steps in for
"Meet Me at The Barre"
with Joey Bothwell
8250 West 3rd St. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90048  
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Hello Beloved SWERVER,

It takes courage to leave the comfort of an old way of being.

We get lodged into our old familiar behaviors, habits and environments, sleepwalking into a rut rather than efforting out of one. Often, we outgrow the circumstances that initiated these coping behaviors, yet we still try to get by acting like an outdated version of ourselves, acting like a kid.

Your appetite demands attention in October and this hunger for change probably won't be a comfort, Beloved. The cosmos counsel that you are ripe for physical prowess this month, so step up. SWERVE is here to serve, but we can't do the work for you. That is for you to administer. Thankfully, your willingness to take risks is present to help out in this intense time.

If you're living in an old and less evolved manner, now is an opportune moment to take on projects that require your daring and creative problem solving. Everything is conspiring in your favour, pushing you to grow, but the beauty is, you have free will. You can stay for another cycle or you can jump into the flow.

In order to jump from one level to another higher level, we must begin to live in the new level. Leaving the comfort of the familiar is your challenge. Living in the new level, more evolved and expanded is the reward.

We tough-love you, and we're here to bear witness to your expansion.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
This coupon entitles any  SWERVE
 first-time student
to their first class for only $10.
This coupon expires 10/31/2015. In-person redemption only. Show it to us on your phone.